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Re: Scarefest

Fri Dec 08, 2017 12:58 am

I know it's December so it's a bit early to start speculating what will happen at the 2018 event... but here's my hopes for next year!

First things first, the elephant in the room. Terror of the Towers NEEDS an overhaul. Don't get me wrong, it's a great maze, but it feels very outdated compared to the other, intense full-contact mazes that have been introduced in recent years. I'd like to see a more theatrical maze, similar to the beginning of Altonville Mine Tours. It'd be a nice change to see a thrill maze focus entirely on the story. Keep groups together as they slowly venture through the ruins. The slow build up is perfect and really suits the maze, so if they could incorporate it into the new version then that'd be great. Finale could be in two parts. If they could have a big special effect room (similar to the ending in Molly Crowe) before chasing guests into a full contact, free flow strobe maze, then it'd be an amazing ending to the iconic maze. Also to note that the slower strobes in the finale were a bit better than the faster ones used this year.

Another thing I'd do is make Subspecies II happen. Like ToTT, it's a brilliant maze but is getting old now. A new story and layout could easily fix this, and probably wouldn't be too difficult. For story, I'd like to see the Alien population get out of hand to the point where seeing humans is pretty rare. The entire maze could have all sorts of alien goop everywhere- the reason this probably wouldn't happen is because the alien costumes don't look cheap. As long as the new version is incredibly disorienting and has a tonne of actors, I'm satisfied.

Another maze that needs some work is Altonville Mine Tours. In the 2016 version, just before the finale, guests were introduced to the sheriff who was going to blow up the mines to presumably stop the skin snatchers doing their skin snatching. I was looking forward to seeing this expanded on this year, but unfortunately the character was cut altogether. I'd like to see the Mines essentially commandeered by the sheriff in order to blow them up. It's silly, I know, but this is Altonville- the town where motel owners reopen their establishment so their zombie sons can eat away at guests. The layout could be shaken up a bit with some encouraged separation (another thing that seemed to be missing this year), leading to a really intense finale with a load of air cannons, smoke and red strobes. Maybe a shaking wall or two if it could be done without damaging the building.

As for The Welcoming... I adored this maze as it was so different to anything that had come before it, but I think having 4 mazes meant that the performance of the other three dwindled a little due to the sheer amount of actors it took up. Combine that with the fact that the location will soon be a Smokehouse. So unfortunately, I'd cut The Welcoming from the lineup. If it were to stay and find a new spot, then hopefully it wouldn't affect the other mazes so much, and could still be very open yet disorienting.

If there was to be a new maze... a 1940s, noir cop story would be a very different, but enjoyable maze. It could be very theatrical and story based, as if you're chasing a killer through the smoky streets or whatever. As the sets would be more open than the other mazes, I think it'd work well in the ToTT location (due to the high ceiling). ToTT would move to Altonville's spot, with AMT being scrapped (the story is a bit similar i guess). Or, on second thoughts, the 40s maze could go in Goalstriker and Freak Show can go wherever.

Hopefully next years event improves on this years!
Also a CD of maze music would be nice.
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Re: Scarefest

Mon Dec 11, 2017 4:02 pm

I've got to say Morgan, I love your enthusiasm towards Scarefest 2018 already :lol

I think that TOTT could do with an overhaul and redesign but still think the focus on it being a conga line maze. I feel it is a good starter maze and that if you take away the conga line (even if it is at the end), it might intimidate some guests to so put them off if they are new to scare attractions. But yes I do agree it needs redoing from what I heard from previous years and doing this years.

If I was being honest, I would like 3 mazes and 2 scare zones. I feel like it could be a great build up for new guests. Starting with the scare zones, coming face to face with actors is great to build the confidence. Next following up to a maze similar to (if not) TOTT. Finishing with a maze with free flow features and contact, as well as another, more intense Maze.

The Welcoming I really enjoyed. It was something different to what I experienced this year. Obviously with where it is situated now being taken up next year, I could maybe see The Welcoming being scraped or relocated (ideal place would be haunted hallow in my opinion) I would like to see this return as it would be great to have both together this and SW8 for Scarefest as well as it offering something different to other mazes

Sub Species and Mine Tours pleased me but work needs to be done on both, just general rework and altering to make it different from previous years.

I would definitely keep House of Monsters. Even though I haven't experienced it, the reception it recieves is great and it is a good attraction for families. I'll be sure to check it out next season as the Behind the Scenes look of it was great!

General improvements for Scarefest would be to have the full light set up all across the park ready for the start of the event. There was as a major difference from the first to the last weekend of the event. It makes such a difference to the feel and atmosphere for the day. As well as this, keeping the atmosphere and improving on it to keep the Scarefest feel. More theming around some areas would do great for the Halloween effect.

Besides this, Scarefest 2018 should be something to look forward to :)
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Re: Scarefest

Mon Dec 11, 2017 10:01 pm

Scarefest doesn't need that much to make it even better than it already is. I actually really enjoy TOTT as it is. It has some wonderful scares and is really well themed. Yes it needs a change as it is getting very samey, but it doesn't need a huge change. Maybe just change the route and the main story line. 

Sub Secies needs a complete overhaul. Its become tired very quickly, which is a shame as it had so much potential to just keep getting better but they dropped the ball with it. It needs its craziness back. More staff and more chaos would improve it so much. 

AMT genuinely scares the poop out of me and i don't know why. I was screaming and yelping a lot, so it doesn't really need any changes. 

Welcoming i'm still undecided on. It worked but felt more scare zone as opposed to scare maze, so i think this should be what is considered for the attraction next year. Its amazingly themed and I adore the themeing in it though, so would like to see that come back 100%. It would be cool if they could somehow make a pathway near SW8 a scare zone version of The Welcoming.

House of Monsters = <3
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Re: Scarefest

Sun Dec 17, 2017 4:24 pm

I think for next year they should scrap Freak Show, because it doesnt have intensity, turn Welcoming into a scarezone near SW8 and on the Katanga Canyon Path, reroute Sub Species and add strobe lights throughout the maze, making it more intense, give it 3 endings and bring in more actors. I think AMT should be completely overhauled, maybe saying they killed all the skin snatchers, but their souls are stuck in the mines, and they want revenge.

Terror of the Towers should stay as it is, but retheme sections and add an actor in the room where you watch the video, and maybe use the old strobes in the finale.

I think they should add a new scare zone, located in Forbidden Valley, a bit like Dark Apocalypse but actors can touch you, and it takes up a bit more space.

I don’t know if they shoud have a fourth maze, but if they did a maze located in the gardens would be great, with indoor and outdoor sections with a blindfolded scene, this probably wouldn’t work, but could be intense.

I think they should keep House of Monsters exactly the same, apart from the Vampire room, remove having to spell blood and change the device she uses

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