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Re: Thorpe Park - The Past

Wed May 20, 2015 8:36 pm

Wow - what a great find! So weird to see it looking like that. It looks tiny!
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Re: Thorpe Park - The Past

Fri Jan 29, 2016 12:49 pm

I remember going as a kid it seemed like an amazing giant place!
my fav ride space station zero
I remember all the old animal rangers
and a car ride where you could steer the cars but they were on a rail in the middle so it kept them on a rail track so to speak? think it went under the main entrance building?
Bronco Bikes!
I also remember some crazy golf.
the train through the boat.
and some kind of toy shop. I came home with a plastic toy model and accidently swallowed one of the parts lol!!

it seems tiny now as a grown up adult.
also there are no rides aimed at non thrill seekers and younger or family audience I think this has pluses ( i love big roller-coaster!) and minuses ( the chav and annoying teenager groups).

this site is good
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Re: Thorpe Park - The Past

Tue Feb 02, 2016 2:55 pm

Lots of memories as a kid.

Used to get soaked on the rapids until they toned it down because of that weird accident.

Remember crying on the hill of loggers leap because I was scared witless.

Remember the the creakingly old cinema 180 films (must have been from the 60's) and people falling over and/or going "wooooough" when you'd almost crash into something.

The ghost train was great, really sad when it burnt down.

Also remember they used to put free window stickers under your wipers in the (free!) car park.
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Re: Thorpe Park - The Past

Thu Feb 04, 2016 5:04 pm

I'd almost forgotten about the old 180 films - I used to be one the ones to fall over and go 'woooo' :')
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Re: Thorpe Park - The Past

Thu Mar 24, 2016 8:28 pm

I remember the high dive show that used to happen!
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Re: Thorpe Park - The Past

Wed Jan 03, 2018 7:43 pm

I got bored, so did some research into when things opened and closed at Thorpe Park and I thought it was time to share it with everyone.

Thorpe Park opened on the 24th May 1979

1979 - Mount Batten Pavilion, Model World, WW1 display and Schneider trophy aircraft pavilion all open this year. 
1980 - Waterbus and Windsurfing open
1981 - Cinema 180 open
1982 - Magic Mill and Thorpe Farm open
1983 - Phantom Fantasia and Treasure Island Railway open 
1984 - Space Station Zero opens
1985 - Cap’n Andy’s Revue opens
1986 - Teacup Twisters opens
1987 - Thunder River opens
1988 - Palladium Theatre opens
1989 - Rocky Express, Canada Creek Railway and Loggers Leap open. Space Station Zero Closes at the end of the year
1990 - Flying Fish (Original outdoor version), Carousel Kingdom, Trappers Trail and Drive in the Country open. The Thorpe Park Rangers Show also starts this year. 
1991 - Depth Charge opens
1992 - Hudson River Rafters, Viking Rowers and Octopus Garden open
1993 - Calgary Stampede and  Virtual Reality Centre open. Treasure Island Railway and Phantom Fantasia closes.
1994 - Chief Ranger’s Carousel, Jungle Zone Family Golf, Mr Monkey’s Banana Ride and Wicked Witches Haunt all open. Stunt Spectacular opens in the Arena. Stunt Spectacular closes in the arena at the end of the season. Drive in the Country and Magic Mill close. 
1995 - Miss Hippo’s Fungle Safari and Mr Rabbit’s Tropical Travels open. Konica Splashtacular's Tarzan's Jungle Adventure opens in the arena. 
1996 - X:\ No Way Out opens. Konica Splashtacular ' Tarzan's Jungle Adventure'  closes in the arena.
1997 –Konica Splashtacular 'Popeyes Pirate Adventure' opened in the arena. It closed in the same year.  Hudson Rivers Rafters close.
1998 - Dare Devil Drivers, Dino Boats and Wet Wet Wet opens. RMC sell Thorpe Park to Tussauds. Funrise to Funrise 24 hour opening event happens. High Dive show starts in the arena. 
1999 - Palladieum Theatre becomes home to Pirates 4D. Viking Rowers closes. 
2000 - Tidal Wave opens. Jungle Zone Family Golf, Dare Devil Drivers, Cap’n Andy’s Revue, Dino Boats, Trappers Trail, Wicked Witches Haunt and Mr Rabbits Tropical Travels  to close.
2001 - Detonator, Vortex and Zodiac officially open. Thunder River closes. 
2002 - Colossus opens alongside the newly sponsored Ribena Rumba Rapids. High Dive show ends in the arena. Fright Nights begin at the park with mazes Freezer and Freakshow 3D
2003 - Nemesis Inferno, Quantum and Eclipse open. Spiderman Show opens in the arena. Teacup Twister, Calgary Stampede and Eclipse all close.
2004 - Samurai arrives from Chessington. Storm In A Teacup opens. Waterbus trips, Flying Fish and Model World close. Spiderman show closes in the arena at the end of the season. Fright Nights introduces a new show, Carnival of the Bizarre. It is also the last year for The Freezer and Freakshow 3D
2005 - Rush and Slammer open. Fright Nights introduces new mazes Hellgate and The Asylum. Stuntzmania show opens and closes in the arena. 
2006 - Stealth Opens. StreetXtreme opens in the arena. StreetXtreme closes at the end of the season.  Fright Nights add Se7en.
2007 - Tussuads is brought by Merlin. Flying Fish reopens after being being moved to current position. Pirates 4D closes.
2008 - Time Voyagers open. Fright Nights introduce a new maze, The Curse. Carnival of the Bizarre closes at the end of the year. 
2009 - Saw: The Ride opens. Miss Hippo’s Fungle Safari closes. Saw went live for Fright Nights and Saw: Movie Bites were shown. Saw: Movie Bites close at the end of the season.
2010 - Saw:Alive opens. Octopus Garden closes. Dead End Terror Zone opens and also closes the same year. Barry And Stuart also arrive for Fright Nights. Hellgate also closes at the end of the year 
2011 - Storm Surge opens. Canada Creek closes at the end of the season as does 4D Cinema. Experiment 10 opens while Se7en closes at the end of the season. Thorpe introduces its new fireworks event, Blows It Up. 
2012 - The Swarm opens. X:No Way Out closes at the end of the season. The Passing opens for Fright Nights.The Passing, Barry & Stuart, Experiment 10 all close at the end of the season.  Blow it up doesn't return.
2013 - X opens with forward facing trains. Swarm's back two row go backwards. Detonator and Time Voyagers close at the end of the year.  Lionsgate take over Fright Nights with new mazes My Bloody Valentine, Cabin in the woods, Blair Witch. The Asylum closes at the end of the season.
2014 - Angry Birds Land opens with the rethemed Detonator: Bombs Away and new ride King Pigs Wild Hog Dodgems. Angry Birds 4D also arrives.  Fright Nights add Studio 13. Studio 13 closes at the end of the season.
2015 - I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! opens. Loggers Leap closes at the end of the season. Fright Nights add Containment and new maze The Big Top. My Bloody Valentine closes at the end of the season. 
2016 - Derren Brown's Ghost Train opens.  Platform 15 is opened for Fright Nights. Cabin In The Woods closed at the end of the year.
2017 - Derren Brown's Ghost Train: Rise of the demon, Timber Tug & Lumber Jump opens. Slammer closes mid season and X closes at the end of the year. The Walking Dead Living Nightmare and The Walking Dead Sanctum open during Fright Nights
2018 - X Retheme opens. 

Hopefully I haven't missed anything off the list and I hope you find it an interesting read. :)
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Re: Thorpe Park - The Past

Tue Jan 09, 2018 9:48 pm

Great work Dom. It's pretty amazing to see just how much the park expanded between 2000 and the present day. 2002-2006 was especially busy! 
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Re: Thorpe Park - The Past

Tue Jan 09, 2018 10:41 pm

The most scary thing is all the time passed. I can remember lots of these being constructed.

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