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If you owned Thorpe Park, what would you do with it?

Wed Jun 01, 2016 9:29 pm

I know there's one of these topics for Alton Towers, but after searching for quite a while, I could not find one for Thorpe Park, so I decided to make one.

If you owned Thorpe Park, what would you add, remove and change? There's no budget as such, but it's best to be realistic - you can't add three new major coasters every year!

This is what I'd do:

    Get both DBGT and Containment open.
    Improve general park operations - run coasters on 2 trains on ALL weekends.

    Add new trains to Colossus.
    General touchups including themed dispatch audio.
    Add more scenery to Rumba Rapids - make it feel more like whatever it's meant to feel like.

    Open an RMC inverting wooden coaster behind Loggers Leap. I know that they had DBGT 2 years previously and that SW8 opens in 2018, but Wildfire (which is pretty much what I'd want to build) cost 9.2 million pounds to build, so if they could get SW8 in for around 10 million (which is easily possible), the two coasters combined would cost the same as The Swarm. Perfectly possible and much needed as it'll have been 6 years since Thorpe's latest coaster. They also have Blackpool's mega to compete with in 2018, so pulling something out of the hat would be good.
    Reopen Loggers Leap (RMC interacts with it?) with new tunnel and scenery.

    Replace Samurai with a Larson Fireball.
    Add a new Angry Birds show - the old one will become samey after 5 years.

    Start up "Thorpe Loving Care" (the name doesn't have to be that bad, it can be changed).
    Replace Slammer with a HUSS Top Spin. (If Slammer lives this long ...)

    Open a B&M Flying Coaster behind The Swarm. Themed to the same theme as The Swarm but on a slightly tamer thrill level, it'd turn that side of the park into a full area with both a thrill and a transition/thrill coaster.

    Quiter year - continue with TLC.
    Change the I'm a Celeb walkthrough to some other walkthrough (mainly so that there's something "new" to advertise). I think it should have its own "jungle exploration" theme - this way, the surrounding area can keep its theme.

    Re-theme Angry Birds Land - Angry Birds probably won't be a big thing by then and it's not exactly difficult to put on a new 4D show and re-theme some dodgems and a drop tower. Maybe make it Pirate-themed and see the return of Pirates 4D.
    Close Colosuss permanently at the end of the season.

    No idea, depends how things are going. Probably replace a flat/family ride that's getting a bit dated.

    Intamin mega on the Colossus site, like a compact Goliath at Walibi Holland.
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Re: If you owned Thorpe Park, what would you do with it?

Wed Jun 01, 2016 10:19 pm

I can't see Colossus dying at 20 years old, hopefully it'll get some Nemesis-scale repaint and care when it comes to it (they're refurbing Loggers Leap so I can imagine they'd keep Colossus longer). I'll look into doing this tomorrow on my lunch break [emoji851]

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Re: If you owned Thorpe Park, what would you do with it?

Wed Jun 01, 2016 10:48 pm

Personally, I think Colossus is a poor coaster. With Thorpe Park's standards being set as some of the best (if not the very best) in the country with the likes of The Swarm and Derren Brown's Ghost Train, Colossus sticks out like a sore thumb for me. It's rough, unenjoyable and has terrible operations.

Whilst I doubt the park will actually remove it any time soon, I personally would.
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Re: If you owned Thorpe Park, what would you do with it?

Wed Jun 01, 2016 10:58 pm

But the layout of the coaster in itself is actually really enjoyable so if they manage to at least get it slightly smoother, it could be as fantastic as it used to be. Anyway, I'm also planning to do something for this thread which I'll have a think about over the next few days. ;)
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Re: If you owned Thorpe Park, what would you do with it?

Wed Jun 01, 2016 11:24 pm


-Open DBGT
-Run coasters on full capacity
-All effects working on The Swarm and SAW
-3 Original Mazes for Fright Nights
-Open Contaiment, but offer an extreme version at Fright Nights
-Remove Samurai at the end of the season


-Refurbish Old Town, with new music, more theming and reopen the railway with a shorter track
-New Loggers Leap opens, more theming and a new, atmospheric soundtrack, plus reinstall the tunnel
-Replace Samurai with a brand new Mondial Top Scan, incorporate into the Old Town theme
-A new scare attraction on the Blair Witch Site, possibly using the train during FN
-Close the Thorpe Shark
-Return of Summer Nights


-New Hotel Opens
-Introduce Early Ride Time for AP holders and Hotel guests
-Begin Advertising a new coaster for 2019
-Colossus repaint to the original colours
-Restoration of the Colossus area, including theming around the queue and the station
-All FN attractions be original ideas, closure of SAW Alive and the boat removed


-highly themed Intamin Megalite opens on the island next to the Swarm, a continuation of the theme, possible incorporation of the military, resistance efforts
-New 'Altair' style trains for Colossus
-New VR journeys/events on DBGT
-TLC on Nemesis Inferno on Stealth, get them running reliably/spruce up theming
-FN stays the same
-Storm Surge Removed


-Angry Birds Land/Amity Beach area rethemed to a Pirate Invasion
-An updated Pirates 4D returns to the theater
-Detonator, Dodgems recieves pirate theme
-Pirate Ship opens on Storm Surge Site
-Tidal Wave opens with the story being that it was hijacked by pirates
-All Tidal Wave theming elements refurbished and working
-Closure of Rumba Rapids and Slammer


-Construction begins on a wooden coaster on the Rapids site
-Themed areas takes a big step up, each area differing from another in many ways, staff uniform, signage, music etc
-TLC continues across all rides
-Slammer replaced by a Talocan style top spin, a homage to the ride left in the dome.


-100ft+ Gravity Group inverting wooden coaster opens, similar to Hades 360 but fitting the space of the Rumba Rapids area
-The Jungle receives a lot of TLC to incorporate the new ride
-SAW receives Iron Shark style trains and a heavy addition/fixing of theming
-Extend opening hours to 8pm in the summer, summer nights running until 11
-Construction of a bridge between the hotel and the area which currently holds the Pulled Meat Co., in turn creating a hotel entrance
-Ticketed Fastrack replaced by a paid for return of a heavily updated Reserve n Ride

2023 Onwards

-next coaster would be an El Loco from S&S, on the previous site of the Shark hotel.
-Potentially another Hotel behind the existing
-Use of the area alongside Monk's Walk
-Replacement of Lost City flat rides
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Re: If you owned Thorpe Park, what would you do with it?

Wed Jun 01, 2016 11:42 pm


Get everything operational and have a general tidy up of the park.

A huge repaint will begin. It will gradually happen over the whole season and into the closed season. It will freshen up the park. Everything will open all year round. Amity Beach and Wet! Wet! Wet! will close permanently and the site will be cleared. (That wipeout thing that you jump over outside rush) will temporarily be moved here until work starts for the 2019 ride. Planning permission is submitted just before the closed season for an RMC steel. It will invert and fill the whole area. Fright Nights is bigger than ever with 8 mazes and 4 original ones. All rides will run on full capacity and all effects will be working again.

Work will begin on the 2019 ride. Marketing begins and subtle hints going towards a pirate theme begin. Just before the year ends, construction comes to an end and the finishing touches are made. The ride is revealed to the public and it is themed around pirates. Depth charge is re-themed and the area becomes Pirate Cove.

The 2019 ride opens and is a success. Gate figures go up and it gets good reviews. New games stalls also open in the area and the rest of the year is just marketing the new ride. Money is made and its a great year for the park.

With the 2019 coaster still a success and bringing in big crowds. X is removed without notice. The area is cleared and left for the rest of the season. Colossus finishes its repaint and looks fantastic. It also gets new anf more comfortable restraints (Mavericks). They are positively received.

A new flat is installed in the place of X. It is a clone of Falcons Fury and has no theme. It is just red and Detonator is removed. The new ride is welcomed and later in the year when they know it ill have a good reaction. It is themed around DBGT. The rest of the year is quiet.

This is a fairly quiet year and is just promotion of the new ride. It is positively received and gate figures reach an all time high. Plans are submitted for a Mack Mega-Coaster for 2024. It will be the same theme as the Swarm and situated on the Island behind it.

Construction begins for the 2024 coaster begins and an overhaul of the park begins. It looks newer than ever. The ride is highly anticipated and has generated lots of hype due to the great theme and amazing layout.

The 2024 ride opens with a very positive reaction. It has raised the gate figures by 10% and the gate ticket price increases to £60.

With 2024 being so successful. Little is done here apart from general maintenance and stuff.

So yeah. Thats what Id do. Congrats if you read it all.
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Re: If you owned Thorpe Park, what would you do with it?

Thu Jun 09, 2016 5:13 pm

I'm glad someone made a Thorpe Park version of my Alton Towers topic, believe it or not I never thought about doing so. Thorpe Park needs a new coaster, but if ghost train proves succesfull I have no problem with a indoor ride. Also I can see a water ride replacement.
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Re: If you owned Thorpe Park, what would you do with it?

Fri Jul 08, 2016 11:41 am

The first thing, refurbish Colossus. Great layout, decent theming, awful painful experience. I just avoid this now. At the very least update the trains.

The new lap bars trains with the pulley lifts that the latest versions of these look so much more pleasant.
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Re: If you owned Thorpe Park, what would you do with it?

Tue Apr 17, 2018 9:54 am

Time to bump this thread. I'm going to do anything per year but here's what I'd do:

  • Adjust opening times so the park was open later in the day. Normal opening time would be 12pm, early close would be 7pm extending to midnight during the summer.
  • Push ahead with the permanent hotel and add a water park to the hotel.
  • Remove the beach and slides, use this as an events area. Have concerts and festivals during the summer with a temporary stage. During busy times (half terms, summer holidays) invite a traveling fair to use this site to bolster the ride offerings.
  • Investigate and trail a winter season, again inviting a fun fair and offering a limited offing of rides. Maybe SWARM, Inferno and Stealth along with the flats.
  • Refurbish Loggers Leap with Chiapas style boats, replace the first drop with a dark ride section with trick track sections.
  • Give Storm Surge a Viking funeral
  • Replace Slammer with a Larson Looper (European first!)
  • Refurbish the Dome, Bridge and general TLC around the park
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Re: If you owned Thorpe Park, what would you do with it?

Mon May 28, 2018 9:34 am

Here's my take, having seen the reducing interest in all things horror:

Phase 1: Realign the parks theming.

The park currently plays on it being on an island and there being a more tropical type resort at the start, but that ends really quickly.

Firstly Angry Birds goes. In the interim, add back pirates 4D. Slowly make that area fit the theming of Nemesis Inferno.

Nemesis Inferno stays as is, this island has a volcano on it. Similarly Colossus stays for this phase, with just some refresh on the ruins.

Swarm Island: Keep the plane and helicopter, but remove the fire engine, ambulance and telephone box. Add some more trees and give a more jungle type appearance. Planes crash on this island, could take some ideas from Lost and make the Swarm monster a part of island lore.

Saw: Ditch the IP, but can keep most of the theming. Turns into crazy research lab that exists on the island.

Stealth: Not sure much could be done to realign this.

Derren Brown: re-theme of the story to fit being on an island, not London.

Storm Surge: Removed.

Walking Dead: Screen off the area with trees or bamboo until it can be replaced.

Phase 2: Next big ride.

B&M hyper coaster with entrance on the island behind Swarm island. Area screened off from the rest of the park with trees and the area is designed to be a relaxed, beach type environment. Restaurant and bar added with outdoor seating. Overall a more relaxed Caribbean type vibe. Lots of sand and Caribbean island beach hut type buildings.

Phase 3: Repairs and facilities

Loggers leap refresh, repair, reinstatement.

Slammer replaced with a Gerstlauer Sky Roller.

Toilet blocks refreshed and the London underground type sinks removed.

The Dome refreshed so the downstairs less resembles a 6th form common room.

New ways for bag storage investigated, such as in queue lockers that can be accessed from the ride exit. Improve throughout and reduce staffing overhead by no longer needing station bins or staff baggage handling.

Colossus has its air gates updated so that looking at them the wrong way while closing doesn't bring the entire ride to a stop. Oh and then it gets torn down...

Phase 4: Next big ride

Colossus replaced with RMC Raptor. Increased theming of temple ruin with more near misses and great photo spots.

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