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End of Season Review 2017

Posted: Mon Nov 06, 2017 8:36 pm
by Dom

2017 was the year the island was invaded with all sorts of monsters. From demon's rising to the dead awakening, the island saw it all. 

Did you visit the island like no other this year? Were you screaming in fear at the monsters? Than we'd love to hear from you!

Re: End of Season Review 2017

Posted: Mon Nov 06, 2017 9:45 pm
by Bert2theSpark
This year has been the first time visiting Thorpe Park, The park surpassed all expectations, Theming, Staff, F&B, Rides. Derren Brown's Ghost Train was absolutely amazing knocking Hex off my Number One dark ride, X, My first Vekoma and Indoor coaster whilst the ride was a lot tamer than I expected the atmosphere was fantastic the X soundtrack was amazing. And that soundtrack, What an amazing soundtrack for the Island as it sets up the atmosphere greatly. After wanting to visit for a few years I'm glad I finally got round to doing it!

Re: End of Season Review 2017

Posted: Mon Nov 06, 2017 10:22 pm
by Mermalizer
I went to Thorpe Park for two days in September and I had an amazing time. Part of it was because it was relatively quiet, though there were still queues since most of the big coasters were on one train. SAW, however, was running like a machine and was incredibly efficient. I did it four times - after the third time, we went off the ride but they let us get back on for another round! Probably the highlight of the visit. The other rides were running well too - I found Colossus very rough the second time, but the first time was fun; The Swarm is just as good as it's always been; Nemesis Inferno was great, and this time the lights were on, we even got the mist on the second time. I even got my sister to go on Stealth! I loved it but she didn't quite share the same opinion. Tidal Wave might just be my favourite water ride, and X was great too. Derren Brown's Ghost Train was a bit better than last year, though the end of the second VR is still naff.

In terms of F&B services, I tried Bush BBQ and Nitrogenie. Bush BBQ was very nice, and Nitrogenie (which I tried the last time I went to Thorpe Park) was great too, and the service was far quicker this time around. I enjoyed seeing the new theming around the park, and the music is absolutely superb. Staying at the Shark was really fun and I enjoyed going into the dome in the evening.

I'm glad I went back this year, because I feel like things have really improved at the park. Even some of the old signs in the window of the Megastore were changed to new ones. If I were to suggest some changes, I'd say to refine the security checks and organise things better, and maybe give the rides some more TLC. Colossus needs a good clean. I would have also preferred two train operation on some of the bigger rides, but it was quiet in the park so I understand why they'd stuck to one train. But honestly? I absolutely loved going back to Thorpe Park this year. I'm hoping to do Towers next year for SW8 but I'd love to do Thorpe again as well if I have time. 

Re: End of Season Review 2017

Posted: Wed Nov 08, 2017 8:20 pm
by Justin
I've visited THORPE PARK less this year but I hope to return next year with a fresh pair of eyes as I just haven't felt it! For me, the park has a different vibe from the other resorts (and rightly so) therefore I feel less relaxed when I visit, compared to Alton or Chessington, due to the size of the park and how busy it feels. While we've had Ghost Train, I also don't feel we have really had anything new and the closure of Slammer and Loggers Leap hasn't helped. 

Overall, the park has worked well to please guests but change is needed!