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Re: EnergyLandia

Posted: Thu Oct 05, 2017 2:20 pm
by Owen
Energylandia just will not stop! Now the park have announced / put permission in for 3 new major coasters before 2020!

Mine Train
First is a mine Train attraction featuring a maximum of 3 lifts, a maximum height of 15m and a track length at a of approximately 1200m.

Inverted Multi-Launch Coaster
This attraction will have a track length of around 1000M, a height of 35M, 5 inversions and a top speed of around 60MPH!

Then finally the big one...

The park are also looking to add a beast of an RMC. Standing at a maximum of 60 meters (making it another ‘hyper RMC’ after Steel Vengeance) and featuring 3 inversions this thing will be awesome! A top speed of around 70mph is also expected with the track being around 1300m long!

Not only this, but the park have also filed for funding to build a “innovative Tilt Coaster”!

This park is seriously getting some insane attractions now, and I cannot wait to see what’s next...

Re: EnergyLandia

Posted: Wed Oct 11, 2017 6:57 pm
by Danny
These expansions certainly sound exciting! Have they given any rough dates other than 2020? If that's the case we could see two per year :D

Re: EnergyLandia

Posted: Thu Oct 12, 2017 11:28 pm
by Owen
All expansions are anticipated between now and 2020 other then the tilt coaster which is yet to be approved! :)

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Posted: Sun Oct 29, 2017 10:04 pm
by Burniel
Lots more information has risen up around the park's 2018 Hyper Coaster in the past couple of weeks!

Firstly, we have the coaster's name: Hyperion! I personally think this is a pretty cool name, and it's great to be able to call it by its full name instead of just "that big hyper". :P

Next up, the park have done a huge update on the coaster's theme and design on their Facebook page. Here is a (very rough) translation of today's information:

The Cosmonauts team is going on a research mission to the distant moon of Saturn. Somewhere in a remote space, the "Hyperion _ 1" ship encounters a black hole and is suddenly drawn into a wormhole. The crew after being time travel reveals a completely different universe and a new, twin to earth planet called hyper novi...
Curious what happens next?
In 2018, this science fiction is going to happen to EnergyLandia thanks to the investment of mega coaster hyperion.
This device we into space of sensations and sensations, we will take you on a remarkable journey into the world of the future, both in terms of feeling and tematyzacji.
From the entrance to the station you will be drawn into space, which will create unique design and special architectural solutions. Detail Tematyzacja will also include ubiquitous media and computer simulations.
Our Ultra-modern hyperion ship is going to cross all possible speed records, altitude, extremities and time limits, setting absolutely extraterrestrial standards!
Due to the launch of the hyperion, a special, film in the history of the parallel world will be created.
The experience will be spectacular and there will be a lot of them, because our hyperion has she a lot of innovative and innovative solutions; among other things, the tunnel, the water effects, the unexpected gravitational effects during a number of returns at the giant size
Hyperion's investment is a powerful project which, apart from the involvement of the vast area, is mobilising giant resources and human capital, putting entertainment at the highest world level. It is worth mentioning that hyperion will be absolutely the only one of its kind - created by the company of Intamin Amusement Rides, on our order, with a unique design, which, among other extreme devices, will be an explosion of sensations and an absolute adventure
The construction of hyperion has already begun - the final work is planned for season 2018!

The park also posted some promotional and concept art, including this one of the station:
More can be found on their Facebook.

Looks like the park is putting the effort into creating a space/sci-fi theme for Hyperion, which is really good to see! :D