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DOOMSDAY Scream Park - Bad Omens

Thu Sep 28, 2017 9:16 pm

Hi Guys,
I just wanted to tell you about our newly formed events company, Bad Omens, who specialise in designing scare attractions.  Between the team there’s a wealth of experience, some who have been in the industry for 10 years+ working on events such as Tulley’s and across several Merlin attractions. There are plans in the pipeline, but our main event for 2017 is…
Doomsday Scream Park
The event is based on the Colchester Castle grounds, with a large focus on local history for the themes of this year’s attraction.
And all the Kings Men
Paying homage to the city’s connection to the Humpty Dumpty mythology, All the King’s Men is a twisted Alice in Wonderland inspired dolls house, filled with freaky toys and who knows what else. Considered the most disorientating attraction, this maze will consist of many special effects to mislead guests, and question whether what they are seeing before their eyes is all it seems.
Tempum Claudii
A new and exciting concept for a UK attraction, this maze is set in around AD 61 and the destruction of the Temple of Claudius. Guests will wander the streets and tunnels of Camulodunon, but as the City burns, will you escape the fires of Boudica’s fury? This maze will feature multiple routes and experiences.
Hopkins: The Witchfinder General
Using the rich history of witchcraft in Colchester and the surrounding areas, this attraction is a high impact maze set in the crowded 17th century streets if the city. Running from both witches and the Witchfinder General’s men, the groups must escape the city without being capture, or worse- bewitched. This will be the longest attraction, including a variety of effects including projection mapping.
The Verdict
A world’s first attraction that will be a continuation of Hopkins for those brave enough. This is an upcharge attraction with the contents being a closely guarded secret, which we are encouraging guests to continue!
The Doomsday Feast – 28th October Only
This will be a dining experience with a difference, based in the Town Hall. More information to be revealed on this soon.
Gloomsday – 21st – 29th October
This will be our daytime event catering for the younger ones in the family, including three haunted houses (the above slightly re-routed to avoid the gore), face painting, puppet shows and more.
So there you have it. The link to the website can be found below with more information, the Scream Park will operate a standard entry fee with unlimited access to the main three attractions (ATKM, TC, H:TWG), and The Verdict will be an additional add on for those wanting a more extreme experience. There will also be wandering entertainment and food outlets.
If anyone wants further information please drop me a message, or post below. We are expecting to announce our next event soon so keep your eyes peeled J

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