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Scare Kingdom Scream Park

Thu Feb 08, 2018 9:59 pm

There wasn't a topic for this place so thought I would start one. Scare Kingdom is based in Lancashire and over the space of a year they host many different scare related events. Their first event, Valenterror, opens next weekend for one weekend only and will have three attractions open. These are:

Zombies - Dead in the Dark
Armed with only a glowstick to light your way, you will venture into darkness where a hoard of hungry zombies await you.


Body Snatchers - House of Harlets
Step back in time to where a house full of blood thirsty  scarlet woman await you. This will be horror meets humour for a tongue in cheek experience.


Psychomanteum - HeartLESS
For the over 18's and those brave enough to face the UK's sickest attraction there is this. A new version of the famous full contact scare attraction,


So for those who want to spice up Valentines with something a bit scary, then this event is certainly for you.

They do more events throughout the year. They have their annual Halloween event and Christmas events, but there will be more throughout the year, none of which have been announced yet. 

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