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Scream factory Teeside

Sun Oct 14, 2018 3:31 pm

I haven't seen one on here so just thought I would pop a quick review of Scream Factory Teeside up for anyone thinking about venturing to it. This nice little attraction is located in Redcar and cost us off peak £21 each, you could also purchase a ticket for a fair bit more to go in alone which I thought was a nice little addition. I will start with a review and then under I will provide a little more detail which will contain spoilers. These are all my own opinions and thoughts on the attraction.

It was a quiet night and we chose the 8pm slot, we were placed in a group of 4, there were larger groups going round. All in all the experience lasted about 35 minutes (we waited at points to let the group in front move on) so it may be shorter. Thought there are some really good theming elements, good set pieces and nice opportunity for scares. Costumes on a whole were good and the story line is easy to follow. It is a mixture of inside and out which adds a nice element to it. Some actors were great however some lacked energy and could have provided some more scares. At times in some rooms the lights would flicker and the actors did not seem to utilise these intermittent black outs to set up scares. Lighting was ok, there were some pitch black corridors that worked well to break up the scenes. My greatest critique was the lack of music or a sound track, there were certain parts where there was quite music however for the most part it was silent apart from the actors. Although not a massive issue, you could hear the actors moving around behind fences and you could also hear other groups walking through. 
Overall 6/10   

Early on in the maze you enter a room filled with smoke, you can not see your hand in front of you, as you walk further in you can see a light in the distance which you walk towards. There is an actor in there which provides a great scare opportunity however the whole experience of this room is very surreal, I can't describe the feeling but it was really immersive.

One of the more notable parts to the attraction was the movie theatre. You walk past the ticket booth to where it is showing Freddy, Saw and IT. It is split into these movies, unsure of which was first however IT was great, you were treated by an actor at the end of a tunnel in a yellow rain coat and red balloon, as you approach they run off as you follow. At one point this actor is stood again at the end of a corridor, as you move closer they run behind a wall as another in the same costume jumps at you closer. Provides really cool and interesting scare. Following Freddy kruger (unsure if thats how it is spelt) you see him attacking his victims, and it appears as though you are in this dream world, with disorientating illusions which help break up the scares. 

There is a scene which looks like a village where the inhabitance singled out a few of our group and preformed some kind of torment and dance.

Walking towards the circus you could see a large clown stuck on a board to the left and what I presume is the ring leader infant of the door, this scene was one of my favourites. As the ring master sings for you and draws away you attention, the clown on your left splits and runs at you (amazing scare, see it for yourself). I am a big fan if the scary clown however this part of the maze seemed to lack any further scares, earlier on in the attraction clowns were used which was a little better. maybe the 2 could have been combined.

My favourite part of the maze was one of the last scenes, we were  being judged and sentenced to the executioners (I haven't been but I have been told it is similar to the dungeons) as we get sent out its is very hectic and people are shouting (really good atmosphere). This is the start of a small hooded section. I am not a fan of hooded mazes as am yet to experience a good one, it had some change in terrain. very little if not no scares, some shouting but not close enough. You could see at your shoes it was quite bright in the room and some people said the could see through their hood. The rope was difficult to follow at places, this would be ok as it may feel although you are lost but the actors kept placing your hand back on gently, for me ruined the experience a little. 

Once we had been sent to hell we left the door and were chased a little by a chainsaw, this scene didn't serve any purpose other than so others could see people running out as it led into a little area for food. They did provide a photo booth at the end and gave use a free picture which was a nice touch.

Definitely worth going to however, I think the scares could be improved and use of lights utilised. There needs to be a sound track throughout unless the need for silence, some deep rumbling bass. I would not pay extra for peak days but £21 I think is a little on the high side considering some of the more well known attractions are similar priced and provide multiple attractions. If you are close to the area give it ago, but for me I would not drive more than an hour to get to it. 

Hope that was helpful for anyone thinking of visiting!


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