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Alton Towers Trip 8/6/16

Wed Jun 08, 2016 11:08 pm

So this being my second and possibly my last trip for the year to Alton Towers, i tried my best to get on everything as much as possible being mid week and i should did.

Arrived at park at 9:30 and got thru the gates at 10, made our way to Galatica and got into a 5 minute queue, same rid experience as previously reviewed. After this Nemesis was down so we re-rode Galatica which was another 5 minute queue. This time, me and my one friend out of the 4 of us asked to go backwards as previously rumored in the forums. The ride op asked where i heard of this to which i replied online, they activated our 2 headsets to go backwards and told us they did nothing (I won't mention their name) It's a weird experience but very fun!

Next we went on a walk on Nemesis, we then walked thru the gardens at 11am due to the skyride being down. We walked to Th13teen which was walk on and then Rita which was a 5 minute queue. Next we headed to X-Sector. We rode The Smiler which the biggest surprise of the day was a minor 10 minute queue! We were very happy with this and then proceeded to walk on Oblivion. After this we Rode Smiler again with another 5 minute queue! After this we went to ride Spinball which was walk on.

We next proceeded to go on the Congo river rapids which was a 10 minute queue and a nice chill and rest. we then rode a very empty runaway mine train. By this point we were very happy with the day. We next went over to Nemesis which again was walk on. Galatica was at a 40 minute queue so we passed. We made our way via the skyride to Th13teen to which was down and out for the remainder of the day (this was at around 2:30pm i think?)

After this we went to x-sector for some food at the fried chicken co. Afterwards we rode The Smiler at a 10 minute queue once more and then proceeded again with a 15 minute queue. Honestly I've never seen the smiler so empty, the queue had never left the building and no queue in the pit area. After this we decided because of it reaching 4pm, we had a walk to Duel to which my 3 friends rode whilst i relaxed ahead of my car journey and then proceeded to re-ride Nemesis one last time twice with both being walk on. After this we headed to the skyride and proceeded to the entrance and walked to the car park, opting out for the monorail due to the ridiculous heat and queue inside.

Overall a very satisfying day that will hold me over hopefully until the next year. Hopefully i shall be making a 2 day trip to Thorpe Park in September but until then, Alton Towers have pleased me for this year.

Ride Count:

The Smiler 4x (5, 10 2x, 15 minute queue)
Nemesis 4x (Walk on 4x)
Galatica (1x forwards, 1x backwards/ 5, 10 minute queue)
Rita 1x (5 minute queue)
Th13teen 1x (Walk on)
Oblivion 1x (Walk on)
River Rapids 1x (10 minute queue)
Runaway mine train 1x (5 minute queue)
Duel 1x (Walk on)
Spinball Wizzer 1x (Walk on)

Any questions just ask away :D

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