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Thorpe Park trip 13th/14th June

Wed Jun 15, 2016 11:04 am

Hey all, thought I would write a little bit about my second ever trip to Thorpe this week. Not gonna write a full report of everything, rather thought I'd just write a bit about the thoughts of me and my party, most of which had never visited before.

First day first coaster we did Nemesis Inferno. Everyone loved this ride, I especially really love inverted coasters and I honestly don't know which one I prefer between this one and the original, they're both really good. People really liked the tunnel section and the fact the ride feels smooth and fast but still powerful. Got a good few rides on this one, though it was down for a few hours on the second day, and once it opened dispatch felt very slow.

Second was Stealth, the launch was quite shocking to new people, except those who've already been on Rita quite a few times and were pretty used to the sensation. I've also been on Rita a few times since my first trip to Thorpe and it's definitely didn't seem as strong. Second day me and my brother went on the front seat, it's especially good seeing nothing but track in front of you.

Next big coaster was The Swarm, and overall I think this was the favourite ride of everyone. It's so smooth but so intense! Also the theming is top notch. Overall we did quite a lot of rides on this.

On the first day we did Saw and Colossus last, Saw is a really good ride, I love the atmosphere of the station and the ride itself is nice and different and has an rough out of control feel which I think really fits the name. Other members of the party found it a bit too rough, was going to ride again and tell them to try keeping their heads forward and leaning into the turns but it was closed the entire second day so we never got the chance unfortunately, just one ride in 2 days from all the downtime. One thing I noticed was the background sound in the queue was too quiet, which definitely ruined the ambiance outside, it was kind of like just waiting outside a normal warehouse.

Colossus I think is the weakest coaster at Thorpe. It's noticeably rougher and while I like the dips and bumps through the tunnels it's not really that great to ride overall.

Flat rides, we tried almost all of them. Had my first ride on a drop tower on Detonator, was pretty fun and definitely induced a bit of hesitation when it got to the top.. Rush everyone enjoyed, saying it was a really pleasant experience and just really fun although too short. Went on Slammer for the first time, and I can say it will be a definite loss for the park when it finally gives up and dies. It's such a strange feeling, actually quite scary and a lot of fun. Had my first ride on samurai at the end of the second day which finally cemented that creeping feeling of travel sickness that was slowly approaching... Was definitely loads of fun and intense while also having the longest cycle of any of the flat rides at the park.

One member of the party had a joint nerve condition meaning sharp jolts and bumps could cause damage and be very painful so she unfortunately couldn't ride much, but did manage a go on the rapids and storm surge which she really enjoyed as they weren't too vigorous.

Other rides people tried were X, which I think could do with more lasers, more smoke, and probably a whole new coaster that was designed for go forwards from the beginning. Not very likely that last one but I do like the idea of an indoor coaster filled with light and music, which reminds me, the music in the actual ride itself was nowhere near loud enough.
Some people tried the I'm a Celebrity maze. Were queuing for a long time and when we finally met up with them again they said it was definitely not worth it.

Overall, everyone had an amazing time. There's a good variety of some brilliant rides and the staff were all helpful and friendly. Stayed in the Shark which was great, very comfy beds and feels like you're right in the park. One thing I will say is that on the second day, all rides seemed to be running on one train, which definitely is a drawback. Tidal Wave said 15 minutes queue, I was waiting outside of 45+ for my friends to ride. Also, some of the flat rides take an excruciatingly long time to load and unload, e.g. rush only swinging on one leg. Dunno if this was due to technical issues or just to try and get more people to buy fast track in which case it's understandable but still a bit frustrating when the queues move so slowly.

That's a lot of writing.

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