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SeaWorld Orlando Career Camp (with Mako) July 11th-16th 2016

by MakoMania » Sat Jul 16, 2016 11:49 pm

So over the past week I've had the amazing opportunity to attend SeaWorld Orlando's career camp which was probably the best week of my entire life! (Riding Mako was a massive bonus! :lol )

I'm not going to go through each day in detail as that would be boring but I'll show some of the highlights.

First of Mako. WOW, my first B&M hyper and what a ride it is! The airtime is amazing, very strong on the first drop and first hill and is slightly weaker but still awesome on the following hills. The speed hill in particular is very good! That bank after the first drop is INSANE! All round great ride & my number one coaster!


Another highlight of the week was a cage dive at the park's Shark Encounter attraction, we also got to go behind the scenes with the animal care staff to see a feeding session. These guys get fed twice per week as they are cold blooded and have a lower metabolism.


Of course we got to ride other attractions such as Manta, Kraken, Antarctica & Journey to Atlantis! All really fun rides!

Great sunrise at 6am!


We had days at Aquatica & Discovery Cove, we saw all the shows at SeaWorld, got some behind the scenes tours of Wild Arctic, Antarctica and we also got to swim in the show pool at Blue Horizons!

Shamu's Celebration: Light up the Night!


Blue Horizons & Sea Lion High!



Overall an absolutely inredible experience filled with many once in a lifetime activities and opportunities. Made many friends for life as well. Would reccomend this experience to anybody, SeaWorld addict or not!

Bring on advanced career camp at SeaWorld San Antonio in 2017!

(I'll try to fix image issues :) )
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