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Blackpool Pleasure Beach Trip Report Sunday 12th Feb 2017

Sun Feb 12, 2017 10:33 pm

So I went to BPB earlier today and promised a trip report so here it is! Sorry for the lack of many photos but it was FREEZING and after Valhalla my fingers felt like they were going to drop off.

First of all, the Big One stalled during morning testing in the final tunnel meaning that the ride was shut for the entire day, clearly lots of dissapointed people but I've come to expect this in February :lol ... 6048947201

Lots of progress has been made on Construction 2018 since last season, with many footers now in place and a huge amount of excavation occuring inbetween Big Dipper & Avalanche and underneath Steeplechase. Construction around Sky Force has meant that the queue line has had to be re-routed and much of the relatively new plaza destroyed. ... 0057184256

Let's talk about the open rides!

After discovering the stalled train on the Big One, we decided to ride the Big Dipper first. I really love this coaster, such a classic! The ride was on a one train service like all the rides at Pleasure Beach on this day, but the low crowd levels meant that queues were never too large. I think the most we queued all day was 15 minutes. I enjoyed the Big Dipper anyway, was smoother than my last ride on it!

We then rode Infusion, it was probably the smoothest ride I've ever had on it although it still doesn't come close to Nemesis in my opinion! I think that the park have vastly improved their dispatch times on the coasters compared to last season, this was evident on Infusion and Grand National in particular.

Talking of Grand National, that was the next ride we joined the queue for however as we sat in the front row we were evacuated from it due to debris on the track. So given that dissapointment, we decided to ride Valhalla. (Yes it's February and yes we are stupid.) After putting my waterproof trousers/top on and changing my trainers to crocs it was time to face the Gods of the north! I was pretty impressed with it, the ring of fire effect was working brilliantly and is one of the highlights of this fantastic dark/water ride! Really enjoyed Valhalla, but we did freeze afterwards and had to go into the toilets to run our hands under warm water for a few minutes.

During the rest of the day we rode many of the rides you would associate with BPB like River Caves, Ice Blast, Alice, Nickelodeon Streak, Steeplechase, Sky Force etc. Had a really great time with hardly any waits at all!

One thing that surprised me was that on Revolution we were told to hold our bags during the ride due to high winds which the staff said could cause our bags to blow onto the station track from the bag racks! Was quite an experience trying to hold onto a bag riding a coaster with such strong forces! I have a feeling that this may have violated H&S, but oh well, it's Blackpool after all!

This is my first year of having a BPB season pass and I look forward to many more visits this season, I might even be going next weekend! I'd really reccomend giving this park a go, unlimited ride wristbands are only £16.25 until 26th March so what are you waiting for!?

Signing out on my first ever trip report,
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Re: Blackpool Pleasure Beach Trip Report Sunday 12th Feb 201

Sun Feb 12, 2017 10:44 pm

Good report, thanks! I'm glad you had a good day but you must be crackers going on Valhalla at this time of year, you might never have recovered from the cold :lol
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Re: Blackpool Pleasure Beach Trip Report Sunday 12th Feb 201

Mon Feb 13, 2017 10:22 am

Great TR, hoping you do more in the future! :)

I'd love to get to Blackpool, but a 4.5 hour drive is generally off the cards for me. Might have to make an exception next year though :P
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