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Alton Towers rides for the larger person

Mon Sep 04, 2017 11:18 am

Larger, obese, chunky, cuddly, fat, big boy - call it what you will.

I've searched many a thread on various Alton Towers / Non-Alton Towers forums ahead of my visit to AT yesterday on the subject, being in the category myself :D

It was interesting and somewhat concerning reading different people's experiences, two people I'd find with seemingly very similar measurements had very differing experiences at AT with regards to what they were / weren't able to ride. I didn't find a shed load of recent threads / posts so thought I'd detail my experience for any other people searching for the same as me.

I'm about 5ft 10in tall and weigh approximately 18st 9lb. 2 weeks before the visit it was 6lb more than that but thought I'd better try and shift some weight off. My chest measurement is about 48.5" with a waist of 42" - 44".

I was nervous queuing for some of the rides I have to admit. The problem with me is I tend to bury my head in the sand a bit. Whilst there are test seats for some rides I feel squeezing into one whilst hoards of people walk past is a little embarrassing in itself, so I avoid them. For the same reason I also swerved asking the ride attendants to point me towards the 'big boy seats' if the ride had them because I was too embarrassed. Whilst neither of these are more embarrassing than a 'walk of shame' I did my usual burying of the head in the hope of avoiding all 3 potential blushes.

Anyway onto the rides themselves....

Spinball - I didn't even go there. It was a squeeze when I last went 3 years ago and I know I'm a stone or two heavier than back then so I was satisfied that even attempting this at my size was an absolute non-starter.

Oblivion - This was the first ride of the day for me. My previous research suggested that some (but not all) of the trains had a bigger seat on row 1, but not being sure and not wanting to ask I just had to hope for the best. I was seated on the front row in the nearest seat as you board. I pulled my restraint down as far as you can yourself but the seatbelt was comfortably short of reaching in. The ride attendant got the restraint down 2 more clicks but the belt was only half into the buckle. By placing her foot on the front bar and pushing down she was able to get it down *just* enough to click into place. Phew! If I was literally 1lb heavier I'm convinced I'd have had to get off.

Thirteen - Unfortunately didn't get to go on, I was on pram duty with our little one so sat this one out.

Rita - I have to admit I was a worried for this because having barely got on Oblivion my research had suggested Rita was less forgiving than Oblivion and there are no larger seats on Rita. So having not used the test seat, nor asked an attendant I hoped for the best but expected the worst. To my surprise however I the restraint came down OK and the belt clipped in with room to spare and all was good!

Air / Galactica - Wasn't aware of any larger seats on Air, but not wanting to ask anyway just hoped for the best. Was seated on the front row on one of the middle two seats and got on fine, needed a shove to get the required click on the restraint but was fine.

Nemesis - I'm aware that Nemesis does have some bigger seats but as per just kept my mouth shut and hoped for the best. Was seated on the 7th row, 2nd seat across as you board. This ended up being similar to Oblivion, in that I couldn't clip the belt in without some assistance from an attendant. She had to give it a real good push to get it down enough to clip it into the buckle although probably not as much as was required on Oblivion.

Smiler - All my previous research suggested that Smiler has the largest capacity restraints on the park which proved to be accurate as there was no shoving, shuffling or pushing required. Restraint down and on our way.

Despite it raining for most for the day on all of the rides that we went on I took my coat off so was only wearing a T-shirt. Not sure how much difference this makes but given how close Oblivion was I'd say it might have just made the difference!

Hope someone finds this post useful. Mixing my research and own expereince I'd say there's definitely no hard and fast rule when it comes to weight / chest size and success, I guess it varies on how and where different people carry the weight but having just squeezed on a couple of the rides, some people may be able to use me as a benchmark!

Cheers :)
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Re: Alton Towers rides for the larger person

Wed Sep 06, 2017 8:44 am

Thanks for this it has helped a massive deal! 

Is there any larger women with any tips?

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