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Re: TTSP General Feedback

Wed Jun 21, 2017 9:14 pm

Sorry if this is in the wrong place.
Would there be a reasonable way to implement a feature to the shout box in which, you can post a picture like mods do but it gets held back until a mod reviews and approves the picture?
Would there be a way to implement that without forcing a mod to drop whatever they are doing every 5 sec?
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Re: TTSP General Feedback

Wed Mar 21, 2018 4:49 pm

I have a bit of feedback, based on my own experience using this, as well as other forums. :)

Shoutbox improvements.
• The ability for regular TTSP Members to use bold and italic text.
• The ability for regular TTSP Members to mention / reply to another user using @[username] with bold text in the corresponding member colour.
• The ability for regular TTSP Members to "like" and quote text by other users.
• The ability for regular TTSP Members to post photographs and other media.
• The ability for regular TTSP Membefs to use coloured text.
• Receive an alert if you are mentioned by another user in the Shoutbox.

Forum improvements.
• Reintroduce a "like" system of some sort to make it easier for users to let people know they like or agree with what someone has said without typing out an entire message to do so.
• Introduce a way to mention / tag other users using @[username] in regular forum posts, without quoting their last post.
• Alerts when users "like" one of your posts and alerts if you are mentioned / tagged in another users post.
• More emojis? Possibly a way for users to request specific emojis to be added to the forum?
• Easier media embedding..? Is this even enabled on TTSP?? If so, it would be easier to be able to just post a link e.g., a tweet or Facebook post, and for it to automatically embed itself rather than using code to do the same thing. 

Thanks in advance. :)


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