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[RCT3] Speed Point

Sat Jan 02, 2016 8:02 pm

In 1971, Bill Speed decided to open a small park called Speed Point. He wanted to start of small and get bigger and bigger as time goes on (basically the goal of every park ever). He started with a Side Friction Coaster called Railway. It had two lift hills next to each other and the trains were made to go up the hill at the same time. However, on busy days, this doesn't happen. Only on the less crowded days, they duel. Later they got a Chairswing and a Ferris Wheel. They then opened the park.

On opening day in 1972, it was unusually crowded. Bill was not ready for this! Reviews were around 3.5/5, the main problems is that there wasn't enough food. So, Bill just made the shops sell more and that fixed everything up.

In 1973, they added a lot more scenery... this was from my visit on 19th July 1973..
I'm in a large forest outside of the car park. I know the ways through the forest easily and I've never been lost, thanks to that woodie in the background.
This is all Speed Point has to offer. It's a miniature park and people spend 1-2 hours there. The reason this is popular is because there are no other parks in the area.
Classic Ferris Wheel attraction.
Who can miss Wave Swinger? It's such a fun ride.
The entire park.
I saw Ferris Wheel get a bit of smoke around it. The ride was immediately closed and nobody was allowed to re-enter the park until everything was safe again. The fire department was called, but the nearest one was three hours away. Just getting you an idea of how "the middle of nowhere" this place is. A wire had short-circuited which caused the smoke.
More smoke appeared around it. Suddenly, the speakers blasted "PLEASE LEAVE THE PARK AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. FERRIS WHEEL HAS ENCOUNTERED AN ERROR. AGAIN, PLEASE LEAVE THE PARK OR GET AS FAR AWAY FROM IT AS POSSIBLE." That did NOT sound goot. I heard another similar incident where a wire short-circuited a few years ago and that proved to be deadly for the park. Bill, having heard of this, took it very seriously and if anything does this, everyone must evacuate.
Suddenly I was thrown to the ground. I zoomed in on my camera as far as possible and I saw a raging fire ruling the grounds. My camera completely died after the picture.

I saw pictures showing the aftermath of the fire. It was a black patch of land. Nothing else. I saw a large hole where there were explosions. Absolutely nothing survived. At least forty people died.

The future of Speed Point remains unknown, but an announcement will be made in a couple of weeks...

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