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Re: Fright Nights

Sat Oct 13, 2018 9:53 pm

Me and my friend are planning a Fright Nights trip and we want to dress up but are wondering if we’d be the only ones with makeup on and stuff like that ... so my question is, do people dress up for Fright nights or Not??
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Re: Fright Nights

Sat Oct 13, 2018 10:08 pm

Jcoaster wrote:
Me and my friend are planning a Fright Nights trip and we want to dress up but are wondering if we’d be the only ones with makeup on and stuff like that ... so my question is, do people dress up for Fright nights or Not??

Some people do. Last Saturday there were few people dressed up during the day, but some more did arrive in the evening. At a guess, maybe no more than 10% of guests were dressed up, but it was also very wet. I don't know if this changes the closer to Halloween you get.

Park rules are no masks and no weapons, regardless what they're made out of.
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Re: Fright Nights

Sun Oct 14, 2018 8:49 pm

Fright Nights Review 2018:

I visited the event as a last minute plan on Friday 12th October. We arrived at Thorpe at around 1.30pm, and please bear in mind we DID purchase Fastrack on our visit (in order to do everything we wanted). The Fastracks we purchased were 'The Triple Threat' and 'The Terrifying Trio' (both £28 each, per person).

TWD: Do or Die - 7/10

We did two run-throughs of this maze, once with fastrack, once without. The first time we went through this maze I was towards the back end of the group, so missed most of the scares or knew they were coming (due to chain reaction) and the second time I got most of them (as I was at the front). For The Walking Dead, this is definitely the better maze of the two Thorpe have on offer this year, although it is quite bland in theming terms the theming that has been done is done to a good standard and does add to the experience. By no means is this maze exceptional but I'd say it was my second favourite attraction they have on offer this Fright Nights. I'd recommend this maze also to be done at night, as it does feel much more intense once the sun goes down, overall, Thorpe has done a decent job with this maze, however, you can tell it has been done on a very light budget. 

TWD: Living Nightmare - 6/10

Pretty much untouched from previous run-throughs of the maze. It's nothing special, but if you're a Walking Dead fan I suppose you'd enjoy it. It does feel shorter than how it once was, however, it did come across as if the actors were trying to push you through quickly, perhaps due to the maze having a 70-minute stand-by. With a bit of work this maze could definitely be so much better, all it really needs is a bit more smoke and some hiding areas for the actors as otherwise, you can see them all coming as they have nowhere to pop out from. Overall, it is a decent maze but I know Thorpe can produce mazes so much better than this, so hopefully, they do aim to change things as the event progresses or for next season (if it were to make yet another return).

Deadcreek Woods (or imo should be called 'Deadwood) - 3/10

Quite literally summer's Zombie Hunt, without the guns. Felt very lazy and a last minute decision on Thorpe's behalf to add more capacity to the event. There were, however, two good scares in the mazes, but I do feel if you towards the back of the group, you would again, miss them - which seems to be a common theme in most of the attractions this year's event has to offer so I do advise to be as near to the front as possible in order to get the scares. Overall not impressed with this maze and hope they get rid of it for next year, as ironically the maze is almost definitely deadwood at the event.

Blair Witch - 8/10

Despite this attraction being at the event before but taking a hiatus, it has made another welcome return to the event (imo), both run-throughs of this walkthrough I thoroughly enjoyed along with having multiple intense and funny scares. The acting cast in this maze was very strong and knew how to work it to its full potential. Sure it does have some flaws, with the main one being it feels far too rushed and so much shorter than previous years, but otherwise, I'd say it is the best attraction on this years lineup and is worth the pretty disgusting lengths of queue's it's getting. Overall I recommend doing this maze both during the day (well, at dusk) and at night as it does feel like two separate experiences.

Saw Alive - 7/10

Does what it says on the tin, and has been doing since 2010. The actors we had were great and knew the maze well so did there best to make it as intense and scary as possible. This maze is usually quite 'hit or miss' depending mainly on the actors who are in. It does, however, need some new scenes adding, maybe adding some from the new film 'Jigsaw" as it is starting to feel dated, other than that one of the better attractions of this year, but overall, it's okay but nothing amazing and easily forgettable. 

Platform 15 - 5/10

This maze just lacks everything to be quite frank, scares, theming, atmosphere... It's just not all quite there. Just a long walk with a few actors popping out every now and then. It's by no means worse than Vulcan Peak of disappointment, but it's still pretty bad, last years version was better but it did feel as if they've made the tunnel scene more intense which was a plus. Overall, again pretty 'meh' and easily forgettable.

Vulcan Peak of disappointment - -1000000000000000000000000000000000/10

Don't even know where to start with this maze... It is well and truly the WORST maze/scare attraction/walkthrough I have ever done, it is in another league of bad. The only good thing about the maze is the exterior music and theming, which is almost fully unapparent in the interior of the maze, the IAC maze is far scarier than this was, and IAC isn't intended to be scary, unlike this. Surprising though I would actually recommend going through, as it really is that bad you have to experience it (obviously don't if the queue is a posted 70 mins or you have limited time at the event). But yeah, in conclusion, this maze deserves the negativity it's getting as I'm pretty sure my go we didn't have one team member in there 'scaring', it is well and truly AWFUL - it's almost comical. 

Amity High - 8/10

Decent scare zone, great cast and they were one of the highlights of this years event, would recommend looking out for them especially if your riding Stealth.

The Big Top: Showtime - 7/10

Nothing amazing; felt like a last minute decision to make The Big Top apparent at this year's event. Not very well advertised either however the actors and their make-up was great as per usual. 

Overview - 

THE WORST Fright Night's at Thorpe I have ever experienced, agreeing with many other reviews this event needs "quality over quantity" as it really is lacking in quality. Also, I must point out I didn't do Scareplexx 4D due to it having a very large wait time. If you are already booked to visit FN this year, the best attractions of the event this year would be Blair Witch & TWD: Do or Die. But all in all, very forgettable and not a good event at all, I really hope this year will be a one-off and we see a total rebrand next year, even if that means they will start charging for their mazes (much like Alton) - even though I still haven't done Scarefest yet this season, I can say with confidence it takes the crown so visit Towers next year! Finally, I do hope Thorpe see and more importantly act upon the criticism Fright Night's is receiving - left me leaving Thorpe Park with a VERY sour taste left in my mouth. 

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