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Nemesis and Oblivion: How was your first time?

Thu Apr 13, 2006 2:47 pm

On saturday, im heading up to Alton for my first visit of 2006. Im going with my sister and her friend and they plan on fitting in as many rides as they can and they will go on anything. The two rides i've not been on and that im a bit unsure about is Nemesis and Oblivion.

So all im asking is if you can tell me what your own personal experience was like when you went on these two rides.

Thanks :D
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Thu Apr 13, 2006 2:54 pm

Nemesis: 10/10 The ride is amazing. It is a bit worrying when you first go on it but I promise you once you come off the ride you will want to ride it again and again.

Oblivion: 8/10 If you have been on rita then Oblivion should be easy. You get the same sort of sensation on oblivion as on ritas launch. The ride is very fun and the drop is just brilliant. It is one of my all time favourite rides.
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Thu Apr 13, 2006 3:04 pm

I almost chickened out of going on Nemesis since no-one would go on it with me, but I'm so glad I did! Queued in the SRQ and ended up on the back row! Probably not a good idea for a first timer, but it was an amazing ride, it's a huge adrenaline rush from beginning to end and I loved it!

Had to queue for Oblivion for 45mins, and the tension that builds up watching the ride and the TV screens in the queue line is unbelivable! For me its the scariest ride at AT, as you go down the drop you really feel like you're falling (the fact that my feet didn't touch the bottom of the car made it even better!)

Although the rides are scary when you watch them, I promise you it is well worth conquering your worries and going on them, you won't regret it! :D
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Thu Apr 13, 2006 3:15 pm

Hi people,

Well my first time on oblivion, well it was a school a trip so I it was major peer pressure to go on the on it, I was so scared! Anyway we waited in the queue for about an hour - which made it worse! lol! Eventually we were loaded up i was "cacking" myself, as I was going up the steep lift hill I thought I don't won't to do it I really wanted off! But after the drop it was so good I loved every minute of it! It was great!

Well my first on nemesis, I never really gave the ride a second thought as I had done Oblivion before that so I was ready for the beast and I must say she is fantastic!

Well all I'm saying is you will be gutted to miss out on these two fantastic rides! YOU MUST RIDE THEM you will proberly regret if you don't!

Enjoy it if you do,

Mike22 :W
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Thu Apr 13, 2006 3:38 pm

I rode Nemesis and Oblivion after I'd been to Florida so they looked easier to go on than some of the ones I'd been on.

Nemmy was pretty easy to go on, I don't think I was that scared really, I was quite calm right up to the seat, going up the lift-hill was when my nerves kicked in. The ride was an excellent experience and I remember I had one hell of an adrenalin rush coming off that beast. They really don't exaggerate when they say "Go jelly-legged after a ride on the fearsome Nemesis" Even now I still find it hard to stand up after a ride.

Blivvy was a bit harder, the first time I promised to go on, I was so scared of what it might feel like during the drop, I chickened out on it! :oops: But the second time I dragged myself on, I was petrified and that was without the help from the videos! (the queue was really short.) When we finally reached the station, I was nearly bricking it, the carriage came and we sat down, I was surprised how reclined the seats were and going up the lift-hill the old butterflies were going crazy. Going round the corner I really felt like screaming out "Get me the hell of this thing!" And then the hanging, my heart almost stopped dead and it felt ages until it finally dropped, then, the drop itself, it really took my breath away, I had really under-estimated the speed of it. After that it was only my two rides on the 1st April I braved putting my arms up, it really helps makes the experience a lot better, the Gs really pull and it's hard keeping your arms up.

Both great rides, it might be hard watching them and queueing for them but once you've been on once, you'll love it and keep going back for more.
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Thu Apr 13, 2006 3:58 pm

i was so scarred of oblivion the first time i went on, but there was no que as it the first ride we went on that day, but its a really good ride. The build up to the drop terrifies me every time i go on, but thats coz i hate hights but its well worth it.

Nemesis didnt scare me as much and i only went on it coz the que for air was to long lol, its a really good ride and one of my faves

Thu Apr 13, 2006 3:59 pm

my first ride on nemesis was nothign special. not much queue so very littl etime to worry about it, went on it. loved it. end of. lol

Oblivion on the other hand.

id put over riding it since it was first opened, but in 2005 i had to relent and go on it. i was marched up the queue line by Cam, queued for bout 10-15 minutes then when we got tot the statiom we were sat down, the restraints were locked.then the lift hill stoped. everythign stoped. including my heart. lol. i was sat for about 20 minutes watching the video on the monitors scared to death. it would have to break down on my first ride woudlnt it!

once it got going again i loved it though so it was all a bit irrelevant really in the end :D

Thu Apr 13, 2006 4:25 pm

Oblivion was my first ever rollercoaster, and not even looked back since! Was bricking it literally after queueing for an hour back in 1998 watching ever car drop into the hole. I miss the feeling of the first time on Oblivion, been a coaster nut ever since :D
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Thu Apr 13, 2006 4:35 pm

Oblivion was very scary i dont find it scary as much now but it scared the hell out of me as it leaned over the top i shut my eyes and i was shaking coz i am so scared of hieghts but i enjoyed it

Nemesis was and still is the best ride of my life i was scared to go on it at first but i got on i was kinda scared as i had never been on something this big and fast before. but i loved every minute of it!
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Thu Apr 13, 2006 5:45 pm

Nemisis Amazing: Nemisis if your in a big Q can look very scary but its OK and yet a bit thumbs up for the park one of my favourite in the Park deffinatly and for some reason it is impossible to not wave your legs around on the lift if you watch every car going up the lift every single person will be moving there legs its really strange realising that no-one actually knows why either the best part is the part by the "blood river" i cant remember what its called but ya go upside down its great, your head can get thrown around a bit if ya lean forward.
Oblivion Amazing: Looks terrifing the hil lift for the first time can be terrifing as does the drop there is a voice when your hanging over saying dont look down but you dont really hear it the thing about the drop is you never know when its gonna drop so you can be talking to someone when your hanging over the edge and itll drop without you realising hehe :lol:
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Thu Apr 13, 2006 6:05 pm

I was fortunate enough to go on Nemesis the very first day it was open to the public.
I remember reading the signs about how it was 'the World's most intense coaster' and I poo-pooed it. We only queued for about half an hour (it'd never happen now on the first day of a new coaster) and as we watched the train hurtle around the track we got more and more apprehensive about the whole affair, still it was only a coaster, surely?
And finally we got to the station, got secured in and away we went.


It certainly was intense and at the time there had been nothing like it in the UK before so the effect was even more jaw-dropping than it perhaps would be for today's first-time rider. But ultimately, it was the best headf*ck I'd ever had. The thing that struck me once I'd come off was that I couldn't remember any single element of the ride bar the loop. The experience had been just a relentless blur and it took a couple more goes before I could appreciate the track layout and each single element.
The lingering memory I have of my first ride is that of the first inversion. And the weird (at the time) feeling of having my legs seemingly 'flip' over my body - never had that before on a coaster.

Now Oblivion was a different kettle of fish. This time around we queued for about an hour for it first time and I was extremely nervous - the pre ride videos doing their job perfectly. And by the time we'd got into that final small building before the station where you get the 'T-Minus 5 minutes' voiceover, the nervous jokes and laughter were unbearable. And finally, we found ourselves sat in our seats and heading up and up and up. . .
I've always said it and that first ride proved it, but I wish Oblivion didn't have the 'holding brake' and you just slowly crawled to the edge and went straight over. For me, the most scary bit was seeing the track disappear in front of you and knowing that that's where you were heading. In my opinion, by the time you're over the edge and looking down at the hole, that particular psychological element is over. And imagine the increased airtime if you just went straight over the edge. Anyhoo, moving on.
The thing about the drop that surprised me was that if feels (and still does) that the moment the shuttle starts to drop, you're almost convinced that you've actually fallen out of it and are falling alone. It must be the extreme negative G-force I suppose, you just don't feel either the seat or the restraint and your eyes can only see that hole rushing towards you. And the rush as you drop just cannot be beaten and every time I ride Oblivion when I haven't been on it for some time, I'm suddenly reminded just how intense that drop is, and it's fantastic!
I remember feeling brilliant after I'd ridden it the first time and naturally, ran right around to the back of the queue for another go!
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Fri Apr 14, 2006 12:55 pm

Nemesis: 10/10 Absolutely ausome. I love this ride to bits.
Oblivion:9/10 Superb but it's over way too quick.
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Fri Apr 14, 2006 4:56 pm

I love nemesis loads its so cool the tension whilst going up the lift hill you pick up so much speed on such a little drop! Oblivions cool to doesnt quite live up to the thrill nemesis has though! :D
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Fri Apr 14, 2006 6:32 pm

I went on Nemmy for the first time with me mum and cried my eyes out when I got off. Seriously. Once I'd stopped blubbering I asked to go on again.

I can't remember Oblivion, but I have the on-ride photo; unadulterated terror.
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Sun Aug 05, 2007 2:21 am

The first time I went on Nemesis, I was sooo scared. The queue line was the scariest part. :lol: Seeing the elements of the ride really freaked me out. When I got to the the top of the lift hill, I thought to myself am I crazy?! But after that I loved it.
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Sun Aug 05, 2007 9:49 am

Nemesis:We Q'd for about 40 minutes and i wasn't really that bad until i got to the station, the whole atmosphere inside was so immense and i and my nerves witch i had been holding off suddenly struck. Going up the lift hill i was getting even worse, we were about a few rows from the back and when i heard that click i knew i was in for the ride of my life.
WOW, what an experience, the whole thing was so intense that all i could remember was the first drop and the corkscrew. As we hit the brake run i heard everyone breathe a sigh of relief includig me, and as i stood up my legs were still shaking, it took them about an hour to stop after the ride.
10/10-Simply amazing.

Oblivion:I did this ride at the end of the day so there was no Q at all which helped as i did not have to listen to them videos. We got into the station and we had a choice of either front or back row, as you can imagine i chickened out and went for the back row. The restraints were locked the lift hill was clear, it was our turn to experience Oblivion. As we were traveling up the extremely steep lift hill, i thought to myself this is weird, its normally me whos down at the bottom watching everyone else, it seemed so unreal. But it was too late now, we were at the top, and still traveling extremely slowely. All i could think was, oh my god. The train started to straighten out a bit, i was now tempted to close my eyes, but i thought this is my first ever ride on Oblivion i've got to keep my eyes open. So i did, we hung over the drop for an unbearable 3 seconds, then dropped. The drop was amazing, as we travelled down i could see the whole getting closer, then it was over, through the tunnel and round the bend before gliding to a smooth holt in the brakes.
10/10-Brilliant experience, great adrenaline rush at the top.
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Sun Aug 05, 2007 1:36 pm

I lost my rollercoaster virginity to Nemmy, and im glad I did to such an iconic and thrilling coaster. Everything in Nemesis is planned and made to thrill, scare and most importantly make you crave that 'one more go.' I was ushered on by my friends after some banter with the first queue ride host. The queue itself was about fifteen minutes so what we primarily saw was the u turn and then the loop. The sounds it makes is the immense part of queuing, along with the themeing. That thunderous repetitive sound of the wheels caressing the steel, and the screams of the riders. Once inside the station, that is where I found the fun began. chh chh tssh is something I will never forget as long as I live. The ride itself isn’t the scary part, its the whole experience itself that makes Nemesis what it is, and makes first time riders wetter in the pants than their 1 year old cousins.
10/10 for first timer
9/10 for re-riders

Oblivion however is somewhat of a different story. A vertical drop that plummets you underground with the warning ‘you may die’. Your heart beats as you hear each person drop to their apparent doom. Video after video repeat your death; you are even warmly welcomed to oblivion, to merely her a manic laugh. The station itself just feels very Jurassic park-esk, but the last thing on your mind is movies. The ride itself is designed to terrify its riders into submission, to then give them the thrill of their life. On my first ride of Oblivion I laughed at the sight of people franticly putting things in their pockets and zipping them up. My laughter was abruptly stopped while I panicked and tried to put my glasses in my pocket. The clicking and clunking of the lift hill is the most intense part of Oblivion. It raises the fear factor through the roof, just before it reveals a lovely view of the surrounding area of Alton Towers. The track becomes level, your heart beats, you stop and eternity passes you by before you drop vertically down into a black whole. Oblivion gives you once last littler surprise by jetting water into your face just before you enter the whole to ensure optimum disorientation.
8.5/10 for first time riders
8/10 for re-riders (depending on queue times and frustration)
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Sun Aug 05, 2007 1:48 pm

i dont know why, but when i go on oblivion for the first time on each visit i always come off shaking for 5 mins and i dont know why, i aint scared of it.
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Sun Aug 05, 2007 2:04 pm

My first time on Nemesis I was relatively not scared. I'd JUST been on my first 'big' rollercoaster - Air and had loved it. People in my group who had been on Nemesis before said it was just a 'scarier version of Air' (ha). So although I had nerves, as you do before riding any rollercoaster for the first time, they weren't that bad. After the ride - I was blown away with the speed and thrill of the ride, was definitely a good experience for me.

Oblivion I was absolutely pooing my pants, I tried to leave the queue a few times, but my Dad held me back every time. When I finally got on, my eyes were firmly shut throughout the whole ride. And to me, it was rubbish. However, when I rode it the second time with my eyes open, I found it to be an amazing experience and it is now my favourite ride. :)
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Sun Aug 05, 2007 3:05 pm

Nemesis - I didn't plan to go on this on my first trip. But me and my friend had just been on Air so we were by it and she told me she wanted to go on because there was no queue. So I went too. I didn't think I would go through with it because back then I used to hate rollercoasters. But I'd been on Rita and Air, my first 'big' coasters so I thought I'd may as well go on this. Got to the front, and sat down, restraints pulled down. I was terrified! lol. So the floor lowered and it went, by this time I was telling my friend i wanted to get off but well i couldn't obviously. Got to the top of the lift hill, closed my eyes all the way around. Got off, LOVED IT. But I was kind of shaky so I didn't go on another time. But that's changed and it's now my favourite ride of all time. I guess Nemesis converted me into a fan of coasters.
10/10 love this.

Oblivion - is a different story. I never went on this until 2006, and I haven't been on a second time and don't plan to. It was a rainy day and my last ride of the day. I went on on my own. I was petrified. The only big ride I hadn't been on. So I got on the back row and got locked in. Then an announcement came over, something to do with the ride being uncomfortable. But i couldn't get off, it was my turn to go up the loooong, slow, lift hill. I was soaked. I didn't enjoy one bit of this ride and never plan to go on it again as long as I live because it gave me such a shock i felt like I was going to have a heart attack when i pulled up into the station. LOL. But yeah, closed my eyes down the drop, was so pleased of myself after getting off. Got my ride photo as it would be the only chance to get one.
Didn't enjoy this ride myself, 6/10 for me.

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