UK theme parks from another point of view!

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Somethings I don't understand about the hotels

Fri Apr 14, 2006 1:45 pm

I'm trying to persuade my dad to take me to the hotels for my birthdayby pushing package prices under his nose but I'm not 100% sure about it.

If you book a package with themepark tickets will they give you tickets for the day you arrive of the day you leave? Ideally i want them the day i leave so i can wake up early and walk down the little woodland walk for tenmintues rather than getting up at the crack of dawn and driving to get to the park and hotel. Also if you include waterpark tickets in the package where do they come in?

the way I see it I would like to arrive in the middle of the day and check in then spend the rest of that day checking out the hotel and cariba creek then spend the next day in the park and go home, but would you have to by two nights for that? Im in ickle bit confuzzled :-?

Cheers for your help xxx

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Fri Apr 14, 2006 1:50 pm

I've booked the same package for me and my sis on the understanding that we can go to the waterpark on the day we get there and then have a full day in the park, same as you!
I'm assuming that the theme park tickets are for the day we leave, coz the hotel check in isn't until 3pm, and hotel guests get XRT before the park opens to the public, can't see that there would be much point in this unless you were at the hotel the night before!
It's not very clear on the AT website though, if anyone can confirm this I would also be grateful, it will put my mind at rest too!
Thanks x
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Fri Apr 14, 2006 2:48 pm

Hi people,

I was confused as well, what I done was I phoned up the Hotel call centre, and your tickets are for the day you leave, and I told them I did'nt want Cariba Creek but they said it was free so I took it anyway! But Splash Landings Hotel is the cheaper one out of the two of them.

Mike 22 :W

Mon Apr 17, 2006 12:43 am

I'm now very confused! :?
I phoned the hotel and they told me that we could use the tickets on the day we get there and then buy the 2nd day's ticket's for £12.50 inside the park.
We were planning on getting there early on the Saturday and using our tickets and XRT so we could have a more relaxed day on the Sunday before the drive home. I think I'll have to ring them again next week and find out for sure.
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Mon Apr 17, 2006 12:47 am

I thought you get tickets to use on either of the days so you can either use it the day you arrive or the day you leave but not both!
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Mon Apr 17, 2006 7:08 am

i was thinking about going in the hotels but i have just this question that i'm unsure about. lets say i go into the park on one day at the normal gates and get a normal ticket, spend the day at the park and plan to stay that nigh at the hotel. if i didn't buy it with the theme park included would i have to buy my second day ticket from the hotel for full price or could i buy a bounce back on park or can bounce back tickets be bought at the hotel? i'm quite confused :|

edit: or if i arrive have a day in the waterpark, stay at the hotel with the no theme park package, can i use tickets bought online?(obviously that are sent)

Mon Apr 17, 2006 9:21 am

What's the cheapest room you can get at any of the Alton Towers hotels? Last time i phoned and asked them (and told them i had an annual pass) they quoted me about £140! Im not paying that. When i looked on the net it was £110. Is that basically the price, and if i dont like it i can lump it?
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Mon Apr 17, 2006 9:50 am

Well i think you get a part ticket for every night you stay in the hotel. Last year i arrived early morning and used the provided ticket for the park and so on for two days and nights. On the third day i had to buy another ticket which was around 10 for the park.

Its optional whether you include waterpark but same thing applies for every night you stay you are entitled to use the water park anytime during the day.

Also i think you may be able to chose which days you go in the park either beginning or end. I would ring up.

Hope thats helpful. :D
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Mon Apr 17, 2006 11:48 am

I am not far from an expert when it comes to staying in the hotels, as after this season i would have had my 25th saty in the resort! Bloody Love It!

Anyway, here is how i understand things (i booked a stay only a few weeks ago for me and some mates, so what i am saying is porbably up to date):

1) If you book a 1 night stay, you get 1 days theme park tickets included. These theme park tickets can be used EITHER on the day you arrive (so you go to the park during the day, and stop at the hotels the night after, and you can then do the waterpark and other hotel facilities the day after) or can be used the day you leave (so you arrive at hotels in the afternoon about 1 or 2pm is best, do waterpark etc that day and then go to theme pak the day after)

2) Waterpark entry is an OPTIONAL extra that you can include if you wish. If you include waterpark entry, you are given a special wristband thing and can enter the waterpark an UNLIMITED amount of times during your stay (which is 2 days for a 1 night stay, 3 days for a 2 night stay etc) If you dont include waterpark entry in your package, you CAN still use the waterpark during your stay, but you will have to pay £6.50 per person to get in (if your pacage is pe-booked). If you package is booked on the day, it will be £12.00 per person to enter cariba creek.

If is helps you out, here is how i run my 1 night stays in the resort:

Arrive at aprox 1 or 2pm in the afternoon.
Check in between 2 or 3pm (check in isnt officialy till 3, but if your room is ready you can check in earlier).
Enter room and spend about 30 mins just putting stuff where you want it, and playing with the games on the hotels TV service!
Go to restaurant and book place for evening meal and also for breakfast the morning after. ONLY REQUIRED ON BUSIER DAYS (for evening meal, you can eat in any of the restaurants, no matter what hotel you are staying in. However for breakfast, you have to eat breakfast in the hotel in which your room is.
Head For Waterpark! Explore waterpark and have fun until approx 6-7.30pm (obviously depending on what time your evening meal is and how long it takes you to get ready etc)
Go back to room and get ready for evening, shower, do hair etc lol
Evening Meal!
Explore hotels, games rooms, arcades, bars, a nice stroll around the gardens with a pint of strongbow! Lovely.
Go back to room to sleep around 11pm (again, depending on who you are staying with, familysm friends etc)
Wake up in morning around 6.45am
Get ready for park and breakfast. Tidy up stuff a little.
Head to breakfast (which i normally book for around 7.30)
Eat breakfast and leave at around 8.15ish
Go back to room, collect bags and belongings and either leave them in the backage storage for you to collect when you go home after the park (if you have no car) or put them in the car (if you have a car lol). If you are stopping fr 2 or more night, obviously there is no need to do this. Just leave stuff in your room.
Start to head to park around 8.40ish for early ride time. I normally catch the monorail to the main entrance.
Enjoy day in the park!
Return to hotels after day in the park, and get in car and go home!

I hope this increadibly long post helped you all out! If you have any more queries then just ask! :)

Mon Apr 17, 2006 2:09 pm

This is just the informaton ive been after, thanx :) Im planning to visit Splash Landings in the middle of july and its working out at arround £80+ per person per night.

There would be a group of us stopping but only i have an annual pass. All my mates would need theme park tickets so cant i use the 20% discount that i would get with my pass ?

Also for a one night stay could you turn up on check in day and visit the waterpark, then on your check out day visit the theme park and when finished there go back a visit the waterpark for the last few hours even though you have checked out ?

Just one last question, do you have to have an 18yr old with you when stopping ? how would they know if your parents booked it and then just dropped you off ?
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Mon Apr 17, 2006 4:33 pm

You will need an 18 year old to be booked into the hotel, even if you wan't do what you said above. Basically, to get around it you need to pay for your mum or dad to stay in SL! - Obviousally not let them stay LOL


Yes this is what we have done. Booked under my dads details, and all us that are going are 17! Pure brilliance. Even though, we have sent off all our our details stating that we are all under 18, and AT have not sent anything back stating that we cant stay, so i assume all is ok!

Also for a one night stay could you turn up on check in day and visit the waterpark, then on your check out day visit the theme park and when finished there go back a visit the waterpark for the last few hours even though you have checked out ?

I have done this before yes, but you need to ensure that you keep your wristband your are given on! I havnt done this in a few years though, so they may not allow it now. Last time i visited they changed wristband colours each day, so i suspect you may not be able to do this when you go. Still, may be worth a try!

Mon Apr 17, 2006 5:08 pm

Great, thing i dont get is on the website no were does it say that you will need an 18yr old with you. Once you over 12yrs of age you have to pay for adult prices in the hotels any way so it would be the same price as booking 4 18yr olds in.

When i arrive will i then just have to give the details of the person that booked the stay for me ?
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Mon Apr 17, 2006 6:39 pm

When i arrive will i then just have to give the details of the person that booked the stay for me ?

Yes, they will probably ask for the name of the person it was booked under etc.
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Tue Apr 18, 2006 10:55 am

when i stayed in the ath with me folks in september we where given a wristband for the first day for sl and we asked for a wristband for the 2nd day and we where given it free.
dont know if this has changed though.


Tue Apr 18, 2006 12:02 pm

The theme park tickets are undated, so you can use them any day you wish within reason.

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