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Top 10

Sat Jul 24, 2010 9:37 am

So this topic may off already been made, but I could not find it so I'm making one. So this is very basic, what are your top 10 rides at Alton Towers.

Well here are mine:

1. Nemesis
2. Air
3. Ripsaw
4. Rita
5. Oblivion
6. Enterprise
7. Thirteen
8. Rapids
9. Spinball Whizzer
10. Blade
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Re: Top 10

Sat Jul 24, 2010 11:05 am

1. Th13teen - Very tough choice, and you might think me mad. But Th13teen just pips Nemesis for me now. It is without doubt one of the most fun, unique and ultimately re-rideable coasters I have ever ridden.

2. Nemesis. Yup. Sorry. I shall probably be shunned at the next TTF AGM for this decision :P

3. Oblivion. Still gives me a little tingle in the pit of my stomach. Nobody forgets the terror of their first ride on Oblivion. It took us until the last 10/15 minutes on the second day of a two day visit to brave it for the first time. Needless to say, we ran straight back round again.

4. Hex. Best dark ride in the world. Except maybe Pirates of the Carribean... But that aint at Alton Towers!

5. Rita. Might be a one trick pony, but its trick is pure adrenaline. As far as I'm concerned, the time between the air gates opening, and the end of the launch track is what you queue for. The build up and release of tension is fantastic.

6. Runaway Mine Train. Sure it's so slow these days that even your granny would enjoy it, but the staff are what make this ride. Some pretty nifty theming and interaction with the Rapids help too.

7. Air. Much maligned B&M Flyer. The station announcements and the crazy, intense on-your-back bit more than make up for the spit 'n' sick encrusted break run. And (correct me if I'm wrong) still Europe's only B&M Flyer. So shut yer gobs and stop complaining :P

8. Sonic Spinball. Everything about this ride conspires to irritate me. Except the ride itself of course. I'm sure Dragon's Fury is probably better, but Spinball's tight, nippy layout packs a nice punch. When it isn't stalling, breaking down, running up murderous queues or working on reduced capacity because of a bit of drizzle that is.

9. Duel. The ever-evolving effects and scenery make this a living ride. Obviously will never recapture the glory days of the Haunted House, but as soon as you stop obsessing over that, Duel becomes much easier to enjoy.

10. Rapids. Probably not even a great example of a rapids ride. The scenery is nice, but you really need the right weather and the right company to make this worth riding.

Narrowly missing out on the list was Ripsaw. While well themed, it's just clearly not a very good example of a Top Spin these days.
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Re: Top 10

Sat Jul 24, 2010 11:54 am

1. Nemesis
2. Oblivion
3. Air
4. Th13teen
5. Rita
6. Hex - The Legend of the Towers
7. Runaway Mine Train
8. Ripsaw
9. Sonic Spinball
10. Congo River Rapids

My opinion...
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Re: Top 10

Sat Jul 24, 2010 1:22 pm

For Me:

1) Nemesis
2) Rita
3) Th13teen
4) Air
5) Sonic Spinball
6) Congo River Rapids
7) Hex
8 ) Oblivion
9) Runaway Mine train
10) CATCF (Don't hit me!...I know! but I'm a huge Roald Dahl fan)
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Re: Top 10

Sat Jul 24, 2010 1:53 pm

Well this ones a tough one. Unfortunately I havn't really ridden any of them enough to make a proper decision but...

1) Oblivion
2) Air
3) Nemesis
4) Spinball Whizzer (when I rode it, it was still called this)
5) Hex
6) Rita
7) Congo River Rapids
9) Flume
10) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (is it really that bad? :oops: )

No Thirteen, as I havn't been on it yet.


Re: Top 10

Sat Jul 24, 2010 2:47 pm

1. Nemesis - The layout is sheer genius, that first inversion is just an amazing feeling - especially on the front row which is my favourite part of any ride across the world. I could stand and watch Nemesis all day long - when it comes over that first Corkscrew and round the helix it always sends a shiver down my spine. 16 years old and the majority of people are still voting it as their number one ride - Alton Towers haven’t been able to top it, and they’ve made some cracking rides since, which is testament to how good a ride it is. The music is excellent, the theming - although slightly overrated IMO is good, and the name just suits the ride so well.

2. Duel - I know this won’t be a popular choice at all. BUT I just love this ride. When it first opened, it took me a while to take to it. Pre-2003, Haunted House was my second favourite ride (must’ve ridden it over 300 times in 2002!), and I was absolutely gutted when they announced that it would be refurbished in October 2002. But if people overlook the fact that it’s never going to be the Haunted House, and that its “aim” :/ is a good family-fun attraction, then I think you start to enjoy it more for what it is. Me and my friends usually do dares for whoever gets the lowest score on Duel just to spice things up and make it a little more exciting. I was sad when the Corkscrew left (partly because it was a ride that I felt didn’t get the praise or have the popularity that deserved), and I think it will be the same for Duel. I will be absolutely gutted when it’s put up for the chop.

3. Th13teen - Great fun! That’s all you can ask for really! The first part of the ride is good, with the high speed curves and some pretty nice air-time. The second part of the ride is genius. I love it, and I love hearing & seeing people’s reactions to that surprise. I’m sure the novelty will eventually wear off, off the drop, but it’s by no-means a one-trick pony, and I think it is definitely a worthy replacement for Corkscrew. Great theming and very good music too!

4. Oblivion - Proper Alton Towers ride for me, and I don’t think I’ve ever been to Alton Towers and NOT been on Oblivion. It’s still the one ride that seems to scare the crap out of first-timers (personally it was Nemesis, but I know I’m in the minority), and I always love to correct people when they claim that Rita is the fastest ride in the park - after 12 years Oblivion still holds that record. Arguably slightly neglected by Alton in recent years - X Sector really needs a new ride and a bit of money spending on sprucing it up.

5. Rita - Love the launch, and helix at the end where you’re whipped around the corner at over 60mph. Really funny and exhilarating sensation runs through my legs when the train is launched, a great feeling! Poor theming & poor choice of name in its first five years perhaps meant that the ride didn’t get the praise it deserves. It is a good thrill ride, it is fairly intense and in all fairness I think it has a pretty good layout. Thankfully, it now has a worthy theme and surroundings, although I think a complete Dark Forest transformation would complete the ride for me.

6. Would’ve been Corkscrew if it had still been with us, and then Dynamo if that hadn’t have been shovelled out in their “cost-cutting” era. But I’m going to choose Hex. Best themed ride in the park and has a brilliant soundtrack. I love watching people’s reactions when the room starts spinning around. Really clever ride and similarly to Duel, I think it gets a lot of unfair criticism (although I tend to find that enthusiasts love Hex & hate Duel, whereas normal guests dislike Hex and quite enjoy Duel).

7. Sonic Spinball - Really good fun if you get a car which spins a lot, otherwise can be a bit of a let down. Poor theming and the fact that it sticks out like a sore thumb don’t help the ride at all. Dragon’s Fury is the better ride of the two, but Sonic Spinball is still worthy of its place at Alton Towers.

8. Air - Similarly to Sonic Spinball, it is a good ride but there are much stronger ones out there. Never a priority for us when we go - the ride just doesn’t seem to give off the same sensations and forces as the other roller coasters - maybe the restraints play a part in this? The first drop is impressive, and the backwards helix is a very good feature that has a place amongst all of best ones at Alton (Oblivion’s VD, Rita’s launch, Th13teen’s drop), but after that the rest of the layout is a bit non-descript - I actually think I prefer the final helix to the inline twist/barrel roll.

9. Runaway Mine Train - Always good for a laugh, especially when the Choo-choo woman is operating - makes me laugh so much and I think it really adds to the ride! Proper iconic ride to Alton Towers, and you have to pay it respect for that fairly intense descent into the tunnel. Good family fun, just what it’s supposed to be!

10. Battle Galleons - It’s between the 3 water rides anyway. I’ve always tended to say that The Flume is my favourite, but for some reason I’ve gone off that a little just recently. The Rapids are a shadow of their former selves - Alton are really letting a good ride go to waste there with those awful yellow covers. BG is once again a great ride with lots of laughs - I just don’t think it’s suited to the UK and our weather, which is probably why it is so unpopular - I think Alton will be very disappointed and concerned with its popularity so far - and I can’t really think of many more ways of improving the experience? Perhaps a couple more interactive features and contraptions? Probably the third best themed ride in the park, and on a hot summers day is an absolute must!
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Re: Top 10

Sat Jul 24, 2010 3:00 pm

-Edited to add explanations-

1. Hex: As many have already put it, the best dark ride in the world. I do rate Hex higher than the coasters at Alton, there's just something about Hex that I find more appealing than any other ride/attraction on park. The theming is Top notch, if you've never been on there there's not one point which gives away that you've just left the Towers and are in a warehouse. Hex was the first Mad house that I've been on and no other mad house has come any where near Hex for me.

2. Th13teen: I rate Th13teen higher than Nemesis only due to the re-ride-ability of it(there's only so many times I could go on Nemesis a day), a very fun ride, if you're sat at the back there's some nice airtime on the outdoor bit. I love the drop and it's the only coaster on park I'd happily stay on all day and not get bored/feel sick on. The theming is also top notch, it's not Disney standards but for a UK ride the theming is superb.

3. Nemesis: Without repeating anything that's already said, Nemesis is simply a dream coaster. It's very thrilling and fun and I couldn't ask for anything more. The roar of Nemesis is just wonderful to hear.

4. Air: I like Air just mostly because of the different experience you get on it, a very smooth and enjoyable ride.

5. River Rapids: I do love the Rapids but I just hate getting on and off the god damn thing :lol: I've lost count of how many times I've nearly fell over :P But once your in one of the rafts it's fun, fun, fun ahead of you. Rides do vary on the weather and your luck in getting wet really, sometimes I come off bone dry and other time I come off soaked with my friends/family laughing at me.

6. Runaway Mine Train: A nice little ride, not as exciting as it used to be but the staff are wonderful on this ride. Choo choo, oh, YEAHH!

7. Sonic Spinball: A fun ride, usually gives me a headache if I'm in a car that spins around a lot. Due to the ride being so compact I think that makes the Spinball that little bit more thrilling, it's not a ride I go on unless the queues are short(usually unlikely :lol: ).

8. Duel: So yes, not as good as the Haunted House(just had to get that out the way otherwise I'll be bombarded with: "Haunted House was way better than Duel!11!". The thing I like about Duel is that not all effects ever work on the ride so I tend to notice something different each time I ride it. With the attention it's gotten recently it seems Duel is getting better. While I do like the blasters they are very boring now, I sometimes just leave the blaster and just admire the theming.

9. Battle Galleons: A great water ride, both on and off. The only downside is that not all the interactive features work. It's a great ride but not one I go on much mainly due to the weather.

10. Oblivion: I've rated Blivvy so low just do to the fact I don't enjoy it. I'm not into this whole dropping vertically business, I just don't enjoy it. I usually only ride Oblivion if a friend drags me onto it, apart from that it's not a ride I jump at the chance to go on. But I will say that it's a well-themed ride and I do think that it is a neglected ride.
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Re: Top 10

Sat Jul 24, 2010 3:35 pm

At this exact moment, although likely to change every five minutes...

1. Nemesis
Nothing to say that hasn't already been said, but Nemesis is perfect. If I was asked to design my perfect coaster, it would look something like Nemesis. It's my ideal ride and it's simply a masterpiece. Everything about it is exactly how it should be. It's incredibly intense, breathtakingly thrilling and very smooth, with just the right amount of roughness in the right places. It looks amazing and the noise is fantastic, the theming is superb and despite being so intense, it is also very fun. Nemesis still gives me a headrush no other coaster ever has done, walking straight and keeping balance is very difficult for a few minutes even now. No other ride does that.

2. Thirteen
Maybe controversial, but it in some ways pushes even Nemesis. The theming is fantastic, arguably the best themed coaster in the country, or at least one of them. The ride is the most fun coaster I have ever been on, and when the train stops in the crypt, I still get that nervous butterfly feeling waiting for it to suddenly drop. It's not really thrilling, it's not very forceful, but I could ride it all day and not get bored or sick. I came off my first ride shaking and it's the only ride I've been on where people clap at the end. It's an awesome ride for everyone to enjoy, not just thrill seekers.

3. Hex
One of the very best dark rides in the world. The atmosphere of Hex is second to none and the theming is incredible. Full to the brim with theatrical brilliance, with no tacky gimmickiness. The old cliché about Alton magic is summed up by this ride. Nothing else compares.

4. Oblivion
Narrowly missing out on third or even second, Oblivion is superb. The way the theming is designed to affect you mentally is excelent and very well pulled off. No one ever forgets the sheer terror of their first ride. Sadly it doesn't really give me that little twinge anymore, but every time I see that iconic drop, I still feel at least a bit more excited than before. The ride is so intense and thrilling, and leaves you wanting another go immediately. No other ride does that to that degree. It is the biggest adrenaline rush this side of bungee jumping.

5. Air
Not everyone will agree, but I really do like Air. It isn't as thrilling, forcefull or fun as other rides at the park, but it is an incredible experience. Very smooth and the helix is more intense than any part of Nemesis. The sight of the lifthill still gives me a kick and although it doesn't really have Theming as such, the way the ride is presented is fantastic.

6. Rita
Just about takes 6th, which is a great achievement for a ride I hated 12 moths ago. The launch is fun, the first corner very forcefull and the airtime great. Dies a bit after the second hill, but the bunny hop into the breaks makes up for it. It finally fits in with it's surroundings now, which is also a huge bonus.

7. Sonic Spinball
A very fun little coaster. Not amazing bbut the fun layout and spinning motion make up for the queue, the capacity issues, the stalling and everything else. A couple of cars spin better than the others, and if the weight is right, you will come off a bit worse for wear, but it is still a fun ride.

8. Duel
Won't ever be the same as the old Haunted House, but it is still a very fun dark ride that has some really great touches to it, and with the attention it has been getting lately, things are only looking up for it.

9. RMT
Not as good as it used to be, but a very fun ride for all the family, with some great theming, pleasant atmosphere, brilliant staff and the interaction with the Rapids is a brilliant moment.

10. The Flume/Congo River Rapids
Too close to call between the two main water rides, both are very fun, especially in the right conditions and with the right people for the Rapids. Rapids are well themed and the interaction with RMT is great. Flume theming not as good but quirky, fun and unique.

Narrowly missing out are Enterprise and Ripsaw, both great fun, but both fatally flawed. Battle Galleons comes close aswell.
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Re: Top 10

Sat Jul 24, 2010 6:03 pm

Also likely to create a bit of a stir :P

1. Th13teen. I just love this ride :P So much fun and I love how it has 3 distinct sections. Plus that drop is just... *phwoar* :P

2. Nemesis. There's literally a blade of grass between this and Th13teen. Absolutely love the ride to pieces, I would have to to be able to ride it 21 times in an hour :)


3. Oblivion, that drop...

4. Rita, I want to love Rita, I just find it hard and actually I can't believe I am placing it this highly. That queue and how short it is, and it's location and the fact it's often running poorly just all add up to an average ride for me. I still enjoy it, but I would never queue for it over 30 minutes again. However if you get a ride when it's running well, it is certainly a "good" ride :P But yeah, this ride is just a mystery to me, I struggle to rate it.

5. Air, I do love Air, it does however get a little bit "samey"

6. Hex, now all the effects are working again, the ride is absolutely phenomenal.

7. Duel, had a lot of care taken this year, and it is definitely worth, it's actually a fantastic attraction when everything works.

8. Runaway Train

9. Spinball, used to absolutely love Spinball, but not had a good ride on it this year.

10. Congo River Rapids
If you go down to the Towers today, you\'d better ride Th13teen. :P
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Re: Top 10

Sat Jul 24, 2010 10:03 pm

1. TH13TEEN - Fun, Sometimes thrilling, and that freefall =P~ And as someone said before it is the most rerideable rollercoaster i have ever been on!

2. Nemesis - The best B&M rollercoaster i have been on, a bit rough and it gives you a headache if you go on it too many times and it does get a bit boring if you go on it too many times!

3. Hex- The best dark ride in the UK to sum it overall. The themeing is nearly as good as Th13teen's and the madhouse part is so mind bogglingly creepy.

4. Sonic Spinball - A very fun familly spinning rollercoaster (well done AT), the best part about it is that it is a different ride everytime.

5. Rita - A very thrilling Intamin accelarator, as soon as you set foot in the que line and straight to the end of the launch straight its a very tense ride however after the lauch it gets a bit boring :|

6. The Flume - An old classic log flume, although its over 20 years old its still a very fun ride but the woods do drag a bit.

7. The River Rapids - A very cool river rapids in excellent surroundings, although dont go on it when its cold or raining. :P

8. Runaway Mine Train - Slow as it is, the themeing is excellent and the staff who are working on the ride make the experience so much better such as 'choo choo, lets go round again!' :P

9. AIR - Right, Air is an ok rollercoater but it is a bit slow and get boring if you always go on it

10. Duel - A fun dark ride but it feels too fake and plastic, I think it needs a massive overhaul but keep the original effects.
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Re: Top 10

Sun Jul 25, 2010 1:20 am

Right this might be a bit controversial. :lol:

1. Oblivion. The first ride to scare me in a long time. It builds up anticipation perfectly and the atmosphere is spectacular! The ride may be short but that drop is definitely one of the best drops in the world, possibly the best in the UK. Really good airtime and has an excellent re-ride factor. Even though I've been on its bigger sister Griffon, that ride is only made better by being longer and Oblivion is much better at what it does. Top class ride.

2. Air. I really really enjoy Air. It's not an intense coaster but it's really fun and the whole flying aspect is still unique to me with it being the only Flyer I've been on. It's a nice, relaxing ride, not the second best ride at Alton but my second favourite.

3. Rita. I had a small debate about whether to put it second or third but I've had both excellent and mediocre rides on Rita. The airtime is good but it's a little rattly and the first turn often catches me by surprise. Saying that it's a decent ride, far better than it's Southern cousin. Not a perfect ride and it does lack a lot of atmosphere but it's a personal favourite of mine.

4. Duel. I'm a big fan of the "shooter" type attractions and Duel is no exception. Very fun ride, great atmosphere and I LOVE the soundtrack to go with it. Nice lighthearted attraction, shame I'm not very good at it!

5. Runaway Mine Train. Again, another one of those rides which isn't really great in itself but is very enjoyable to ride! I love the way it interacts with scenery and terrain, one of the better kiddy/family border coasters out there.

6. Enterprise. Highly underrated little attractions in my opinion. They're not a must-ride every visit (they're pretty much everywhere after all) but an occasional ride makes it very enjoyable.

7. Nemesis. I guess this is where I should start explaining myself. No, I don't dislike it to be different, I just don't like the ride. One specific thing to note is that I've specifically said I find the other 6 attractions enjoyable/fun, well, I really don't find Nemesis enjoyable or fun at all. It's intense and unique yes but it doesn't make me laugh going around the track, in fact I feel like a test dummy going around it. Having ridden Alpengeist also which is far more intense in my opinion and even more enjoyable has proven to me that you can have a ride which is fun yet super intense. I can see why people like Nemesis but it just doesn't work for me.

8. The Flume. Nothing truly spectacular. Interesting theme and another amazing soundtrack. Definitely one to do with a large group of friends though!

9. Ripsaw. I'm not a huge fan of top spins. It was much better than Rameses at Chessington but I'll only really ever ride if I have time.

10. Spinball. Again, I'll only really ride if I have time or if Single Rider is low on it. I personally think it's a dull, filler ride but I guess it's great for families.

Oh and finally I haven't ridden CATCF, Battle Galleons or Hex yet. I HAVE been on Thirteen. :P

Re: Top 10

Sun Jul 25, 2010 11:40 am

Mitch, it'll only be controversial if Submission was on anybody's list :P

1. Hex - Right, my love for this ride is quite obvious if you've met me in Chat. It's one of the best ride experiences of my life and it really does successfully meld together theatrical brilliance, a Mad House and a local legend. It has me gripped from start to finish and regardless of how many times I've been on, I get a blo0dy big chill up my spine.

2. Nemesis - My favourite rollercoaster from any park, for just about everything. The theming is great, the music is fantastic and the story... well although it's ignored by the General Public, I still enjoy listening to it a great amount. The blood waterfalls add to it too. Plus, that roar is IMMENSE.

3. Duel - Without the laser guns, I love it. I find it better to sit there and dig out all the little details I keep missing instead of aiming for points, it's a much better experience to have. Plus I still I get jumpy because I have a big habit of forgetting what's in store... that may also be part of the better experience.

4. Oblivion - I keep forgetting how much I get scared, and then how much I enjoyed the rollercoaster. Whenever I'm watching the train hang over the edge, waiting in the queueline or sitting in the seat, I still get that sense of unnerving and paranoia. The rollercoaster is very well done although theming could be updated/repainted a bit, however it's still a good ride!

5. Ripsaw - Top Spins are the best form of spectator rides for me, and Ripsaw is a fantastic laugh. The banter with the ride ops is great and makes it even better. The water sprays are always the most daunted and most cheered for part, so it's hilarious when everyone starts clapping along to be 'detoxed'.

6. Air - Sorry Airy, but at least you're on the list, yah? It's lower than the rest because my eyes have a hard time coping on it, especially when lying on my back. But it's still a good rollercoaster and it's enjoyable! It's also the only rollercoaster whose theming I really don't mind either... odd that.

7. Jumping the limit here... if there ever was one, Toyland Tours - This ride was always fantastic and I'll always remember riding it for the first time. The theming, although it was old and dusting, was brilliant with the colourful designs and characters. The soundtrack was SO catchy, I still listen to it!

8. Congo River Rapids - I love a bit of a rapids ride... actually this is the only rapids ride I like in the UK. Better theming than one Rumba definitely and the wetness scale is about a 8, because you always get splashed in whatever direction unlike one Rumba.

9. Runaway Mine Train - How could this not appear?! It's fun all around! Fast enough too for families, which makes it even better as it's well rounded for the target audience. Not too scary or tame, it's perfectly alright. Choo choooooo.

10. Twirling Toadstall - No, really. It IS on my list. I'm not joking. Seriously. I like wave swingers and I still like those childsize rides.

Re: Top 10

Sun Jul 25, 2010 4:57 pm

"starbugger1303" wrote:
The themeing is nearly as good as Th13teen's

Please tell me I'm reading this wrong.

Otherwise, may I pollitely ask, how in the holy hell is Thirteen's theming better than Hex :shock: :? Each to their own, but Hex is built in Towers and even the bits that arn't feel like they are. Thirteen is a building and a path. Don't get me wrong, as I said earlier, Thirteen's theming is incredible. But not a patch on Hex at all.

But yeah, the only controversial list would be on ewith Submission on :P
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Re: Top 10

Mon Jul 26, 2010 8:38 pm

1. Of course, it's got to be submission!
Got to be Nemesis for me, never ever gets boring, each time is as thrilling as the last and I love the fact that if you get the right day, you can squeeze in about 4 rides in 15 minutes at the end of the day :)

2. Th13teen. First ride since nemesis and oblivion that I came off buzzing after my first ride. The outside section is fun and the drop and backwards helix are fantastic. If the queue wasn't an hour, I would have ran straight back on :D

3. Air. One of the rides I have to go on when I go to Alton Towers. Always provides a fun experience and the helix after that great 'fly to lie' is actually surprisingly intense at the back. :)

4. Rita. Despite the tacky original theming and soundtrack and awful advertising, I think it's great. :) No, it's not long, but it barely slows down until the brake run. Brilliant adrenaline rush. Not as good as its Thorpe cousin though. :lol:

5. Oblivion. I do love this ride and I never leave without going on it, but I do find the sensation wears off slightly. Don't get me wrong, I get shivers when I see it; the drop just doesn't have the same effect on me anymore :(

6. Sonic Spinball. A great fun ride, I'm sure everyone will agreee. However the fustrating throughput and position right next to the entrance, resulting in the infamous queue really does put me off.

7. Ripsaw. Yes, it's not as good as it was, you hardly ever get wet anymore, but it's always a laugh and the queue's never big.

8. RMT. A fun little ride, made better by the great staff. :)

9. Rapids. Like the runaway mine train, it's fun with friends and always cools you down on a hot day. Wouldn't go on if the queue was more than 20 minutes though.

10. Hex. Meh, a little overrated in my opinion, but the theming is fantastic and the confusion in the end is priceless. :lol:
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Re: Top 10

Mon Jul 26, 2010 9:04 pm

"henry96" wrote:
10. Hex. Meh, a little overrated in my opinion, but the theming is fantastic and the confusion in the end is priceless. :lol:

Interesting. It was only a very little while back people were saying how underrated Hex was. Shows what can happen when a ride is recognized as underrated, becomes more talked about and therefore popular, and then becomes overrated to some.


Re: Top 10

Tue Jul 27, 2010 1:25 am

"henry96" wrote:
10. Hex. Meh, a little overrated in my opinion,

BUURRRNNNN! The heratic! :P
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Re: Top 10

Tue Jul 27, 2010 2:08 am

"Mitch" wrote:
Oh and finally I haven't ridden CATCF, Battle Galleons or Hex yet. I HAVE been on Thirteen. :P


Sorry, you've been on Thirteen, but not Hex? CATCF and Battle Galleons OK, but not Hex? Seriously?


Scrap whatever plans you've got for tomorrow, mate, and get up to there and ride it. By-the-by, that's not a suggestion, more an order.



As for my top ten... well, hmm, tricky...

I feel some may find this controversial, as certain rides *coughnemmiecough* are perhaps lower than the positions others have given them. I shall explain all...

1) Hex: What can I say. Sheer genius, and just amazing. When it's all working (crucial - was a bit pants when it all died a little last month), it truly is an amazing experience. I love the queue (how many rides can you honestly say that for?), the ambient soundtrack is just great. The pre-show film is well made, and the octagon (with the genny/lightning/old hag/billowing cloth etc.) is just brilliant. And as for the vault itself, wow. Really, I'm hyping Hex a hell of a lot, but I just think it deserves it. The only ride that tops it, in my opinion, is Disney's Tower of Terror (which to be fair is in a whole league of it's own).

2) Duel: So many people mourn the loss of the Haunted House, but I never had the opportunity to ride it. Which for Duel is fortunate - I would guess that many/most of the Duel haters are only so inclined because they miss the Haunted House, and refuse to accept Duel as-is (same as with CATCF). So, with that in mind, I find Duel to be superb in most respects. The theme tune is brilliant (it's my ring tone for my close contacts*), and the effects (when working) are great. I find it great fun to ride with the blasters (love to try and better my score - top score so far is 73600), but also equally fun to ride without touching them, allowing me to appreciate details. Hence when I go to AT, I make a point of riding Duel at least twice, and as such one of the female ride ops now recognises me, even though I've only visited AT three times now :P!

3) Thirteen: Brilliant ride, with a lot of re-ride-ability. I love riding with people who haven't, and seeing how they react to the drop. Also, having been on the behind-the-scenes tour has given me a new respect for the ride. Yes, they could have done a lot more with the outside, and yes, the constant marketing BS is getting tiresome, but I still highly rate the ride.

4) Oblivion: This was the first major AT ride I rode, and I love it. The theme is just so up my street - I love the 'secret government facility' feel, with massive machines (underneath the chain lift - just wow), a fantastically creepy guy, grey metal, concrete and fuzz lights. Described like that, it's an odd theme, but it works so well. The ride itself: yeah, it's a bit of a one-trick pony, but it's a darn good trick.

5) Nemesis: So, poor Nemmy is just a tad lower than where most would rank her. Don't get me wrong, I think she's truly stunning, but it's just unfortunate (in a weird and ironic way) that Alton Towers has a few rides that I would personally rate above it. That doesn't mean that I don't rate it. It's by far the best inverted coaster I've ever ridden (which, err, rates it above Inferno, Vampire and the Christmas Coaster that was at Hyde Park last Christmas...). I do love the awesome forces Nemmy provides :)

6) Air: I love the mechanics behind this ride - the technology is rather awesome. It's a good ride too, only problem is that for me it can make me feel queasy quite easily, especially if I've recently eaten. Surprisingly comfortable, though, except on the break run...

7) Congo River Rapids: Nice long river rapids - longest I've been on. You get just the right amount of 'wet', unlike the flume. Great fun :D

8 ) Skyride: OK, this one will be controversial, but I don't care :P. I really enjoy the trip between Main Drive and CCL - I love how high it floats above the gardens. I'm also fascinated by the mechanics of the thing, especially as until last year I always assumed the gondolas were attached to the cable permanently. Didn't get to ride it the first time I visited AT... and then it promptly burnt down, again :|. Finally got my go this year, though, and I love it :).

9) CATCF: For similar reasons to Duel (i.e. I never rode Toyland Tours), I've never quite understood the hatred for this ride, and I feel that people fail to review it for it's own merit, and not for the fact that it replaced a well loved ride. Yes, it could be improved in so many ways, but taken on it's own merit, and considering the target audience, I feel it's a good, enjoyable pair of rides (and hey, how many attractions give you two rides in place of one?)

10) Rita: In spot 10, yes, but still beat the likes of Spinball and the flume, so it's hardly doing bad. I wouldn't personally rate it as high as Stealth, but it's still fun, if not a little nauseating. Shame about the terrible queueline.

So, there we have it :). That only took an hour to write :P

* - incidentally, the Doll's House theme is my ringtone for unknown callers
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Re: Top 10

Tue Jul 27, 2010 4:35 am

Well i have a particularly pedantic way of judging which park/ride is best on "aggregate"
My alton ten go as follows:

Ride expirience: RITA: 9.0, Nemesis: 9.0, Oblivion: 8.9, Thirteen: 7.6, Air: 7.5.
Ride atnosphere: RITA: 2.5, Nemesis:9.5, Oblivion: 6.5, Thirteen: 7.3, Air: 4.0
Ride Theming: RITA: 0.5, Nemesis:9.2, Oblivion: 6.0, Thirteen: 8.9, Air: 0.9

Fairly accurate as to my last visit, but my personal top 10 go as follows...

Nemesis. 9.0 ... 9.5 ... 9.2
RITA. 9.0 ... 2.5 ... 0.5
Oblivion. 8.9 ... 6.5 ... 6.0
Thirteen. 7.6 ... 7.3 ... 8.9
Air. 7.5... 4.0 ... 0.9
Teacups (they would be at the top but it is crucial who is the "driver")
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Re: Top 10

Tue Jul 27, 2010 7:59 am

Go on then, here's my top ten:

1. Nemesis
2. Hex
3. Th13teen
4. Runaway Mine Train
5. Oblivion
6. Sonic Spinball
7. Air
8. The Flume
9. Duel
10. Rita
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Re: Top 10

Tue Jul 27, 2010 10:55 am

1.Oblivion: The drop is incredible. Simple as.
2.Th13teen: Controversial I know - but I find it really, really fun :)
3.Nemesis: The forces are genius and I love the roar, and the theming.
4.Runaway Mine Train: Choo Choo
5.Congo River Rapids: It gets you wet enough - without getting you that wet.
6. Duel
7. Air front row
8. Air - anywhere else
9. Hex
10. Sonic Spinball

I gave Air front row it's own spot as I feel it has a completely different ride experience to any other seat.

Rita's not on there because I feel it's rubbish...

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