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TowersTimes & SouthParks Forum Guidelines

Mon Jun 18, 2012 8:54 pm

We at TowersTimes & SouthParks are not overly fond of strict rules so instead we've always had guidelines. As a member we ask that you follow these at all times. Doing so will keep the atmosphere on the forums friendly. If anyone is unsure on any of our guidelines then please send a private message to any of our team.

Guideline 1
Membership to the community is a privilege and not a right. Any account, IP address, thread, post, link, photo, shout box entry, name, signature, signature link or avatar or any other contribute content can be amended/removed/banned from the community at the discretion of the team and without prior notification. The decision of the team is final.

Guideline 2
If you are a Merlin staff member joining the site, please be aware that these and all major unofficial sites are actively read by Merlin management. You are most welcome to contribute to the discussion on the community, however please ensure your conduct is in line with your contract and your capacity as an employee. This includes care taken when posting to ensure you do not make statements that could be construed as being on behalf of the parks, as well as ensuring you do not release sensitive information that may put your job in jeopardy. Remember, it's your employers reading.

Guideline 3
Please do not type in 'text language' in your posts, please use full and correct words.

Guideline 4
Proofreading is also necessary for eradication of any silly mistakes/typos. Proper use of spelling, punctuation and grammar is appreciated. Remember, members will only put as much effort into reading your posts as you do in writing them.

Guideline 5
The use of capital letters (Caps Lock) is not advised for your content, posts or topic titles, as it can be construed as 'SHOUTING' by other members.

Guideline 6
Though the subject matter relevant to some topics on the forum may wander somewhat, please try - wherever possible - to stay on that topic as given.

Guideline 7
Should you forget to add a comment to your post on the forum, please use the 'Edit' button to add to your post, rather than submitting another one underneath it. This function is generally available for 20 minutes after the original post is made.

Guideline 8
If you wish to include images in discussion or meet up topics on the forum, please keep the number of pictures to no more than around 10 "highlight" pictures. Any additional pictures can be linked either individually using a caption or by including a link to the album. We also ask that dimensions and file sizes are kept sensible. Consider whether the image could be resized and compressed with an image editor without compromising the detail in the picture. If you wish to post a photo trip report of a mini meet or personal visit, then more than 10 images may be posted but please ensure you include the words "Photo Trip Report" or similar in the subject of your topic. Inappropriate images or links may result in the removal of your membership privileges.

Guideline 9
Before you start a "New Topic" on the forum, please check to see if a similar topic already exists - especially in the Coffee Shack, Theme Park Gaming and MaGarrita’s forums. New members are advised to establish themselves by focusing primarily on contributing to existing discussions, rather than making new topics 'for the sake of it'.

Guideline 10
We have rules for avatars on signatures on the forum, and the team strictly enforces them. This is to ensure that signatures or avatars do not detract from the content of topics.

If you wish you use an avatar, you may use one of the pre-installed avatars, or you may link to an off-site avatar providing it meets the following:
- The avatar must be no larger than 130x130 pixels.
- If animation is used, it should not be overly distracting.
- The file size should not exceed 250kb
- Offensive or inappropriate images as deemed by the team are not permitted
- Members aged under 16 are not permitted to use a photo of themselves.

You may also use text and/or images in your signature, and must meet the below:
- The total size of a signature image should not exceed 650 pixels wide and 150 pixels in height.
- If text is used in addition to an image, a maximum of 2 lines of normal sized text.
- The file size of images should not exceed 250kb.
- If animation is used, it should not be overly distracting.
- Offensive or inappropriate images as deemed by the team are not permitted.
- No excessive advertisements for other websites.

Please note, the team's decision is final in reviewing the content of avatars and signatures, and they may be removed without prior notification if the above is not adhered to.

Guideline 11
Swearing and bad language are advised to be kept to a minimum and not to be used strongly and unnecessarily outside of MaGaritta’s - even with the use of asterisks. Any offensive remarks are strictly not allowed and may result in the removal of your membership privileges.

Guideline 12
Threads or Posts that contain only one word, link or emoticon will, at the team's discretion, be deleted.

Guideline 13
Please do not reply to a post just for the sake of it, please add to the discussion effectively. Also, please do not respond to trolls, but use the 'report' button to flag the post to the team for review.

Guideline 14
Though some subjects can produce heated debate, arguments are not welcome on the forum and all debate must take place in a mature manner. If you become involved in an argument, please continue it off the site - either through the "Private Message" function on the forum, or via Messenger, Skype or Email. Failure to respect this will result in the removal of your posting privileges.

Guideline 15
Linking to your own websites in your posts outside of the External Links forum is not allowed. Your link will be removed. An exception to this is in relation to Guideline 8.

Guideline 16
Respect for other members is required. Please speak to people in the same manner as you would with someone in real life. Rude and disrespectful behaviour may result in the removal of your membership privileges.

Guideline 17
Use of the name TowersTimes, SouthParks, TowersTimes Forum, TT or TTF or logos on any merchandise, product, service or event is only to be made with the permission of the TTSP Admin Team.

Guideline 18
Although we support free discussion on the forum, any reference to Merlin staff members, or indeed at any theme park should not be abusive, defamatory or inappropriate in any way. Should you come across a post that you feel is unsuitable, please use the report button to flag the post to the team in order to allow them to deal with it. As with any edits or removals of posts, the team's decision on dealing with reported content is final.

Guideline 19
Use of the Private Message System for advertising purposes is strictly prohibited. You must not send unsolicited messages asking other members to visit your website/forum or use a service that has not been approved by the forum Admin Team.

Guideline 20
Members aged under 16 are not permitted to post photos of themselves anywhere on the forum, including in avatars and signatures. Whilst we pride ourselves on keeping the forum as safe as possible, it is an openly readable forum available to the wider internet so we remind all members to bear this in mind when posting any details or sensitive information about yourself on the forum. The Team may at their discretion remove posts or content which they feel could leave any member open to potential issues.

Guideline 21
If you are the owner or a representative of a Theme Park, Amusement Park, Scare Attraction or similar, we encourage you to get involved. Some guidelines may be waived (ie. Guideline 15) to aid in your involvement in our community. If you have any questions please contact a member of the TTSP Admin Team for guidance. 

Guideline 22
Accounts on TTSP Forum are limited to one per person. Please do not register multiple accounts. Registering multiple accounts may result in both being suspended. 

Guideline 23
If using any content from external sites, including images and text, you must ensure the source is properly credited. Sources must be credited with a hyperlink to the original content. Simply typing the name of the website is not acceptable.

ShoutBox Guidelines:

The forum has a live chat function at the bottom of the forum index for our members. We encourage all forms of discussion but feel as though we do need to put a few simple guidelines in place.

Guideline 1
Use of swearing of any form is not permitted, even if you use **** or similar. You must remember we are a family focused forum and this shoutbox is visible to all on the main page.

Guideline 2
We welcome debates and discussion about virtually any subject, however please do not allow these to develop into arguments.

Guideline 3
Racist, Homophobic and other remarks which could cause upset to another forum member are strictly prohibited. 

Guideline 4
Please try to keep discussion clean. Certain subjects may cause discomfort for other readers or be unsuitable for our younger members.

Guideline 5
Linking to external sites should be kept to a minimum and be within the context of the discussion. Links solely for advertising purposes will result in warnings and/or suspensions from the forum.
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