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Re: SP Southern Screamer 2016 Reviews & Feedback

Mon May 16, 2016 5:44 pm

I will try and keep this short although I apologise if it drags.

This was my first event after years of people telling me to go and I have to say I'm very annoyed that said people were proved right and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Firstly, a huge thank you to Michelle for organising the event, as well as helping me keep the secret that I was coming (in order to surprise various people)! Thank you so much really was nice to surprise people! :D As well as this i'd like to say a big thanks to those who I stayed with throughout the day (you know who you are) you all added to the day, from talking to people near Tidal Wave to the hilarious slow motion Rocky Express video it was a fantastic experience thanks to you lot - you really made it a special day. :)

The event itself was very different to what I was expecting, it was more like a day out with friends rather than an 'event' as such - which was fantastic! It really put me at ease and I felt instantly welcome to the event. Although I didn't use my fast track, the Nemesis Inferno exclusive ride time and behind the scenes were FANTASTIC! Although I had previously seen behind the scenes of Nemesis Inferno, the tour actually showed me the various sections I hadn't seen previously - which was awesome. In regards to the rest of the day, I really enjoyed plodding around the park with a bunch of new people, and I now feel like part of TowersTimes to a much greater extent.

To round off, although I'm gutted I hadn't came to the previous events, I am incredibly glad I finally came and I am looking forward to more in the future. However no one is gonna get me on Tidal Wave or Detonator - you can forget it! :lol

Oh, and ONE!

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