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Re: Time Lapse

Sun Jun 30, 2013 1:13 pm

jackandylan123 wrote:
As we saw from the 'Blue Peter' footage of the smiler, we know there was a time lapse cam, but where is the footage? (sorry mods if this is the wrong time and/or place)

That'll be down to the resort to release, no doubt they'll do it at some point in the near future.
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Re: The Smiler - Other Discussion

Fri Jul 12, 2013 4:07 pm

arE Y0u R3AdY t0 Sm1Le? wrote:
Oh god wifi, Alton should really restrict it. the amount of chavs that i have seen going round watching porn, some even shoving it in kids faces with their hands down there trousers wells track suits. ( yay! For England ;) ) it's vile. Unless they do an the idiots just use proxies I don't know but I wish in a way alton would be stricter on who they let in, it just your day seeing them vanderlising and smoking and who knows what.... I really hate my generation! :?

I'm sorry but I can't believe that story 100%.

There are chavs everywhere, some of whom can be disgusting. Yet the majority stop at poorly dressed and lack manners. I've met some chavs at parties that are actually nice people when you get past the tracksuit. I doubt there have been many cases where chavs have bounced around Alton Towers shoving porn in children's faces. In fact, I'm sure a lot of them don't even watch porn on site. There are rides to go on, and even if you're in a queue and want to use the Internet there is Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc...surely the last thing they'd think of is to lash on PornHub to just have a look at?
I've met some pretty bad chavs in my time but they wouldn't do that, never mind show it to kids. It may have happened the odd time, but nonetheless this seems like a rather hyperbolic description. And I'm sure Alton Towers will have reacted immediately.

I do agree that wi-fi isn't exactly necessary and don't know what happened to the days when you would socialise with your friends in the queue rather than with 'followers' on twitter talking about queuing for The Smiler. In fact, with all the little gimmicks they've put around the ride I'd have thought nobody cared about Internet. Have we all become this dependent on our phones?

Still though, I don't think the main reason is chavs shoving porn videos in kids' faces. I'm sure that's not too common an occurrence.

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