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Legend that is 'The Fifth Dimension'

Posted: Sat Aug 04, 2012 3:47 pm
by MattsDesigns
For a while I’ve been interested in trying to recreate the “atmospheres” or “moods” of dreams in the awake world. The surrealism of dreams can be amazing and quite weird at the same time.

One pretty potent dream I’ve had is of The Fifth Dimension from old Chessington. I’ve had it more than once and it always appears a similar way and yet looks almost NOTHING like the real Fifth Dimension. Why, would I regard it as the fifth dimension if it doesn’t look like it? – Because during the dream its always in my mind that this is the Fifth Dimension and I just feel like I believe it is. Remember this is NOT a recreation of the Fifth Dimension itself but rather how it appears in my dream.

So heres the first recreation of a scene from the Dreams. I guess this is supposed to be like a ride station? It feels more like a bit after the ride station that looks similar. It basically feels like a bridging corridor right on the top of big industrial building. You can kind of see neighbouring pipe works near the top windows you can see here. Its strange because there's a sense of an sober minded, working, industrial atmosphere which is kind of the opposite of "Magic". ... ndream.jpg

I guess this is supposed to be Zappomatic? He’s turned into some kind of weird bollard thats stuck in the floor. Sad. There’s a waveform behind him that I presume matches his voice, which I think was buzzy. Or the general feeling of the place was buzzy if thats possible. ... odream.jpg

This scene could look cool if done in real life. This is probably just expressing how the track goes up and down and winds around in a crazy way, a bit but not exactly like this ... ending.jpg

This is quite cool aswell – Its like a theatre within the ride – The ride car actually goes between the seats. Whats kind of worrying is what the heck kind of show is going on here?!?
It appears to be an “orchestra” of robots that are sank/stuck in the floor. In my dream these were silhouetted by the wave forms behind but I cant do that in sketchup.
The curtains you see are closed at first. The cars stop and the theatre goes all quiet and on to reveal this: ... hestra.jpg

So that's how it looks? What do you think?
Here are some pictures from the ACTUAL Fifth Dimension from the site for comparison: ... /queue.jpg ... ges/14.jpg ... ges/16.jpg ... ages/9.jpg