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Re: Thorpe Park Resort - The Future

Posted: Mon Feb 17, 2020 9:47 am
by Coastersnaps
Along with the other “teasers” they seem to be posting if you check out their cover photo on Facebook it is a glitching video of the season pass.

They seem to like this glitching theme going on!

Re: Thorpe Park Resort - The Future

Posted: Mon Feb 17, 2020 5:23 pm
by rainbowryder
"System initialising_ #ThOrpEpaRk" was the caption for the fuzzy Stealth photo on Instagram 5 days ago.

The same hashtag and photo effect was used for a photo of Nemesis Inferno on Valentines Day, making me think that these hints aren't just directed towards Stealth.
Another picture of Stealth posted yesterday with pixelated faces had the caption, "Let's face it, Stealth is the best coaster in the UK" with the same hashtag. 

Do you think this is pointing towards a new event for this year? I am getting GameFX vibes tbh. Or do you think it is something else altogether? 

Re: Thorpe Park Resort - The Future

Posted: Mon Feb 17, 2020 6:10 pm
by Coastersnaps
Posted another photo earlier on with the same style. This time it was Colossus that was featured.

Thorpe Park 2021

Posted: Wed Apr 08, 2020 4:00 pm
by Coaster Chall
It may be too soon since Black Mirror Labyrinth hasn't opened yet, but I do wonder what they could do in 2021... Any realistic ideas would help until we get any teasers from the park

Re: Thorpe Park Resort - The Future

Posted: Mon Apr 13, 2020 2:32 pm
by rainbowryder
Looking at Thorpe Park on Google Maps really shows how much free space they have. 

- The Saw: Alive building is not being used, meaning that the queue line and that whole path is not being used (apart from an unnecessary "short cut" between Lost City and Saw). The Bouncezilla site is also an area nearby that could be used for an attraction. It'd be nice to see a family style coaster with an entrance at the Bouncezilla site and the coaster stretching out next to the water up to the Saw area and back. I really don't think that path is necessary without Saw: Alive and with the parallel path going through the Colossus site. The Saw: Alive path would also be a nice area for a tall flat or a vertical coaster like a Sky Rocket II or a 4D free spin.

- Slammer replacement. An obvious area for another flat. It'd have to be quite a bit smaller if the queue is being used for Black Mirror though. 

- The new land behind The Swarm for a new large coaster and area, connected by a path from The Swarm island and a path adjacent to or replacing the sunken gardens. 

- Loggers Leap area - of course it would be nice to have a coaster passing through the woods. I am not sure how many trees the council would allow Thorpe Park to remove for a coaster round here, and how easy it would be for the foundations of the coaster passing over the lake. However, not using this land seems a waste. 

- The patch of grass next to Thorpe Shark Hotel - more "hotel" rooms? An area used for more entertainment for guests staying the night? I've heard it can be pretty boring after the park closes and the park needs more activities for people staying over and this area is free and in the right location. 

I feel like Thorpe Park has so much more potential. Merlin liked to have unique attractions, but don't have the budget of Disney or Universal to pull it off as well. The park needs to invest in a few attractions they know is a safe bet, to avoid unreliability. This would save them money in the long run and allow for faster development. Thorpe Park haven't had a big investment in a permanent attraction since Derren Brown's Ghost Train. We need SOMETHING thrilling that is shown to work at drawing in the crowds at other parks. 

Re: Thorpe Park Resort - The Future

Posted: Wed May 06, 2020 2:09 pm
by Coaster Chall
Looking back over the last couple of years on this thread, I wanted to conduct my own personal 5 year plan for Thorpe Park (realistically):

2021 - New events and more improvements to park infastructure
2022 - New family/thrill attraction(s) (Zamperla Hawk - aka Lumberjack at Canada's Wonderland and/or Zamperla Endeavor - Replacing the original Zodiac model)
2023 - Off Year (Preparation from winter 2022/23 for 2024/25 coaster)
2024 - Waterside Hotel plans expire (New one is put in beforehand for a 2026/27 opening Hotel accommodation project) 
2024/25 - New Coaster (B&M Dive or RMC Ibox on Swarm Island or Old Thorpe Shark Hotel site)

Other Long Term Predictions:
- Loggers Leap reopens in a new water coaster ride system
- Storm Surge removed
- Slammer gets either demolished or potentially modernised and reopened
- Rumba Rapids replaced with new rapids system (maybe Mystic River Falls type ride system with a lift hill, drop and themed story around the Jungle area)
- Saw and Walking Dead IPs renewed or removed
- Angry Birds IP removed or renewed (Possibly back to Amity theme)

Re: Thorpe Park Resort - The Future

Posted: Tue Sep 08, 2020 10:47 pm
by FOGplaya
Here's my dream pitch for the next major development - let's pretend COVID never happened and fiduciary / zoning restraints are notwithstanding for this gentle thought exercise. These plans would a) make use of the land left by Logger's Leap, b) create a new water ride in lieu of LL, and C) replace / re-use the site being used by Slammer.

The Abbey (Old Town replacement land)
- Medieval themed, spooky
- “Before Thorpe Park, when ghouls and spectres haunted the countryside, there was The Abbey.” 

- Boggart (Lumber Jump)
o Re-themed to medieval agrarian English folklore
- Lindworm (Rocky Express) 
o Re-themed after mythical dragon
- Timber Tugboat 
o Re-sited or removed for 1066 / The Headless Monk queue line
 Possible re-site to Amity? Or closer to SAW?
- 1066*: Intamin Rides - Ultra Splash 
o Themed on the Norman invasion of England
o Situated at edge of park, on Monk’s Walk, near bank of Britannia Arena
o *Alternate Names: Invader, Invasion
- The Headless Monk*: GCI Steel Track Wooden Coaster
o World’s First GCI Steel Track / Wooden Coaster 
o Starts in an old, ruined abbey / castle structure
o Roughly encompasses Logger’s Leap track / area, out and back style
o Between a thrill-ride and family-ride, think: Wicker Man at Alton Towers, longer, but under 100ft, light horror vibe that appeals to older kids as well as teens and adults
o Dark-ride element & queue line like SAW / TWD
o Emphasis on head-chopper moments, deep interaction with woods 
o Themed around legend of Thorpe Headless Monk ... e-10489622 
o *Alternate Names: Wraith, Revenant, The Monk’s Revenge, Revenge, Chopper, Executioner
- Anguish: Intamin Tourbillon OR Huss Giant Top Spin / Suspended Top Spin
o Replaces Slammer
o Themed after medieval torture device