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External Links Guidelines

Mon May 06, 2013 8:22 pm

Hello TowersTimes,

Welcome to the new and improved external advertising forum. We have refreshed the guidelines on how this forum is to be used so please read below before posting.

Advertising your website on TowersTimes is a priviledge and not a right. We are one of very few large forums which allow you to advertise in such a way so please respect the restrictions in place.

Advertising Guidelines:

1) Posting Members Only.
In the past we've had members sign up purely to advertise their own website without contributing to the community. Due to this we will now only permit advertising of websites by those members with at least 50 posts and a minimum of 3 months activity on the forum.

2) One topic Per Site.
If you have updated or added extra features to your website, please post in your existing topic rather than posting a new one. Any extra topics will be merged or removed.

3) No Topic-Bumping
Please don’t post in your topic for the sake of bumping it up to get more views. Any obvious topic-bumping posts will be deleted.

4) Be Nice!
The Traffic Boost forum is often a hotbed of overly negative and aggressive posts. When giving feedback remember constructive criticisms are fine and welcomed, but please keep it respectful and it doesn’t hurt to balance it out with some good points to save the most likely faltering ego of the website owner!

5) Websites with domains only.
Whilst we respect many sites start out on free web hosting we only permit websites with domain names ( .com,, .net etc) as these are more likely to succeed in the long term.

6) Full Websites Only
Please do not use TowersTimes Forum to advertise your stand alone forum or Facebook page unless it is backed up with a full website.

7) Be relevant!
Your website must be relevant to the theme park and leisure industry.
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