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Creative Family ride ideas

Thu Aug 22, 2013 3:48 pm

Right I saw the Scary Ride Ideas topic and thought we need this too, it can be a replacement, it can be a ride to be upgraded or totally new!

My first one (an improvement)

ZUFARI-Now Even More Adventurous
(Only called ZUFARI, not Ride Into Africa [ZUFARI area name chaged to Africa with the current Africa named Madagascar])

Now it's all the same other than now Elephants have been added after the Giraffe enclosure.
Also the tree area is an animatronic now, to create more atmosphere. The move into the cave is now VERY bumpy and you're told to hold on tight. [spoiler]now instead of being sprayed by water on your first appearance in the cave[/spoiler] the walls are nice colours and a nice soothing sound track is heard while the door closes and all lights are off so it's now pitch black. The sound track has now changed to a deep rumble as the truck (seats) are vibrating, now you are sprayed with water and then lights revile a a hole in the wall as water gushes out of it, then the car rocks slightly as the water hits, all leading to a [spoiler]water fall finale like the original [/spoiler]
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Re: Creative Family ride ideas

Fri Aug 23, 2013 2:34 pm

I have 5. Sorry for being greedy!

  • The spooky chairswing
Move twirling toadstools to the dark forest and make it spooky.

Good point: would get rid of all the pointless stalls in the dark forest
Bad point: would take twirling toadstools away from cloud cuckoo land
  • Toy story: the 4D experience
A 4D experience themed around toy story!

Good point: kids love toy story
Bad point: AT already have ice age
  • The family standup coaster
60ft high, 0 inversions.
Good side: coaster for kids
Bad side: no good for AT, they have 13, chessy have lots of family rides and TP don't have the room
  • The next generation of the dodgems
Regular dodgems, but multi storey! One-way ramps connect the storeys.
Good point: great ride
Bad point: Health and safety hazard
  • And, pleasing Thrillmad, it's the chessington rapids!
Themed around wild Asia on the lorikeet lagoon site.
Good point: chessington need a rapids
Bad point: CWOA won't get rid of lorikeet lagoon
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