UK theme parks from another point of view!

What is the best UK theme park in your opinion

Alton Towers
49 (50%)
Thorpe Park
20 (20%)
Chessington Worlds of Adventures
5 (5%)
Drayton Manor
5 (5%)
Blackpool Pleasure Beach
13 (13%)
Legoland Windsor
1 (1%)
Flamingo Land
3 (3%)
Other (Please specify)
2 (2%)
Total votes: 98
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Re: The best UK theme park

Sun Feb 23, 2014 11:58 am

RollercoasterGEEK100 wrote:
Dara wrote:
NickiFan wrote:
Alton Towers.

I have been to Thorpe and Blackpool but they both have pretty bad atmosphere, things looking in a bad way. Alton Towers seems to be very magic and different, it is also THEMED.

Thorpe is themed. Some areas of Blackpool Pleasure Beach are too.
Thorpe park is basically a British island with a lost city, a volcano, a cove, a village which has been attacked, a creek and saw is there somehow...

As opposed to Alton Towers which is a British house and gardens with a pirate cove, a canyon, a forest full of graves, a monster in a crater, a big hole, a race track in a dark forest and Ice Age is in there somehow.

Whilst I'd say that overall, Alton Towers' theming is superior to Thorpe, I don't understand the point that you're trying to make about Thorpe as you yourself have highlighted the various themes which they have. Also I fail to see how anyone can accuse Thorpe of not being themed, there are several themed rides and areas around the park and, apart from maybe some of the Tussauds flat ride, I can't think of any of the park which is unthemed.
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Re: The best UK theme park

Sun Feb 23, 2014 7:42 pm

Ilovecoasters wrote:
stealthsmiler wrote:
my theme park section of my heart

Only a section of your heart is theme parks? :no:

I never said how big it was. Its the largest section out of the lot but there a few other things.

But as I said before Alton Towers really is a theme park with good and obvious themes (unlike Thorpe and BPB whose themes are well, not very good, with the exception of the swarm island). AT is also set in the best place (apart from the height restrictions)and the towers are AMAZING!. Its the only park which I actually enjoy walking round. But Thorpe has some better rides (Stealth, Swarm, Saw, Colossus,Rush, Tidal) If those rides were at AT (not replacing any of AT's just added to) AT would be 100% perfect rather than 99% (and that 1% it doesn't have is purely because of the height/ noise restrictions it unfortunately has placed upon it, and AT obviously doesn't have control over them but it prevents AT having monster rides like  the US)

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