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Osteria Ai Pioppi

Sun Feb 24, 2019 5:38 pm

In Treviso in Italy, Osteria Ai Pioppi is an playground with a difference. Every single piece in this place has been built by hand by Bruno Ferrin. He has been building things for more than 40 years and they just keep getting bigger and better. It so somewhere i'd love to experience. (All images found on Google).



In 1969, the restaurant began as a small outdoor sausage and wine stand built by Bruno Ferrin. When Bruno needed hooks to hang sausages, he turned to a blacksmith, but was told he could make the hooks himself. This led to Bruno taking an interest in weldinand he began to weld pieces of metal together for the children who visited his restaurant. This welding project grew until Bruno had welded an entire amusement park of rides that were all human powered.

I can't be the only one utterly in awe of this. I first saw it on Facebook and the more images i see of it, the more magical i think it is. Its on the bucket list. 

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