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2006: a memory

Mon Jan 01, 2007 4:06 am

A new year is upon us and i thought that it would be a good idear to start a topic where we could all post our memorys of parks which will no longer be opening there gates this year, i know that this has effected alot of members in differnt ways one park inopreticler SPL in my case, but i know it will be AA for others :)
I'm going to start with my old favrote Southport Pleasure Land ... uth001.jpg
I have meny great memorys of this park, from lots of stages in my life such as the Fun House when i was a kid, being spun off the turntable being one f them! I can also rember traumatizers first season, One of my favrotes. The clycone was my first wooden roller coaster and i was really sad to see it ripped down in such a way by AT, but in it's sayday with one backwards carrage it was a awsum exsperence!
Now on and back to TraumaTizer, one of my favorte inverted roller coaster, i rember one day back in 2005 when this happend ... uth004.jpg ... uth007.jpg ... uth005.jpg
yet when it did make it round it was a great, if rougth in some areas, ride! i love it to pieces and i will miss it with my BPB Boycot, but i will allways rember it. There was also the new logo and it looked bad that year with one piece of new paint!
King Solvens Mine was another one of the great old rides that i'll miss, orignaly relcated from morcam it was a great mine ride, with a few sharp turns and lots of air time! The oporater had been at southport for neanly 20 years and if he was working he would allways be on KSM, i think this will be the end of the line as i dought blackpool would take it.
Wild cat, a classic ride which had fallen to neglect, and could only be run with 2 people and had to be manualy launched, and pushed througth the station area. It was also fun with some sharp drops and another old ride.
Space shot, with Mario working in was allways a plesuab;e exsprecene, was fun adn added a bit of exitment to the day.

Other rides worth a nemun are natruly The Dogums, Tidel Wave and classics that were retired befor there time, along with the park, such as the water shoot.

RIP SPL i will allways rember you,

Please feel free to post your memorys of any other parks which will not be opeing there turnstyles to the Great Brtish PUblic next year

(*)corkscrew rules(*)D


Mon Jan 01, 2007 10:58 am

Very sad to see American Adventure close. I visited in the 2004 and 2006 seasons and it was sad to see the park close.

Whilst legendary rides such as the fantastic Missile and AMAZING Nightmare Niagara were missed already, this pleasant but a little run-down park had an apparantly half-decent future.

Sadly it is no longer with us and adds to the ever growing number of smaller parks that are closing.

Remember that a long time ago, American Adventure was pushing for limelight with Alton Towers.

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