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Siam Park

Sun Apr 29, 2007 10:41 pm

A new water park is nearing the end of constructon on tenerife (playa de las americas) located not far from th existing water park (both owned by different companies) however the existing water work is not good. The new park has been buolt by the owners of loro park and is dubbed as Europs lagest water park. It is themed around Thailand (hence the siam name) The park was orginally due to open in december 2006 but was delayed (they are not fast at building in tenerife, plus fire set them back). Attractions confirmed for opening day are-

- 2 X proslide Bowl rides
-1 Proside BeMamouth Bowl ride
-1 Proslide Tornado (Funnel ride, Europes first)
-4 Proside Pipelines
- 4 Line proside Racer
- Mamouth Raft slide (multiperson flume)
-Power tower-europes tallest slide around 98ft and drops underwater through a clear flume (like the planned ride at aquatica in orlando) which will pass through a pool of Crocodiles!
-Wave Pool- Huge wave pool which will be the largest in europe and produce the largest waces in europe
-Lazy River- Huge lazy river one of europes largest

The park will be highly themed and will include a traditioanl thai floating amrket amoungst other things.

Phase two plans include an expansion of the water park lickly to include a proslide rocket and phase three include two dry roller coasters with the maserplans indicating a B&M style layout and a Vekoma roller skater layout (however the layouts on the master plan may have been a rough guide)
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Mon Apr 30, 2007 8:25 am

Any pictures? Website?

Mon Apr 30, 2007 8:49 am

Google is quite easy to use Ash,

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