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Geauga Lake RIP

Fri Sep 21, 2007 11:37 pm


Oh dear. I think this is park is a bit cloe to cedar point. Which obviously dominates. I wonder if we will see major expansion on the waterpark for next year?
RIP geauga lake theme park [/quote]
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Fri Sep 21, 2007 11:53 pm

Thats a shame they had some classic rides. It will be like a feeding frenzy now. They have a cool B&M floorless i see. :(
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Sat Sep 22, 2007 1:25 am

Aww this is sad news i will miss Geauga Lake the park had a really likeable atmopshere, i have some photos from 2004 and 2006 on my site

Geauga was originally 2 seperate parks, Geauga Lake (Six Flags Ohio) amusement park and SeaWorld Ohio, until Six Flags bought both parks and merged them into one mega park which opened as Six Flags Worlds of Adventure in 2001

Cedar Fair bought the park in 2004 and removed the animal exhibits, replacing them with a brand new water park leaving the previous six flags water park on the amusement side of the lake derelict

Two of the park's biggest coasters had already been taken down at the start of this year, X Flight was moved to King's Island and Steel Venom to Dorney Park (opening 2008)

I suspect the floorless and other rides will go to the other Cedar Fair owned parks, i only hope that the classic 1925 Big Dipper woodie coaster is saved

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