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Mitch Hawker coaster polls 2012-13

Thu Dec 06, 2012 5:34 pm

It’s that time of the year again – the Mitch Hawker coaster poll is back.  The wooden ballot is now online at , the steel poll should also be returning shortly after a break in 2011-12.  Unlike other polls, the MH poll attempts to eliminate bias towards coasters at popular parks by comparing the relative positions of rides on each ballot, rather than how many times a ride appears towards the top (which favours rides more people have been on). 

If you’re new to this poll, the full instructions can be found below, alternatively former TT team member Jordan has developed a simple ballot helper to take you through the process, which can be found here.

Full instructions
1. Starting with the template linked above, add your email, name and location on the lines indicated.
2. rank the 6 “ride experiences”, 1 being the best
3. delete every ride you have never ridden.
4. replace the first ‘n’ with a ‘y’ for each coaster you have ridden
5. replace the 2nd ‘n’ with a ‘y’ if you rode that coaster in 2012
6. replace the 0 with your numerical ranking of each ride.  (0 is considered worse than any other number).  You may give two or more rides the same ranking if you wish.
7. E-mail your completed ballot to [email protected] with 2012 Wood Poll as the subject

Do not change any of the lines other than in the ways listed above – in particular do not replace “fav steel” with the name of your favourite steel coaster, the vote counting program will ignore any lines it does not recognise.

Ballots will be accepted until 8th Jan 2013.  Also post them in this thread so we can see how opinions of TTF&TST members compare with those of the wider enthusiast community.

NOTE: the text version of the 2012 ballot is currently incomplete.  If you wish to create/modify your ballot manually, you'll have to use the 2011 ballot and make the changes listed in the instructions yourself until the full 2012 ballot is made available. 

To kick things off, here's my ballot (tip: [/code] tags make ballots more readable ;)):

 My Favorite Steel   Anypark Anywhere     **,y,y,1
Tonnerre de Zeus    Parc Asterix         FR,y,y,2
Colossos            Heide Park           DE,y,n,3
Wodan TimburCoaster Europa Park          DE,y,y,4
Megafobia           Oakwood              UK,y,n,5
Wild Mouse          Blackpool            UK,y,y,6
Grand National      Blackpool            UK,y,y,7
Joris en de Draak V de Efteling          NL,y,y,8
Joris en de Draak W de Efteling          NL,y,y,8
The Bandit          Movie Park           DE,y,y,9
Big Dipper          Blackpool            UK,y,y,10
Nickelodeon Streak  Blackpool            UK,y,y,11
Antelope            Gulliver's World     UK,y,n,12
Blue Flyer          Blackpool            UK,y,y,13
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Re: Mitch Hawker coaster polls 2012-13

Thu Dec 06, 2012 8:03 pm

For anyone that hasn't heard of the Mitch Hawker poll before I highly recommend taking part as it is by far one of the best roller coaster rankings there is.
I know for a newcomer it can seem really confusing so I recommend Jordan's helper (linked by John above).

Here's my list:

My Favorite Steel   Anypark Anywhere     **,y,y,1
Balder              Liseberg             SE,y,n,2
Wodan TimburCoaster Europa Park          DE,y,y,3
Mammut              Tripsdrill           DE,y,y,4
Grand National      Blackpool            UK,y,n,5
Wild Mouse          Blackpool            UK,y,n,6
Roller Coaster      Great Yarmouth       UK,y,n,7
Tomahawk            Port Aventura        ES,y,n,8
Nickelodeon Streak  Blackpool            UK,y,n,9
Big Dipper          Blackpool            UK,y,n,10
Tyrolean Tubtwist   Joyland              UK,y,n,11

I've already added mine to TST (under Tim) so remember not to count me twice John when doing the forum comparison ;)
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Re: Mitch Hawker coaster polls 2012-13

Mon Jan 07, 2013 6:32 pm

... so just me and John then  :(

Ah well. Shame, I was hoping to compare the results between TowersTimes and TowersStreet to see how views varied.
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Re: Mitch Hawker coaster polls 2012-13

Mon Jan 07, 2013 6:55 pm

I would love to join in on that particular one, But I've never ridden a woodie  :oops:

I will however take part in the steel poll, as I always do :)
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Re: Mitch Hawker coaster polls 2012-13

Mon Jan 07, 2013 7:19 pm

Fair enough, I forgot for a moment it is only the Wooden Coaster poll  :?

I'll admit my wooden coaster list isn't to grand either but at least I've been to Blackpool and a few other parks with wooden coasters.
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Re: Mitch Hawker coaster polls 2012-13

Sat Jan 12, 2013 4:56 pm

Here's my top 10:

Hades               Mount Olympus        WI,y,y,1
Thunderhead         Dollywood            TN,y,y,2
El Toro             SFGAd                NJ,y,n,3
Balder              Liseberg             SE,y,n,4
The Voyage          Holiday World        IN,y,y,5
The Legend          Holiday World        IN,y,y,6
Tonnerre de Zeus    Parc Asterix         FR,y,n,7
Kentucky Rumbler    Beech Bend           KY,y,y,8
Ravine Flyer II     Waldameer            PA,y,y,9
Phoenix             Knoebel's            PA,y,n,10
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Re: Mitch Hawker coaster polls 2012-13

Sat Jan 12, 2013 8:53 pm

Only ridden one, and that was Tonnerre de Zeus, so I can't really vote. But I did love it.
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Re: Mitch Hawker coaster polls 2012-13

Tue Jan 29, 2013 8:48 pm

OK, the steel poll is now online!  Once again, there's a link to Jordan's ballot helper which really does make things a lot easier (tip - search for UK rides by typing in ", UK" and repeat for any other country/US state you have ridden coasters in).

You might want to check the instructions file for a list of coasters in each category as not every coaster has it's own line on the ballot - UK rides affected by this include Revolution, Infusion, Runaway Mine Train, Treetops (Oakwood), Mumbo Jumbo, Velocity, Rage, Wipeout & Boomerang and Raptor Attack amongst others.  A full list of rides in each category can be found in the instructions file

Here's mine:
Expedition GeForce    Holiday Park       DE,y,y,1
Nemesis               Alton Towers       UK,y,y,2
Ultimate              Lightwater Valley  UK,y,n,3
Favorite Wood Coaster Any Park Anywhere  **,y,y,4
iSpeed                Mirabilandia       IT,y,y,5
Euro-Mir              Europa-Park        DE,y,y,6
Katun                 Mirabilandia       IT,y,y,7
Blue Fire Megacoaster Europa Park        DE,y,y,8
OzIris                Parc Asterix       FR,y,y,9
Colorado Adventure    Phantasialand      DE,y,y,10
Knightmare            Camelot Theme Park UK,y,y,11
Black Mamba           Phantasialand      DE,y,y,12
Silver Star           Europa-Park        DE,y,y,13
Colossus              Thorpe Park        UK,y,y,14
Rock n Roller Coaster Walt Disney Paris  FR,y,y,15
Desert Race           Heide Park         DE,y,n,16
Alpinabahn (HimlyaBn) Traveling          DE,y,n,17
Fluch von Novgorod    Hansa-Park         DE,y,n,18
Fav Arrow Shuttle     Any Park Anywhere  **,y,y,19
Rita                  Alton Towers       UK,y,y,20
Oblivion              Alton Towers       UK,y,y,21
Stealth               Thorpe Park        UK,y,y,22
Shock                 Rainbow Magicland  IT,y,y,23
The Swarm             Thorpe Park        UK,y,y,24
Euro-Sat              Europa-Park        DE,y,y,25
Van Helsing's Factory Movie Park         DE,y,y,26
Speed: No Limits      Oakwood            UK,y,n,27
Winjas - Fear         Phantasialand      DE,y,y,28
Winjas - Force        Phantasialand      DE,y,y,29
Fav Vek Susp Loop SLC Any Park Anywhere  **,y,y,30
Raptor                Gardaland          IT,y,y,31
Nemesis Inferno       Thorpe Park        UK,y,y,32
Fav Powered `Coaster' Any Park Anywhere  **,y,y,33
Pepsi Max Big One     Blackpool P.B.     UK,y,y,34
Poseidon              Europa-Park        DE,y,y,35
Schweizer Bobbahn     Heide Park         DE,y,n,36
Sonic Spinball        Alton Towers       UK,y,y,37
Fav Wild Mouse        Any Park Anywhere  **,y,y,38
Dragon's Fury         Chessington        UK,y,y,39
Fav Loop-Screw        Any Park Anywhere  **,y,y,40
Mammut                Gardaland          IT,y,y,41
Indiana Jones et le t Disneyland Paris   FR,y,y,42
Fav X SC2000          Any Park Anywhere  **,y,y,43
Big Thunder Mountain  Disneyland Paris   FR,y,y,44
Thirteen              Alton Towers       UK,y,y,45
Trace Du Hourra       Parc Asterix       FR,y,y,46
Shockwave             Drayton Manor      UK,y,y,47
Fav Loop. Star/S.Arr. Any Park Anywhere  **,y,n,48
Saw - The Ride        Thorpe Park        UK,y,y,49
Divertical            Mirabilandia       IT,y,y,50
Avalanche             Blackpool P.B.     UK,y,y,51
Nessie                Hansa-Park         DE,y,y,52
Fav Vekoma Corkscrew  Any Park Anywhere  **,y,y,53
Kumali                Flamingo Land      UK,y,n,54
Air                   Alton Towers       UK,y,y,55
Fav Half Pipe         Any Park Anywhere  **,y,y,56
Krake                 Heide Park         DE,y,n,57
Fav Wildcat           Any Park Anywhere  **,y,n,58
Fav El Loco           Any Park Anywhere  **,y,n,59
Fav Eurofighter 320+  Any Park Anywhere  **,y,n,60
Vogel Rok             Efteling           NL,y,y,61
Vampire               Chessington        UK,y,y,62
Fav Mack YoungStar    Any Park Anywhere  **,y,y,63
Space Mountain        Disneyland Paris   FR,y,y,64
Fav Mack Supersplash  Any Park Anywhere  **,y,y,65
Fav Intamin Bobsled   Any Park Anywhere  **,y,y,66
Matterhorn Blitz      Europa-Park        DE,y,y,67
G Force               Drayton Manor      UK,y,y,68
Cobra                 Paulton's Park     UK,y,y,69
Fav Motocoaster       Any Park Anywhere  **,y,n,70
Fav Jet Star II       Any Park Anywhere  **,y,n,71
Fav Tivoli            Any Park Anywhere  **,y,n,72
Fav Spinning Mouse    Any Park Anywhere  **,y,n,73
Fav Vek Susp Family   Any Park Anywhere  **,y,y,74
Vliegende Hollander   Efteling           NL,y,y,75
Crush's Coaster       Walt Disney Paris  FR,y,y,76
Fav Vek Jr Boomerang  Any Park Anywhere  **,y,y,77
Schweizer Bobbahn     Europa-Park        DE,y,y,78
Olandese Volante      Rainbow Magicland  IT,y,y,79
Steeplechase          Blackpool P.B.     UK,y,y,80
Sequoia Adventure     Gardaland          IT,y,y,81
X:\No Way Out         Thorpe Park        UK,y,y,82
Fav Zyklon            Any Park Anywhere  **,y,n,83
Fav City Jet/Jumbo V  Any Park Anywhere  **,y,y,84
Temple of Nighthawk   Phantasialand      DE,y,y,85
Cagliostro            Rainbow Magicland  IT,y,y,86
Goudurix              Parc Asterix       FR,y,y,999
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Re: Mitch Hawker coaster polls 2012-13

Wed Feb 06, 2013 9:43 pm

here's my steel poll

Out of Control Feeling/Directional Changes_,y,y,1
Positive G's/Loops_________________________,y,y,2
Floating Airtime___________________________,y,y,3
Sensation of Speed_________________________,y,y,4
Abrupt Airtime_____________________________,y,y,5
Lateral Forces_____________________________,y,y,6
COASTER NAME          PARK                LOC <-LEAVE
Nemesis               Alton Towers       UK,y,y,1
Oblivion              Alton Towers       UK,y,y,2
Air                   Alton Towers       UK,y,y,3
Saw - The Ride        Thorpe Park        UK,y,y,4
The Swarm             Thorpe Park        UK,y,y,5
Colossus              Thorpe Park        UK,y,y,6
Thirteen              Alton Towers       UK,y,y,7
Dragon's Fury         Chessington        UK,y,y,8
Sonic Spinball        Alton Towers       UK,y,y,9
Vampire               Chessington        UK,y,y,10
Stealth               Thorpe Park        UK,y,y,11
Nemesis Inferno       Thorpe Park        UK,y,y,12
Rita                  Alton Towers       UK,y,y,13
Cobra                 Paulton's Park     UK,y,n,14
X:\No Way Out         Thorpe Park        UK,y,y,15

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