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Uzbekistan, Jizzakh, Istiqlol Amusement Park

Sat Jun 29, 2019 10:27 am


I cannot for the life of me find this amusement park on the internet, like it's home page or something.

However an incredible incident has happened on one of their rides, a swinging pendulum ride that supposedly does a complete 360, has come apart from its main swing arm.

Killing a girl, 19, and causing major injuries to others.

Footage of the incident and a description can be viewed.

I have to warn people, it is quite unsettling and may be too much for some. ... -dead/amp/

EDIT: After a quick search for information on this amusement park on RCDB, I have to say I'm not surprised an incident happened. The park opened in 2012 as I can see, and just looks like a complete joke. The coasters look like they could collapse at any minute and the ride vehicles are just ridiculous. H&S clearly isn't a practised procedure at this amusement park. And its clearly visible into why this happened. Tragic loss of life that was not needed and could of been avoided entirely.

As someone who works with machinery and practises H&S procedures daily, this has really miffed me off. Shut the place down. 
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Re: Uzbekistan, Jizzakh, Istiqlol Amusement Park

Sun Jun 30, 2019 5:38 pm

That sort of thing could only happen if the ride was never ever inspected. You must have been able to audible hear signs of that steel failing and they just ignored it.

I would say that I'm amazed ride manufacturers would even sell to these parks but then they probably bought it second hand and assembled them themselves.

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