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University Dissertation - How well are UK theme parks catering for the needs of those with additional needs?

Tue Sep 24, 2019 6:39 pm

Hello everyone - Hope you are all doing well!

I am currently completing my dissertation project at university and would absolutely love your help. I study a degree in Special Education and am looking at how well UK attractions cater for the needs of those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, to ensure you have quality family time.

I have a questionnaire specifically for anyone with Additional Needs/ have family members with additional needs. The questionnaire can be accessed at:

Your participation is completely voluntary. If you wish to be involved, please read the consent form carefully, and ask me any questions if you’re unsure about anything. There is also an opportunity for you to be contacted at a later date to discuss your thoughts and feelings regarding the accessibility at the attractions.

I am also working alongside Merlin who will be competing a questionnaire and will be able to see your responses, so it is a really good opportunity to make yourself be heard!

Thank you so much for taking part and I really look forward to working alongside you! This really is an exciting opportunity. Also, feel free to share with your friends/family!

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