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Intamin General Discussion

Thu Jul 23, 2020 7:29 pm

Today Intamin have announced 4 new ride concepts.

Hot Racer
Firstly we have the Hot Racer, which is Intamin's take on the RMC single rail coaster. These compact dueling coasters look to be a good investment for parks with limited space, with one of the advertised layouts been dubbed as "The world's most compact racing coaster". Another notable world record on one of the layouts is most dueling moments on a coaster at 20. Riders sit in a single row so capacity is going to be a little on the low side.

Vertical LSM Coaster
Next up we have a Vertical LSM Coaster, which has clearly been heavily inspired by Premier Rides' Skyrocket II models. It is dubbed as the "Most compact triple launch coaster in the world"  and also has the "Worlds first upside-down launch experience". Another low capacity ride unfortunately, I would have expected them to introduce a transfer track/turntable of sorts to enable a second train.

Ultra Splash
And yet another ride that has been done before by other manufacturers... The ultra splash is basically the exact same as a MACK Powersplash except it has a single rail. And if the video is anything to go by, it doesn't have a turntable like the Power Splash models meaning capacity will be fairly low. The only thing they can say about this is "impressive wave splash for viewers and riders". WOW!  :lol

Giga Splash
And finally... something original! Oh wait no we already have one. This is just an updated version of their 'Spillwater' model (Many people call them shoot-the-chutes) which you can already buy with vertical lifthills so nothing really new here.

So in summary...
Intamin have produced 4 rides which are basically just copies of other attractions or updated models of what they already have! Nice to see some new models from them either way! 
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Re: Intamin General Discussion

Thu Jul 23, 2020 8:01 pm

Interesting. Despite the obvious imitations, we can certainly say that Intamin are good at keeping up with competitors, and appear to have the most diverse portfolio of ride types out there.

This is a huge advantage in building relationships with parks, and being able to offer package deals to operators is a big selling point, as there's not many rides they can't do.
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Re: Intamin General Discussion

Fri Jul 24, 2020 6:32 pm

These seem very good for parks medium size parks looking to squeeze something in a tight area. I can't help but feel that big parks would struggle with their capacity. 

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