UK theme parks from another point of view!

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Re: If you owned the Alton Towers Resort, what would you do

Tue Sep 16, 2014 12:06 am

Yeah guys I don't think we should be taking this too seriously ;)
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Re: If you owned the Alton Towers Resort, what would you do

Wed Sep 24, 2014 5:07 pm

I think AT is missing something HUGE...
A happy experience!

Small inexpensive gestures really make people happy. Hotels are experts at giving away tiny things to make people feel special, in case Merlin didn't realize, they ARE in the hospitality industry.

Here is what I would do...
#random free fast track tickets passed out to people wandering around, a free gift that will result in good will AND may very well increase fast track ticket sales on the next visit.

#free drinks, snacks, Lolly's handed out at random. Very low cost and could even be free if AT invited brands to do it as marketing exposure, it may even generate money.

#free AT balloons for kids handed out at the entrance.

#staff that ask you if you are having a great day And if there is anything they can do for you.

#staff that smile & say hello, paying particular attention to children.

#Staff at the park entrance welcoming everybody.

#free (with a deposit) picnic rugs available for people who want to sit out on the main lawn, with entertainment (maybe jugglers, crazy musicians, random pirates) and upsell opportunities like strawberries & cream, family picnic hampers or champagne & nibbles for couples.

#random chatty staff wandering around the parks/Q's entertaining people.

#entertainment in q's ... Quick touch screen quiz questions, live videos of people on the ride your waiting for (or other rides... Which could encourage people to go on less busy rides)

#redesigning the dead areas near duel/charlie/in between log flume and rapids.

#giant screens around the park/Q's cheap entertainment

#more monorail trains

#ride operators should ask 1 guest their name on embarking a ride and a voice over should ask... 'Are you ready to experience the smiler? [Short pause] 'Barry'. Personal and entertaining for groups and other riders. And works for all rides with PA.

#similar to Amsterdam bikes you borrow one and leave it in a designated area when your done. Micro scooters to borrow around certain areas like x sector or the forbidden valley.

#tours around the gardens in chauffeur driven golf cars

#afternoon high tea served in the gardens (near to the lake to increase footfall).

#rowing boats on the lake

#more interactive app... Qr codes in Q's that bring up games on tge AT app tied in to each ride.

#the q theme music should be interrupted with entertaining/informative voice overs.

If AT is paying attention, I am a experience based marketing manager and I would love to work for you :)
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Re: If you owned the Alton Towers Resort, what would you do

Tue Dec 09, 2014 7:00 pm

Ok I've got a long impossible list bet here it goes...

Adventure land area
1. Zamperla Disk'o and theme it a Crash Bandicoot Theme
2. Make space adventures bigger and better and call it Adventure Land Play Park
3. Bring back beastie
4. Have a High Diving water show like the one they had at blackpool pleasure beach
5. Have inflatable attractions like assault courses and slides

Cbeebies Land
Fine as it is

Cloud Cuckoo Land
1. Have bouncing bugs back and call it bouncing clouds
2. New Squirrel Nutty Ride and theme it in with Ice Age
3. Have a flamingo land's Zooom roller coaster
4. Have Ice Age 1/2 4D instead of dawn of the dinosaurs (you will know why in a min)
5. Bring back Mcdonald's

Forbidden Valley
1. Refurbishment of Air, more theming
2. the blade would be a huss Frisbee with more theming
3. Refurbishment of Nemesis, dig more down into the pit, have the floor all rocky with massive rock spikes, bigger water falls, wrap the ride in chains, build a fence around it and have the fence broken through were the life hill goes up, the entrance into the corkscrew and the turn around before loop. Give it more theming
4. Bring back thunder looper
5. Bring back Burger King

Gloomy Wood
1. Duel will go back to the Haunted House
2. Th13teen would of been built there with the drop going on the lake by the gardens
3. Build the broomstick ride and call it sky witches, this would be built just in front of th13teen
4. Better theming for haunted hallow

Katanga Canyon
1. Add a live show like the Bongo warriors at flamingo land
2. Add loads of FREE water jets and water explosion to the river rapids to get people drenched on the ride
3. Bring Back pizza hut

Mutiny Bay
1. bring back black pearl with better restraints so younger people can go on and no one gets crushed with them
2. the blade would be here and be called Pirate Ship with heavy theming
3. have a nice gentle water ride for small kids and call it Drunken Barrels
4. Retheme the Flume to Pirate Falls like the one in lego land (this would of happen when mutiny bay came about and this will now soon be replaced with a family friendly water coaster
5. Have rocky express from Thorpe park and call it skull rock with theming
6. outdoor play area with water fountains themed into mutiny bay

the Towers Complex
1. Add blackpools Spectacular Dancing Water Show
2. Tower of terror would of been a permanent attraction and will soon be replaced with Alton Towers Dungeons

Ug Land
Ug Land would of never left the park and would still be here to this day, Corkscrew and Rita-Queen of speed would of been added still. This is why ice age would not be dawn of the dinosaurs
1. Bone Shaker never left
2. Build an ride like Rhino rally at busch gardens and call it Dino Rally
3. Dynamo would get moved here
4. Have bumper cars and call it ug bashers themed around the Flintstones
5. Build Dinosaur’s Alive, same one to at Cedar Point
6. another outdoor play area with water fountains themed into ug land
7. Add a Subway

1. Energiser would be a fun fair Super Star ride but a park version
2. Enterprise better theming
3. bring back don't look down on oblivion
4. smiler would be themed as a government secret weapon and you are the test pilots sided up for the unknown, it would be called Project X and the yellow and black colour would stay the same
5. Submission would be the same ride as pandemonium at Drayton manor
6. Bring Back KFC

Resort Events
1. Chocolate towers every year from Friday to the Monday
2. ALL bank holiday Mondays the park would be open from 10am till 8pm
3. have Summer fright nights for 2 weeks straight with all rides open from 10am till 10pm with an AV company doing the lighting for it
4. Alton Towers Music Festival over the augest bank holiday weekend from Saturday to Monday, park open from 10am till 10pm
5. Alton Towers Sarefest heavy theming all over park, haunted hallow live, haunted house live, carnival of screams, Zombie Scare Zone every year and new horror mazes every year. park open from 10am till 10pm
6. Fire work display that has a full 30 min firework display instead of half fireworks and half a show that no one cares about!

Resort Attractions
1. fix all the broken stuff in the water park and expand it
2. update extraordinary golf
3. have a go ape attraction like the one at the Trafford centre
4. have an paintballing attraction

Everything that I have not spoken about is fine as it is! :-)

so ya! what you think?
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Re: If you owned the Alton Towers Resort, what would you do

Sun Dec 21, 2014 4:26 pm

I would take down Adventure Land and extend Cbeebies Land maybe a underwater submarine ride based on the octonauts like the one at LEGOLAND and maybe a Mister Maker themed attraction where children can design stuff to go on mugs, keyrings, canvas etc. and then they collect it at the end of the day or have it sent to your house. And I would bring back Bone Shaker and put it in X-Sector where Submission used to be and call it SmileShaker where it is staying with the smiler theme so when you are on it water sprays in your face and you have LED lights to marmilise you.
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Re: If you owned the Alton Towers Resort, what would you do

Mon Feb 09, 2015 9:50 pm

I think I speak for every TT member when I say I would just continue to build great rollercoasters.

If I had to make one coaster, I would make a cross valley wing coaster that weaved inbetween the trees.

I would also get rid of all the baby rubbish in cbebies land and replace it with one or too coasters.
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Re: If you owned the Alton Towers Resort, what would you do

Mon Feb 16, 2015 1:01 pm

Prepare yourselves, this is going to be a very long post! Here are my updated plans:

Towers Street:
Towers Street would remain the main entrance.

Towers Complex and Gardens:
Restoration projects will continue and be a top priority. Otherwise, this part of the park would be unchanged, if not improved slightly.

I would add a new Skyride route from Cloud Cuckoo Land to X-Sector.

Cloud Cuckoo Land:
Sonic Spinball would be moved from Adventure Land into the old Coaster Corner section, and merged into Cloud Cuckoo Land. The 4D theatre would be changed once in a while to keep with current trends. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory would last until an eventual retheme.

CBeebies Land/Adventure Land:
I’m quite satisfied with CBeebies Land as it is, but with Sonic Spinball’s move and the addition of the Octonauts rollercoaster, there is plenty of space for a new ride and a ‘proper’ expansion of CBeebies Land with rides being further inwards to preserve a good view of the Towers. Adventure Land would merge with CBeebies Land permanently.

Mutiny Bay:
As with CBeebies Land, I am also satisfied with Mutiny Bay. The Flume would not be closed, but instead rethemed into ‘The Flume: Pirate’s Conquest’, which would involve the pirates taking over the ride, with a newly-themed station, though the bath-like boats would remain with some slight retheming.

Katanga Canyon:
The Blade from Forbidden Valley would be moved here, and renamed Safari Swingabout, located around the route of the Congo River Rapids. Further around this area, a wooden bobsled coaster named Zanzibar Bobsleds would open, aimed at families.

Gloomy Wood:
A Zamperla Air Force coaster themed around vampire bats called Fangtastic would be placed nearby Duel. Nestled within Haunted Hollow there would be a Gerstlauer Dancing Pavillion named Freaky Spintop, and Haunted Hollow would be rethemed slightly to fit around a battle between pirates and the supernatural, otherwise the area is mostly unchanged.

First and foremost, I would crack down on issues with The Smiler, to ensure that problems would be fixed. If temporary closure is necessary, then so be it, but I want to ensure that the ride is at its’ peak. Enterprise would be moved to the area nearby Air (see ‘Forbidden Valley and Vivid Oasis’), leaving the sites of Enterprise and Submission fresh for redevelopment. Here, a newly-built X-Sell and X-Pose would be placed, with a new post-ride route for Oblivion. The X-Cite arcade would be rebuilt separately, not far from the original location. These would carry the original X-Sector theme. On the site of the original shops, an Intamin ZacSpin would be built, named Compulsion, with a unique layout, black track and purple accents, to compliment X-Sector’s thrill-orientated market. Compulsion would definitely not be as painful as other ZacSpin coasters, but would not be a secret weapon. It would be the Ministry of Joy’s ‘reinforcement’ for marmalisation.

Forbidden Valley and Vivid Oasis:
Forbidden Valley would be split into two different lands – the area around Air would be renamed Vivid Oasis, and the remainder of the land would remain Forbidden Valley. The two new lands would each gain a new roller coaster.

Vivid Oasis would revolve around utopian terrain with a slight lean towards renewable energy. The new land would expand into the car park nearby Air. A new roller coaster would be a first for the park – a floorless launch coaster. The new ride, named Vivid (meaning Velocity Inducing Vehicle of Intelligent Design), would consist of an indoor launch, several inversions and an underground section. Vivid would lie closer inwards to the original area rather than outwards towards Dark Forest, to accommodate some space for the Ultimate Secret Weapon (USW – see ‘USW pavillion’) A newly rethemed and repainted Enterprise, now named Turbine, would be placed next to Vivid. The existing FV Skyride would be rethemed to fit the Vivid Oasis theming.

The existing Forbidden Valley would be expanded also, with The Blade having moved, this leaves space for a new roller coaster – a rival beast. The new ride would be a B&M stand-up coaster named Rogue, in which the backstory would revolve around a war between the Nemesis beast and the Rogue beast (and no, there will not be a Rogue: Sub-Terra). Rogue will also contain four inversions and interact with the terrain, but will have a vastly different layout and style. The Edge arcade would be rebuilt further down, on the border between FV and Vivid Oasis, to accommodate space for Rogue. Ripsaw would stay until its’ natural life cycle ends.

Dark Forest:
A Gerstlauer Suspended Polyp named Entangled would be added on the site of the UG Swinger, themed around the vines of the forest. The USW (see ‘USW pavillion’) would also intertwine with the Dark Forest. Additionally, every Friday the 13th, additional wraiths and actors would roam around the area, possibly the whole park, to interact with guests and occasionally hand out free Fastracks.

USW pavilion:
Finally, this is the Ultimate Secret Weapon – a roller coaster that will transform the park, evoke curiosity from the public, and impress the enthusiast. This roller coaster will have its’ own pavilion built near the Gardens, with a specially built bridge to take riders to it. This ride will be a large hybrid coaster by Rocky Mountain Construction, which will be named Transcendent, which will be the longest roller coaster at Alton Towers, and will contain two lift hills, as well as two barrel rolls. It will intertwine with two other areas in the park - Vivid Oasis and Dark Forest - as well as the existing woodland around these areas. It would span across the two areas and set a new height record for the park. It’s not so much a cross-valley woodie, but more of a cross-valley hybrid.

So there you go, a newly updated plan for the future of Alton Towers.
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Re: If you owned the Alton Towers Resort, what would you do

Mon Feb 23, 2015 5:02 pm

Just to add, the scheduling would go like this:

Ongoing development
- Towers restoration
- General maintenance
- Further maintenance on The Smiler (resolution of issues)

Season 1
- Sonic Spinball has moved to Cloud Cuckoo Land, area begins prep for new CBeebies ride, which opens later in the season.
- Air car park cleared, VIVID (Velocity Induced Vehicle of Intelligent Design) construction begins

Season 2
- VIVID, the world's first floorless launch roller coaster, opens on the Air car park site - ready for opening day of the season. Vivid Oasis is established.
- Enterprise has moved to Vivid Oasis and renamed Turbine. Preparation for new X-Sector shops.

Season 3
- New X-Sector shops open on Enterprise-Submission former site. Land cleared for new thrill coaster and Skyride station.
- Fangtastic (Zamperla Air Force) and Freaky Spintop (Gerstlauer Dancing Pavilion) open in Gloomy Wood.
- Haunted Hollow partial retheme

Season 4
- Compulsion (Intamin ZacSpin) opens on original X-Sector shop site.
- New Skyride station opens

Season 5
- Zanzibar Bobsleds opens in Katanga Canyon
- Blade moved to Katanga Canyon and renamed Safari Swingabout
- Rogue construction begins in Forbidden Valley. A complex and intriguing marketing campaign begins early on in construction.

Season 6
- Rogue, a stand-up coaster, opens in Forbidden Valley.
- Edge arcade rebuilt further down.

Season 7
- The Flume is rethemed to The Flume: Pirate's Conquest
- Entangled (Gerstlauer Suspended Polyp) opens in Dark Forest.

Season 8
- Quiet year in the park - no significant development
- Construction begins on Transcendent very early in the season.

Season 9
- Transcendent finally opens in its' own new pavilion in between Vivid Oasis and Dark Forest
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Re: If you owned the Alton Towers Resort, what would you do

Sun Jun 14, 2015 1:35 pm

There should be more show type things, and more family rides, not exactly rollercoasters. I want to see some sort of game ride, almost like toy story mania in hws (WDW). I'd also have staff dressed up to suit the theme, so ride ops on, say Congo RR or RMT could be dressed as explorer safari people, with the hat and stuff. I'd also like a family pirate attraction in mutiny bay which would pull in the queues well. This could possibly be done in 3d. And, plastic 3d glasses, with bins at the exit where you return your glasses.

My point is, the park needs to be more magical, and family like, where there's more of a full experience. The rides need to all blend together to make a magical synthony, take adventure land in mk as an example. Theming is to be taken care with.
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Re: If you owned the Alton Towers Resort, what would you do

Wed Jun 24, 2015 4:24 pm

I think i would first ask the opinions of the staff travel around the park for the day and ask opinions of the alton towers costumers , see if we can make there day better
then ...

1, i think i would give air more space so we can have a longer track for Air using all the original parts still there but a little spark ! at the end .

2, i would also like to move the ' sonic the hedgehog' theme to cloud cuckoo land
why i hear you ask ?
because i think that they could have done better at the kids part of the park also building a bigger sonic themed ride next to
sonic spinball

3, as-well as giving air more ride time i would also like air to intertwine with a section of nemesis i would also like this time to give the original Nemesis ride to have more of a story line to connect in to sub-terror of which i have seen some review what have been disappointing, however i would like to turn the concept in to an fully under ground ride what will have seens of alien and the story of the Nemesis

4, hows about ripsaw ? well i am not a big ripsaw fan however i will keep ripsaw there but just give it a re theme for ether air or Nemesis ... your choice

5, duel i think is quit hidden away we know of the Nitrogenie - Ice cream from magic - this would be where the scarefest begins !

6,all the rides will have a new lick of paint

7, i think i will stop suggestions now :) what do you guys think ?
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If you owned the Alton Towers Resort, what would you do with

Wed Jun 24, 2015 9:56 pm

My 5 year plan...

- Revert Duel back in to the Haunted House.
- Open three new flats, one in X- Sector, and the other two in Dark Forest.

- Wodden Coaster opens in Forbidden Valley, Entrance next to the Ripsaw Cafe, and station located behind Ripsaw, the ride makes several sharp drops into the Valley, but not all the way across.
- Bowling Alley opens to the left of the ATH.

- Sonic Spinball relocated indoors to Coaster Corner, themed on flying with the characters of Cloud Cuckoo Land.
- Rita is combusts.
- The space cleared by removing Rita is used to create a new restaurant with views of Thirteen.
- Rest of Dark Forest receives more trees and voice over audio.
- Spinball site is used as another CBeebies expansion. Maybe a dining experience?
- The Flume closes.

- Nemesis monster is repaired
- Air and Thirteen are re-painted
- Mine Train had head choppers return in a general spruce up of the facade.
- Exploding mine gear is added to the Rapids tunnel
- The Flume is replaced by a part indoor, part outdoor Intamin log flume themed around Mutiny Bay.
- Charlie closes.

- Charlie is replaced by another, higher capacity water based dark ride. The ride is themed on a young child's dreams of touring around the park, the ride shows miniature versions of all the family areas in the park, with a few glimpses of some of the thrill rides.
- Sub-Terra receives far more on-park advertising to try and boost it's popularly, if successful, actors will return.

- Monorail and entrance plaza are totally refurbished.
- Towers Street Monorail queue receives theming inside and a longer queue layout to stop it spilling into the plaza.
- Enterprise and Ripsaw are totally replaced by newer models.
- Construction beings on a new, Mack Multi-Launch coaster out the back of Dark Forest. The ride features several inversions, on-board audio and a fast indoor section.
- A third hotel opens on the current site of the Enchanted Village archery range. The new hotel is middle of the range price wise, fitting between ATH and Splash Landings.
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Re: If you owned the Alton Towers Resort, what would you do

Mon Jun 29, 2015 7:10 pm

I'm glad I created this topic, it really makes people's imagination go underway
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Re: If you owned the Alton Towers Resort, what would you do

Tue Jul 14, 2015 2:42 pm

I'm a huge believer in cutomer/staff interactions and giving people a once in a lifetime moment.

Disneyland offer badges that can be bought on your way in to say if its your first time, or if you have ID to prove it, birthday badges. Upon seeing these badges, all staff are trained to pay special attention to you, Everyone wishes you a happy birthday, and will ask things like, how old are you, how are you enjoying your day, whats your favourite ride etc.

It makes that person feel like they are the center of the universe and that everyone is going out of their way to make their special day a once in a lifetime thing.

Another thing I would do is make either a youtube channel, or online TV show through their website with shows similar to gladiators, total wipeout, crystal maze etc. On the lawns throughout summer and on summer evenings at the hotel, have events, competitions and tasks which are all filmed. People can either volunteer, queue up or even have people randomly selected from crowds to take part in these.

They could have an Alton Towers channel in the hotels, looping video of these competitions with commentary over the top as entertainment.

Lastly, I'd like to see (where possible) a staff area along side queuelines, this means that in rides with long queues, staff can walk up and down entertaining the people waiting, or even have someone walking up and down the queuelines selling drinks and snacks. Keeping the general public entertained shouldn't be paused just because they have entered a queue
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Re: If you owned the Alton Towers Resort, what would you do

Thu Sep 03, 2015 4:48 pm

I would make Oblivion 3 rows and the back row would be backwards, also I would build a traditional wooden coaster in place of the Smiler, Enterprise and Submission, all across the X-Sector, and totally re-theme the X-Sector to fit the wooden coaster. As well as this, I would remove the flume with a Valhalla type water ride.
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I want more..

Thu Nov 19, 2015 2:23 pm

Actor led experiences. For me, they are the difference between the good parks and the brilliant parks.

One of my favourite moments of visiting Towers was during Scarefest 2014 when I paid to be in the wedding reception experience (in the gardens). It was fantastic! Did anyone else try this? It only seemed to have about 25 guests and hence across the two week period, very few people paid for the privilege.

They should be doing actor led experiences all year round in my opinion.
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Re: If you owned the Alton Towers Resort, what would you do

Fri Nov 20, 2015 2:57 pm

Mike!!! wrote:
I would make Oblivion 3 rows and the back row would be backwards, also I would build a traditional wooden coaster in place of the Smiler, Enterprise and Submission, all across the X-Sector, and totally re-theme the X-Sector to fit the wooden coaster. As well as this, I would remove the flume with a Valhalla type water ride.

Ooo I'd love to try Oblivion backwards.... Probably not in bad weather though!
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Re: If you owned the Alton Towers Resort, what would you do

Sat Nov 21, 2015 8:23 pm

-Add lots of lighting around the park for night, like proper all year round lanterns and street lights, and have the park open later in the summer and at scarefest.
-Add loads of lighting to the smiler, loads of lazers, blinding lights, improved marmaliser effects, and other bits of lighting going up the lift hill.
-Redo the oblivion building and queue, with extended queue lines for busy times, and have it more modern and more like a procedure like the smiler (but not too much), and orange lighting coming from the tunnels at night
-Re-route the th13teen queue and have the entrance closer to the rest of DF, I'd remove rita (presuming this is in 5-10 years time), and replace it with a family friendly, haunted mansion/house type ride. And a few flats/ghost rides/experience type things. (And improve theming). And have a light hearted feel to it, but a sinister one towards th13teen so it still stands as a thrill ride which is scary (to an extent, it's still a family ride)
-Cool air-raid esque sirens around nemesis, and a few spruced up effects. Replace air ride system with modern flying coaster tech to reduce breakdowns. Improve air/galactica theming to make it better
-Replace towers street with loads of different shops - sweet shops, clothes shops, etc
-Replace flume with mack water ride (themed to mutiny bay). Add a flat ride of some sorts to mutiny bay too.
-Spruce up CRR theming, and build chain powered family mine train type ride that actually looks like a runaway minetrain. Add a play area or something to KC too, and a shooter ride a lot like duel.
-Retheme CCL completely, to something still family friendly, and suitable for all ages, so maybe some epcot esque thing
-Make NST a proper full experience with multiple drops, a scare maze at the end and some other thing to make it longer
-Make a new area out of GW, retheme it to something mid-aged, not apocalyptic, but not cbeebies land either. So something kind of light hearted.
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Re: If you owned the Alton Towers Resort, what would you do

Fri Feb 12, 2016 12:43 pm

-Firstly I would give Galactica its own area, separate from the forbidden valley and extended it into the south car park. Here I would add some flat rides, possibly a Zamperla Hawk and also give it a space theme.
-Add a thrill flat ride t the X-Sector in Submissions old plot.
-I would move all the car parks to the northern fields and use the space left for an entertainment district with restaurant shops, possibly night clubs and a large theatre. If possible a Hard Rock Cafe as well. A walkway would take guests from the car park to the entertainment district. There would be a lot of land where the car parks used to be and I doubt all of it would be needed for the entertainment district so the rest could be used for future expansion, either to the parks itself or possibly a new hotel if it's needed.
-Increase the width of the roads leading to Alton Towers if possible, and the road leading to the car parks.
-Upgrade Extraordinary Golf.
-Remove dual and use the building for a large dark ride, possibly a robocoaster G2.
-Remove Charlie and the Chocolate factory and add a new dark ride.
-Upgrade Towers Street so it's as good as Disney's Main Street USA.
Remove the Flume and replace it with Mack or Intamin Water coaster and theme it heavily to Mutiny Bay. At the same time I would improve the theming of the whole area.
-Improve the theming of Katanga Canyon and add a Zamperla Disk'O Coaster.
-I would add SW8 and make it a RMC launched wooden coaster and it would be where blade and ripsaw are.
-Enhancement of Hex.
-Upgrade the monorail and the stations to make it more efficient, possibly by adding more trains.
-Finally I would increase the staff's interaction with guests, and give them suits to fit with each area if the park.
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If you owned Alton Towers - what would you do with it?

Sat Feb 13, 2016 9:35 am

Just to add on to your post, I would turn the part of FV where Galactica is into Inter-Galactic Land. In this area I would add a great dark ride themed around a space tour in another galaxy that goes horribly wrong called meteor. I would also get rid of duel and replace it with a long scary ghost train called Alton Castle. I would also add a launch flying roller coaster called throttle themed around stopping the nemesis creature - but failing. I would also add a cross valley inverted coaster called Nemesis Re-born that included a freefall drop.
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Re: If you owned the Alton Towers Resort, what would you do

Sat Feb 20, 2016 7:28 am

Create a members lounge called "Club TT" exclusive for towerstimes forum members.
Located inside the towers, overlooking the lake, inside you will find:
- A 5 star restaurant (food is free)
- An Art gallery with old park maps and ride concept art
- A room in which every few months famous people would come give a talk.
- "The Good old days" VR room featuring Robo-arms with VR headsets which recreate rides that used to exist in the park.
- At the end of every season, park officials come and take polls and idea of what should be changed for the next season.
- A booth which hands out free fastrack tickets
-And a Private skyride station.
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Re: If you owned the Alton Towers Resort, what would you do

Sat Feb 20, 2016 12:01 pm

Have multiple night time shows,including one on Towers Street and in front of the towers.
Have a parade that goes round the lake (although the paths may have to be extended a bit to make it fit) Opening hours 10-7(off peak) 10:30-10:00 (peak)
Where the flume/haunted hollow short cut is have a family GCI wooden coaster interwind with it,themed to gloomy wood.
Re theme the flume to the gloomy wood more animatronics and shorten the outside bit after the 1st drop.

Remove Duel and replace it with a state of the art new dark ride,same theme just better ride system,making it 3D,and still a shooting ride.

Place a drop tower themed to Oblivion and have it drop at the same time as Oblivion does.

Completely re do the Oblivion queue line,making it so that it has a shorter queue line if short on a quiet day.

New queuing system for the Smiler,a bit like R&R but is the only option to queue ,by only letting a certain amount of people enter the queue at a time it reduces the back up.

Re track Rita with Mack track and Mack trains (ones with lap bars) to extend its life and take out the load station and unload station,improving throughputs. Add the SRQ back to it.

Re theme Charlie to a state of the art Dark Ride,but themed to multiple films,Charlie,Ice Age etc

Remote NST to its former glory with actors. If no actors are available,the riders will exit through a different exit not the scare maze.

Extend the skyride to X Sector.

Have a similar event to Summer Nights and longer opening hours.

I have a whole lot more to say but I'll just keep it at that for now!

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