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Future Entertainment ideas for ATR

Thu Mar 29, 2018 11:25 pm

So with the introduction of some new & returning entertainment for 2018, ive drawn up some possible and in my view feasible ideas the park could build on in future...
  • Bring back a park mascot that everyone can relate to the park, Alton Bear, Henry Hound
  • build on the street performances, ATTP, character meet & greets, pirate walkabouts.
  • Having a year of special events would give guests a reason to keep returning to the park at different times of the year, an idea for a year of events ive come up with..
 A small family friendly event sponsored by Cadburys. Using the idea of previous chocolate towers event, but more updated.
  • Cadburys Egg Hunt
  • Meet & Greet Easter bunny & Cadbury characters
  • prize giveaways utilising cadburys sponsor
Summer: Big push for a themed show to run for the whole summer holidays.
  • Possible ideas: stunt show, BMX, dance, theatre show
  • Street characters: ATTP, Costume characters
  • Parade: Done on a smaller scale (Portaventura style) utilising show performers, Cbeebies characters, ATTP, costume characters, have small scale car floats for variety of rides.
Scarefest: Event as it is with a new product joining line up each year.
  • 3 or 4 mazes, 2 free zones, family shows, family maze, street performers
  • utilise the Spooky areas of the park (Duel, dark forest, Hex, haunted hollow)
Fireworks: Each year a different storyline & theme for the new attraction of the year.
  • Keep the event to bookings only, but have potential for a bigger pantomime shows
  • Bring some form of ice skating to the resort (front lawns or hotels)
Potential new venues for entertainment.
  • Refurbish CCL theatre into a Live theatre but utilise the 4D effects
  • A smaller multi use outdoor performance space created in fountain square
  • The Galactica car park repurposed for a west end standard theatre, would be opened to both hotel & day guests for evening performances & daytime (out of season/special events)
What ideas do others have, and how would you like to see the entertainment expanded over the resort?
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Re: Future Entertainment ideas for ATR

Fri Mar 30, 2018 12:00 am

I love this topic.

Towers ents set an example for the rest of the UK to look up to and they need to be given the budget and resources to allow them to work their magic. Merlin are trying to turn the resort into a world-class short break resort, but they need more than just rides and shops for people to actually enjoy themselves. If Merlin allow a decent budget for Towers ents, the resort will thrive, if not, it's going to stay the same soulless, over-commercialised, bland day out it felt like last season.

I'm personally really annoyed that the park chose to relocate Frog Hopper a few metres along in the area, meaning the theatre cannot be used without major work to move it back, which I can't see happening. I'd love to see the Park Keepers return as they really pumped atmosphere and magic into the park.

A sad reality is from the last few years where ents has basically been non-existent outside their time to shine at the end of the season, there was nothing I could find in the whole resort that would actually make you laugh and very few things you'd be able to smile about.

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