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Re: BH lift music?

Tue May 19, 2015 11:47 pm

^Oh right the way ripsaw97 described it I thought that he/she meant that the detonator music was on BH but you mean the other way around. That makes more sense.

Love the warning jammiedodger! Good video!
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Re: BH lift music?

Wed May 20, 2015 10:29 pm

Jammydodger wrote:
It was definitely used on Detonator for a few years between 2009-2011 I think. If I remember right, it changed back when they changed the fright nights track. It was when they changed it back that they busted the speakers at the top with the countdown, ever since then, the countdown cuts out while at the top.

Station earth would play while the catch car reconnected and Ecounter would play while it ascended.
Also here's a pretty rare POV ride just before it closed down, so you can tell the music is the same, although it appears slightly edited. (I can't work out whether its been dubbed over the top or not actually, but it seems to dip in and out a lot, and you can hear the other noises...)
Warning: highly nostalgic!

I'm also thinking that this particular video is dubbed (most of the other Black Hole videos seem to be too), especially since it uses an edit of the track that appears to be DIRECTLY from the Space Mountain advert. Listen for the sound effects from the advert. You can almost match it up to the pin point.
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