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Fright Nights & Star Wars - Reviewed 13th & 14th Oct

Wed Oct 18, 2006 7:09 pm

Fright Nights

I visited Fright Nights at Thorpe Park on Friday 13th, it was fantastic, especially the new Se7en, I thought it was was a very different to the existing mazes.

Ride Count:

Stealth: 4
Vortex: 1
Zodiac: 1
Samurai: 1
Slammer: 1
Loggers Leap: 1
Colossus: 2
Nemesis Inferno: 2
Rumba Rapids: 2
Depth Charge:1
The Asylum: 1
Hellgate: 1
Se7en: 1

Star Wars

I visited Chessington on Saturday 14th for the Star Wars event, as my first visit this year and was amazed how good the new animal features were but not impressed with the new look Bubbleworks, the Halloween theming was good & the Star Wars bits were ok.

Ride Count:

Vampire: 1
Dragons Fury: 1
Black Buccaneer: 1
Bubbleworks: 1
Rattlesnake: 1
Dragon Falls: 1
Billys Whizzer: 1
Tomb Blaster: 1
Rameses Revenge: 1

Plus... Trail of the Kings, Creepy Caves, Monkey & Bird Garden, Squirrel Monkey Walk Through, Creature Features & Childrens Zoo!

Full reviews of both events & lots of high quality images at:
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