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Re: Miniature Meeting - Blackpool & Camelot? 20th/21st June

Posted: Mon Jun 22, 2009 9:12 pm
by Scott
My photos and trip report are here; [url=" target="_blank] ... m=bickopbb[/url]

I would post the photos on here but I am not sure you will like the size of them and it may slow down the topic due to other photos posted already.


Re: Miniature Meeting - Blackpool & Camelot? 20th/21st June

Posted: Mon Jun 22, 2009 11:59 pm
by Stu
Loved the holiday - yeah was great up north... i don't normaly like blackpool to be fair but that was an ace weekned in all ways.....

Oh dear lord Markryn that video - just oh my.... lol - thats after 2 pints.... lmao....

Lovely pictures as always spike - ace pictures.. highlights the weekend well....

Loved the Ghost Train at the arcade coral island - was better than Duel lmao!

Knightmare was cool to be fair, glad i went.

Meh lost wallet but meh stuff happens, didn't spoil my weekend was ace night in the bar on the pier. And that bloody spinnning ride on the pier- was not especting that...

Loved the weekend - cheers everyone, can't wait for next meet.

Re: Miniature Meeting - Blackpool & Camelot? 20th/21st June

Posted: Tue Jun 23, 2009 1:09 am
by Ryan Kingdaka
Had a fantastic weekend at good ole Blackpool! :)

Myself and Leanne set off on Friday and arrived in a very windy Blackpool! Leanne has lost some hair due to tangling and reports that she wouldn't like to live in Blackpool... :lol:

Anyway, despite the wind, we set off down the promonade, went down central pier, got ripped off for two games of darts and even though I lost really badly still got a teddy for Leanne...cost me a fiver, but ah well!

We then went for some really **** fish and chips from some dodgy fish shop/kebab/pizza place and then went to Sea Life. I used my annual pass and Leanne paid the £13.50, which to be honest needs a couple of quid knocking off for what you get for your money.

There is a lot to see and do, with lots of different talks and I must say the staff are very friendly. They answer any questions you have and inform you of lots of facts you may not know about!

The theming is very good in all the areas of the Sea Life Sanctuary and it is definitely worth a go once.

We then went to check in at the fine establishment we know as the Travelodge. We stayed at the Central Travelodge, located near the Tower. The room we stayed in was very nice, with a very new style and an extremely comfortable bed! Once we had checked in, later on in the evening we went to seek food, which we decided would be pizza...Now may I ask what in gods name is it with Take aways in Blackpool, they all do basic cheese and tomato for about £4 or £5 and then toppings for something like 50p on top!? Insane!

Anyway, Saturday soon arrived and we were up, and I was indeed ready to go!...Leanne? have you finished straightening your hair yet? Reply: erm...nearly...I forgot my off to Boots we went! :P After this we went for Breakfast at the raving McDonalds and then set off down the Prom for Pleasure Beach. :D

We got our tickets from the very new, stylish ticket centre and off we went for the park gates...which for a second I thought I was entering a country rather than a theme park! Although I'm glad to know I am safe at the Pleasure Beach with all this high security, I think it may slow down through put on very busy days.

Once inside the park we met Henty and had a photo taken with him, then we went for PMBO for our first ride of the day. Had a fantastic ride, but the staff looked bored as hell! I think I heard one of them grunt...not sure about talking...?

Now I'm just gonna review and highlight and lowlight because I can and I need a shower and sleep because I smell like fried products and BO and I'm buggered! :P

Big Dipper was great as always and Grand National was a fantastic ride! I have the bruises to prove it! Wild Mouse was bloody immense! Nearly fell out of our seats!

Anyway, highlight/lowlights


Bus W*nkers! I nearly weed! :lol:
Vik's twin! :?
Mc D's rave! According to one of my managers, that McDonalds has always been like that, playing music loud, so must be a regular thing...
The Fountains - They definitely add to the atmosphere of the area and prove popular with guests whom are just plain mad! :shock:
Pigeon nest on Ghost Train..."please don't poo, please don't poo!"
General randomness
Musle Parting!
Attacking Dan with ones elbows.
Pier and Prom at night.


Noah's Ark being closed :(
Rollercoaster being closed.
Some crap staff.
Having to leave :(

It was a great weekend, sorry we couldn't come Sunday but money issues meant we were unable to stay longer :(

Was great to meet everyone again and will probs see you all in the summer some time... :)

And a big thanks to Craig for driving us back home on Sat night :D

Re: Miniature Meeting - Blackpool & Camelot? 20th/21st June

Posted: Tue Jun 23, 2009 1:44 am
by Spike
The Mc Donalds you were at is a franchise. :)

Re: Miniature Meeting - Blackpool & Camelot? 20th/21st June

Posted: Wed Jun 24, 2009 11:08 pm
by Joel
Heres the Blackpool side of the video done. Camelot is yet to come (I'm so bad at making movies y'know!)

[url=" target="_blank][/url]

10 minutes of your life I tell thee! :D

Re: Miniature Meeting - Blackpool & Camelot? 20th/21st June

Posted: Thu Jun 25, 2009 2:20 pm
by Spike
Great vid Joely, Like the reverse fountains, looks odd but cool in a way. :mrgreen:

Re: Miniature Meeting - Blackpool & Camelot? 20th/21st June

Posted: Mon Jun 29, 2009 9:00 pm
by Sam
Totally forgot to do a trip report for this. Another great little meet, and only my second visit to what is fast becoming one of my very favorite parks, and my first visit to a park that really surprised me with how good it was. Thanks to everyone for a fantastic time! Sorry if I went on about the Nasher a little too much, yes, I was like a excitable small boy whenever we were near the thing and yes, it probably was annoying! Maaaaaaaaybe it's not quite as good as Megafobia, I admit it :P

The Big Dipper surprising all by being on ferocious form!
Arriving just as my favorite ride was testing after being told it was shut all day! :D
Doing the mouse for the first time with Kryn, and seeing my life flash before my eyes.
Ravey McDonalds, cute fireman boy included ^_^
Breaking the River Caves - 104 years that ride has survived until it met TTF.
Being really surprised by Camelot - what a lovely park!
All rollercoasters should be diesel powered.
Whirlwinds mental-intense first drop backwards.
Psycho drop, say no more.
Getting to know a few people I haven't really spoken to before :)

Train being delayed by 40 minutes thus resulting in only one ride on PMBO :(
My wristband coming off after Valhalla and missing the ghost train
Having really bad stomach ache all Saturday
Rollercoaster, Space Invader, Goldmine being shut, missing out on Avalanche and Steeplechase
Infusion - what did I do to Vekoma in a past life to deserve that?!
Nasher's operations being horrendous

One more thing... absolutely massive thanks to Joel and Mattmash, Joel for giving me a free Camelot ticket and Mattmash for giving me a lift home, as well as booking the B&B!

Re: Miniature Meeting - Blackpool & Camelot? 20th/21st June

Posted: Mon Jun 29, 2009 10:33 pm
by Joel
Oooh, I forgot the Camelot video! Note to self to get that done tomorrow or Wednesday!

Re: Miniature Meeting - Blackpool & Camelot? 20th/21st June

Posted: Mon Nov 15, 2010 1:05 am
by Deleted
still waiting...