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Blackpool comes to.....Coventry

Mon Jun 22, 2009 10:46 pm

Tonight on a whim, myself and Jnewcombe visited the fair in Coventry dubbed "Blackpool comes to Coventry" I visited this fair last week and it was dead, tonight though was a different story.

I seriously in all my days visiting fairs, have NEVER seen a fair so busy, there were thousands of people there enjoying themselves, the reason? £1 entrance and all rides 99p each.

All the rides had very big queues with the Fabbri Booster having 30-40 people in the line waiting at any one time. A good selection of rides including:-

KMG Freakout
Fabbri Booster
Extreme Orbiter
Super Bob
Miami Trip
x3 Funhouses
Pinfari Roller Coaster

The reverse bungee seems to have left early (probably to attend another fair)

Probably one of the single most funniest things I have ever seen in my life, we witnessed tonight, a huge boobed girl with NO BRA! on came on the Tagada, whilst Jon & I was watching. Yep you guessed it they came right out her top on full view, she didnt notice, everyone on the ride did including the ride operator everyone was in stiches. A nice end to a cracking evening!

It always makes me happy when I see a busy fair, even though the ride times are shorter, the atmosphere makes it, no trouble tonight, on-site security looking after that. Just wish all fairs had as much luck as the showman did tonight.
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Re: Blackpool comes to.....Coventry

Mon Jun 22, 2009 10:55 pm

Was a good evening , has the shortest ride on the KMG freakout , it bearly got to the top before they stopped it! , proberlly cause the huge que for it! , so i had a reride and it was quite good fun . the fair itself was well run and had secrurity patroling , but when Mark left i found some youths "opening" (with force) a fence to get in for free! .Had some amazing spinning sickly fun on the waltzers , i cannot belive how fast we were going at one point ,and jump and smile analy raped us at the end which left me with a bruised arse . but all in all a good few hours spent enjoying the rides and espcially Tagada :).
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Re: Blackpool comes to.....Coventry

Mon Jun 22, 2009 11:25 pm

"Jnewcombe" wrote:
i cannot belive how fast we were going at one point

its all about the leaning into the right points!

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