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Best way around the park, and FastTrack question

Mon Aug 02, 2010 4:35 pm

Hey, I'm going to Alton Towers on the 7th (not for the mini-meet, going with family) and wanted to know the fastest way around the park. I've been at least once or twice for the last thirteen years, so I'm not anywhere near a newbie to the park, but I'm just interested if there's some super quick way to get on the bestrides at their shortest queue times.

The big 6 (Oblivion, Nemesis, Rita, Air, Thi13teen and Nemesis) are pretty much a must, and I don't care about the smaller rides as much.

However, this coming event is the first time we have FastTrack tickets, and want to know how they work.

We got 5 FastTrack tickets, each with 4 rides on, each. There are 4 of us going. Will we be allowed to use the fifth ticket to have an extra "straight on" ride, or will we have to save it?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Best way around the park, and FastTrack question

Mon Aug 02, 2010 4:52 pm

I'll be happy to help...

My advice, if you're not a huge fan of walking, use the Skyride.

It has 3 stations which go from Towers Street > Forbidden Valley > Dark Forest and back again. Its about 2 mins from station to station (maybe longer) and is quite reliable.

From Forbidden Valley you can walk back to Katanga Kanyon (RMT and Rapids) and pass Gloomy Wood (Duel) on the way. Or from Towers Street you can walk straight to Mutiny Bay (to the left). From Dark Forest its a short walk frm there to Cloud Cuckoo Land and X-Sector (look out for useful signs, or listen for Oblivion sounding screams).

Oh and Fastracks allow you take a shorter queue to the attractions, normally a nippier side entrance at the start of the queue which aids in skipping it. Depending on the type of ticket its a single or multi-use. If in any doubt though always ask a member of staff and they'll be sure to help!

Hope thats of some use!

If not, i'll try and be more specific ;)

Re: Best way around the park, and FastTrack question

Mon Aug 02, 2010 5:37 pm

What I find is the best route is to travel in a circle anti-clockwise. Spinball first, then Oblivion/X-Sector, Hex, Dark Forest for Rita and Thirteen, then the skyride to Air and Nemesis (that order is better than Air second), then down to Duel, then RMT and Rapids, then Mutiny Bay, and you should then have plenty of time left over. On a good day all the big rides and more can be done by about 2 oclock if you have fastpasses and ERT.

The extra fastpass can be used by you or another one of your group for another go on each ride, but obviously, only on eof you can use it at a time.

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