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Sunday 16th October - Mini Report

Wed Oct 19, 2011 12:19 am

I went on Sunday and had a great day. Weather was good until the last 30 mins when it started raining, but didnt spoil the day.

Managed to get on almost everything at least twice over, with queues ranging from 40 mins to walk ons. The busiest time being earlier in the day, at night almost all were walk on apart from Thirteen. Didnt see any rides have any downtime at all, apart from Spinball which was down until noon and then opened.

I didn't bother with any of the mazes as I dont think they are worth the extra price or the queueing, I spent 2 hours in the queue for TOT last year and wasted valuable ride time.

It seemed to be lacking any atmosphere this year compared to other years, even my sister commented it was way better in 2002/3 when it was new. There were no actors or entertainers to be seen and relatively lacking in decorations apart from the entrance area. I remember there being music piped all over and dancing monks on the grass when we walked in. Also there was wandering entertainers in Hex and other rides. The lighting was a bit poor this year too with bright floodlights being used, and not much mood lighting. Especially dark forest just brightly lit which spoiled the whole point and there was some great potential there. Not much use of smoke anywhere either, could have done some good stuff with that on 13.

All the rides running fantastically well, even 13 which im still dissapointed with. Could have been much more.

The food service at Burger King and KFC were p**s poor, and not much choice for food upon leaving the park.

I dont know if the lack of staff had anything to do with the 1000's of Travellers that were present in the park. They were everywhere, the girls dressed in pink or red tracksuits with perma-tan and bellys on display, and the lads in short t-shirts with combed back greasy hair with shaved sides. Didnt seem to cause any trouble tho so fair play, although the group of 500 plus that gathered all day infront of the towers were quite intimidating.

No sign of the Crocodile Crawler though, that was dissapointing as im sure Richard Butter would say.

A.K.A Richard Butter

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