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Re: TTF WoodieSosche Trip Report (31/3/12 - 5/4/12)

Tue May 01, 2012 6:12 pm

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Re: TTF WoodieSosche Trip Report (31/3/12 - 5/4/12)

Tue May 01, 2012 6:47 pm

What a delightfully thorough review, Rowe :)

Rowe wrote:
Silverstone Piste [..] I would put it as a must do ride in honesty.

Grrr :no:

Re: TTF WoodieSosche Trip Report (31/3/12 - 5/4/12)

Tue May 01, 2012 6:53 pm

Jordan wrote:
Rowe wrote:
Silverstone Piste [..] I would put it as a must do ride in honesty.

Grrr :no:

It's all that racin' around! I know, idiot, what an idiot... :whistle: ;)
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Re: TTF WoodieSosche Trip Report (31/3/12 - 5/4/12)

Tue May 01, 2012 7:04 pm

Whoah there Charles Dickens, I didn't sign up to proofread that novel!

Just kidding, I'll read it tomorrow and set aside an hour to properly enjoy it. :P

Re: TTF WoodieSosche Trip Report (31/3/12 - 5/4/12)

Tue May 01, 2012 8:14 pm


With a slightly soggy last day ahead at Europa, we began as a fairly medium sized group at Blue Fire managing maybe two re-rides before I splintered with Dave, Mark and John for Mir and various other rides we hadn’t given much attention to over the last few days. Due to my bag breaking on the way into the park, I had to get myself a new one (Blue Fire, of course :P) and came across one little bit of Wodan merchandise in the shape of a necklace, both of which are now fondly used by me!

After Mir was done, we moved onto the England area where Dave and I decided to try and find the Sherlock Holmes bar (which wasn’t that interesting) whilst Mark and John went on Silverstone Piste. Admittedly I didn’t have that much for breakfast so I decided to spend a part of what remained in my purse on weirdly shaped donuts covered with a generic bottled strawberry sauce. Quality indeed! :P

EuroTower next, as we hadn’t done that so far on the visit, which was really quite relaxing. Seeing Europa from the sky was gorgeous to say the least, what with the many tin sheds that hid behind the lovely facades, alongside citing where the touted 2014 dark ride will step in.

Moving onwards, we decided to visit the big shop near the entrance and after much deciding, I concluded in buying at least two tops and a mug. It disappointed me that they had no Blue Fire wear for women or anything with Sat or Wodan in particular. Maybe they’ll have new clothes merch in the Summer or Winter or I could just buy myself a male’s Blue Fire t-shirt next time!
We came across Lewis at the same time and thus he became a part of our group as we went on to do Geisterschloss and Piccolo Mondo. Dave declined the idea of Mondo and went back to the shop to actually get to a decision about what he wanted as merch.

After getting Dave back, we went on to get a budget meal at The Three Piglets which was Europa’s idea of a fast food restaurant with a very confusing queueline and met up with a fair few other members on their way to Adventure Land. I only got a generic cheeseburger which filled the stomach at least but wasn’t anything great in comparison to the other meals had at Europa so far!

We then hurried over to Adventure Land to meet up with the rest of the group to do the ghetto and racially behind the times Jungle Rafts from the evidently late 1970s. Upon thinking back, it was a good ride and I was perhaps a bit hasty on judgement beforehand considering the amount of amusement we had from the ducks randomly boarding our boat like a bus. Shame we didn’t hear the Africa Awia theme but the weather didn’t exactly suit that so eh.

Finally came up our meeting with Miro who took us backstage behind Holland, Scandinavia and Iceland. Miro was absolutely wonderful showing us about and getting us up so close to Blue Fire and Wodan, “Nope, no magic here!”, including getting us into the Wodan extension queue to see the beauty that is the Hel animatronic and other special effects with the fire on water. There isn’t an awful lot else I can say about going backstage except that we saw a lot of buildings. Yep.

After Miro left us to get on with the rest of his normal duties by Wodan, I believe we went on to do Poseidon (Well a group did, I didn’t especially bother), Kassandra and then EuroSat in which a fair few of us thanks to a Mr Barnwell got a direct re-ride!  Another ride on Silvia later, a handful of us saw the 4D show again (I did to get out of the sodding rain) and thus much SCORPIONEN happened!

Then after that, we moved for the last time onto the Scandinavia area for Fjord and Iceland for final rides on Blue Fire and Wodan. It was easier tearing me away from both those gorgeous rides than I thought it would be but I still miss them nonetheless.

Returning to the hotels to get ready for dinner again, I decided on a whim to make a fairly random trip to the Lidl round the back of the Hotel Colosseo with James who agreed to come with me. So far as I know, no TTFers have actually visited the famed Lidl but the journey (through Roland’s herb garden and slipping down the side of the motorway verge) to actually being there was surreal. It was worth the trip entirely to be honest! We returned back to Colosseo via the bridge to Bell Rock, which we should’ve done in the first place as we didn’t realise it was actually open, and dinner in Andaluz called.

Now Andaluz’ restaurant that connects to the Spain area, Don Quichotte, was pretty damn expensive but for what we got was justified however I wouldn’t especially eat there again unless I was willing to burn a hole in my pocket. I essentially had a plate of Tapas and pesto covered gnocchi with some permitting mussels from Astro’s giant pan of seafood and whatnot that even he couldn’t finish!

After that we decided to go up to Buena Vista for a few drinks and relaxation before the other group who went to Apres Park again joined us. I didn’t stay long, despite wanting a Europa cocktail and instead foolishly getting a shot of pure fruit flavoured vodka, as the ridiculously early wake up demanded I wash my hair the night before and I made my own way back to Colosseo after wishing everyone a, ‘had a good time and see you soon’ spiel with the added ‘don’t die’ at the end for anybody roadtripping after WoodieSosche.


Waking up around 3:30am in the morning, I could easily say the majority of us weren’t in the happiest mood for getting a shuttle back to Basel airport for our flight sometime around 7am.
Checking that we had everything and James had moved his lazy exterior out of bed, we left Dave to sleep in the Colosseo room and made our way down to the shuttle where we got handed genuine lunch boxes by the staff since we weren’t getting breakfast there.

It was sad having to pull ourselves away from such a wonderful number of days away, especially so early, but we managed to keep a positive outlook the entire journey back despite almost everybody nodding off. There was a bit of panic at Basel Airport when Lewis mistook the location of his passport but thankfully it was found in his suitcase so he didn’t have to stay another day in Europe without us.

Soon enough we were at the gate for the flight, on the flight, no longer on the flight and back on English soil at Gatwick. It was strange to be back in England after those few days when we were getting used to the German and French language on signs and their spiel, even weirder when it came to buying a train ticket back home from a ticket machine that actually spoke English.

Still, much like leaving the park, it was a shame to leave the group for the train as it truly meant the wonderful holiday was over and we had to go back to reality...


(Couldn’t think of a better word, sorry)

I’m going to quote what Sam once said to me: “Europa Park is a one tier park”

That, in honesty, is true. I thoroughly enjoyed the Resort; I believe it to be possibly one of the best theme parks I’ve ever visited and what made it even better was that I visited with you all rather than with family or another set of friends who weren’t so interested. I don’t doubt that if I ever visit Europa without TTF that I wouldn’t have a fun time but having a fantastic laugh whilst getting to know a new place with you all wouldn’t have been the same. I really can’t wait for Summer Sun, as much as finance budges to disagree, and for it all to happen again at such a charming park.

So in conclusion thank you everybody who came to WoodieSosche and contributing in making it such a memorable meet!



Aaaaand relaaaaax from typing essays.


Re: TTF WoodieSosche Trip Report (31/3/12 - 5/4/12)

Wed May 02, 2012 2:27 am

Hats off matey, that's one epic TR! :lol: On behalf of all of us who simply CBA to write our own, thankyou!
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Re: TTF WoodieSosche Trip Report (31/3/12 - 5/4/12)

Wed May 02, 2012 2:34 am

Loved reading every minute of this, thanks Rowe!

Re: TTF WoodieSosche Trip Report (31/3/12 - 5/4/12)

Wed May 02, 2012 2:22 pm

Fantastic TR Rowe, a good read and i'm glad you had fun! :)
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Re: TTF WoodieSosche Trip Report (31/3/12 - 5/4/12)

Wed May 02, 2012 7:52 pm

Really enjoyed reading that. Makes me even more excited for my trip in June  :P (if that's even possible)

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