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Universal Singapore Sept 19th 2012

Fri Oct 12, 2012 3:25 pm

Hi All. I was lucky enough to have a trip to Austrailia that i have just come back from with my wife. To break up the long journey we had a stop in Singapore on the way out and one in LA on the way back (Disneyland TR to come later).

Had 3 days in Singapore, the middle one was allocated for Universal, opening 10am till 7pm. Its located on Sentosa island (a resort type place) and we took a taxi there from our hotel (taxi's are everywhere and cheap). Got there for around 10.15am and walked straight in with our pre purchased and printed ticket.

Walked through Hollwoodland, through New York and went staright on Transformers ride. I was very excited to ride this, Spiderman is my fav ride and I had read good reviews, but unfrotunately I was a bit dissapointed. Its not as good as Spiderman, still a good ride though, but i was hoping for better. I think the reason is that they have favoured the use of more 3D screens over visual phsical effects than you get on Spiderman.
The ride system is exactly the same, 3D screens are good and big, a few physical effects, but not many. Storyline is not bad and we did another ride of it again later in the day, but no more (even though it was max 10min wait) as it made us feel a bit sick after eating!

Next up was revenge of the mummy, which was quite similar to the Florida version, but again we were left feeling that we had a better time on the Florida version for some reason, although not too much difference. We later had 2 more re-rides  (again, no queue at all) and enjoyed it even more each time and it was definately our favourite ride in the park.
The entrance and surrounding area was absolutley amazing - as they all were actually.

Next up was the Lost World. We went on the canopy flyer, a suspended and freely swinging familly coaster, which was ok, short, but decent enough for a walk on. We had another ride later, but facing backwards this time, which was fun.
We saved the rapids ride until later as we were worried about getting wet. When we did ride, it was very good, quite similar to the Florida version, except your in a rapids circular boat. It goes through the nice area with the friendly dino's, then there's a problem and your off into the dangerous area. The best surprise was the way in which you get to the top of the building - a lift! Wasn't expecting that, it was odd, but good and there is the T-rex waiting at the top before you go down a drop, which thankfully we were facing he right way not to get wet.

All the lands in the park are close together, quite small and it probably takes around 15 - 20 minutes to walk around the entire park. Next up was far far away where we went on Shrek 4D. then waited for the Donkey Live show which starts every 30min. This show uses the kind of technology Disney use for Turtle Talk and Monsters inc laugh factory. Its quite good how they do it, but the voice is slightly different to Eddie Murphy's, giving the game away. The show consisted of a host, Raul, going around talking to people, getting them up to do silly things whilst talking to Donkey as well as a song at the start and end and a bit of stand up. All the jokes are a bit cheesy of course, but it was an good attraction. We were called up for a chat and ended up being the main part of the show, which was fun! They got my wife up, then me, then donkey proceeded to re-marry us! I had to get down on 1 knee and repeat after Donkey, whilst all the audience looked on and said ahh. the missus was very embarased!

Next we went around to New York and did the Lights. camera, action show. The worst part of the day was waiting 15min in the insane Singapore humid heat in an unconditioned room. The show though was good, taking on a similar set up to the Twister show at florida. Basically you stand and watch as a cyclone rips through New York complete with wind, rain, fire and big boats smashing through. Didn't go on again though.

Then we went back around to Madagascar area, rode the carousel on the back of a granny (yes really) and went on the crate adventure ride - a boat ride through a big ship depicting sceens from the 1st movie, which was pretty good and we did a 2nd ride later.

We then went around and met a load of characters for pics. This was one of the funnest things we did actually, not used to so many being about in a park and really enjoyed it. Got photos with Kung Fu panda, optimus prime, a baby dinosaur and oscar the grouch. Also saw Marilyn monroe, madagascar, puss in boots, other seseme street guys and betty boop.

The water world show was next. This was pretty good too. The funnest bit was before the show started when the 'bad' guys kept chucking water all over the crowd sat in the wet zone. The show was a decent length, had some good stunts and was enjoyable.

I went on my own onto the blue side of battlestar galactica dueling rollercoasters. The red side is a relatively tame sit down side, the blue is a suspended coaster with I think 5 inversions. This was a great coaster, really enjoyed it and it looks fantastic in front of the lake. Walk on once again.

Then that was pretty much it. Did a lot of walking about, looked in all the shops. Also went on the shrek coaster (forget the name). Its a kiddy coaster, same type as ben 10 at Drayton, but does a full circuit.
The park was quiet all day, walked on most things. Weather was very hot and humid. Had dinner at friar tucks in far far away, chicken and chips.
We did have an incident at the end of the day though. We used the WC's behind Mel's Drive in and on the way out my wife cut her toe open. There is a small step of about 1 inch and no differentiation in colour on the tiles, it was almost invisble. She had sandals on, so cut her toe on the tile edge and the blood started to flow! We sat outside and quite quickly there was a staff person there who got a medic. It took about 30min to get her cleaned up and a bandage put on, but intersting that before anything was finished they had a form out for me to fill in with details and all, he came back to me 3 times after speaking to somone on the radio for more questions - they clearly don't want to be sued!
I was quite surprised it was there though, that step wouldn't be allowed under UK regulations.

We then went for tea at Hard Rock cafe and straight to bed after a long day.
Universal is a very good park, quite small, but each ride is very good. The theming is top notch and it is well worth a visit if your there.
Post if you have any questions. Thanks.
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Re: Universal Singapore Sept 19th 2012

Fri Oct 12, 2012 11:28 pm

Saw a photo gallery showing off this park on another site and I was really intrigued. Looked a great park. Didn't realise the BSG ride was actually two different types of coaster.

With the Singapore Jurassic Park ride, Bluto's Bilge rat barges and River Quest, I kinda wish someone in the UK would spend big bucks on a rapids ride. We're stuck with fairly plain designs that are approaching 20 years old in most of the UK parks.

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