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Xtreme Fright Nights - Twin Lakes: Leicestershire

Thu Nov 01, 2012 12:47 am

I am going to try and paint a overall picture here of the event without going on a rant about my wife being injured due to the absolute stupidity of a maze design here (more on this later)

Price: £15.00 each (free car parking) One go in each maze. Food: BBQ Burger £2.50 -  Bottle of Magners £3. Food was actually very good.

Twin Lakes is a family theme park based in pork pie land aka Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire, the first niggle of the trip was the postcode taking you to the service entrance of the park and no signs or lighting showing you the main entrance. We wasn't alone here with people trying to find the entrance either.

Upon entering the car-park a singular person with a torch flashing ushered our car to the next available parking space. We entered the event and was greeted with a quick photo opportunity with two actors next to a hearse, the walk down to the mazes was pretty good with burning wood pits and grave stones.

Curtains Chaos

This was the first maze we went through, built inside a indoor building this maze was done at Tulleys Farm last year under the name "Its Curtains" - this maze was very poor none of the actors seemed interested in working in there and was just stood around looking bored. Numerous times we found ourselves walking into the rat runs or backstage area of the maze as they wasn't properly cordoned off.

Farmhouse of Fear

Rubbish! - existing maze with a couple of actors dotted around inside, couple of scars but thats about it. Think of  a crap fairground haunted house and you will get the idea.


More Rubbish! - again maybe 2 actors in the whole maze using rat-runs to double up on scares from various points but very poor no real theme at all apart from black walls and a sound system which wasn't working properly.

Sick Savoy

Loved this. Kind of a live show with a brilliant actor going through a story of death, members of the audience (in our case just us 4) sampling things like severed fingers, guts, liver, worms etc - all edible stuff but was very well done.

Pie Factory

Very good  - think Saw: Alive but better - although set in Merlin style shipping containers it worked as the main theme here was walking through fridges very very good theming and good scares - although with a poor ending for me anyway, chainsaws just don't cut it for me anymore! (so to speak)


Where do I start with this, this maze was 2nd to last on our night out and totally ruined the night for us, what genius thought it would be a good idea to make a childrens large wooden fort into a scare maze? where your hooded and when its raining and have to walk up high slopes which are slippy and down and up stairs? - add to that crawling around on filthy and wet wooden floors to ruin your clothes? - Well they certainly got all that right! - I was ahead of my wife and could hear people falling over in the wet and hurting themselves so stood to the right and removed my hood, and the inevitable happened my wife fell over and bruised both knees and pulled her shoulder.

Quick trip to a rude member of reception staff to explain what happened and a log in the accident book - you haven't heard the last of this Twin Lakes just you watch! - oh and apparently each maze is inspected by BALPA (incase you don't know who BALLPA are they are BALPPA is the non profit-making Trade Association which represents the interests of owners, managers, suppliers and developers in the UK's commercial leisure parks, piers, zoos and static attractions sector) so why they would be inspecting scare mazes is beyond me! nice try!

Overall this event was poor - It was the first year they have done it and I think its a case of too big too quick. Nice try guys but wont be returning in the future.

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