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HELP- Approaching the Towers from the North (A1, M1)

Tue Jul 09, 2013 9:03 am

Hi all, Just wondered if anyone (local) could suggest which is the best approach to AT coming from the North ?

We will be going down the A1 to Doncaster, then M18, M1, A38 to Derby... This is where I have a dilemma every year... We usually go to just outside of Derby & cut across the top via Kirk Langley, Brailsforth, & Ashbourne (3hrs 24min on Googlemaps) OR IS IT BETTER to keep going down the A38 past Derby and towards Burton on Trent then go across the A50 towards Uttoxeter & up to the Towers (3hrs 27mins on Googlemaps) ?

Cheers for any response :)

P.S. Ive not posted in a LONG time as i'm going to the park for two days at the end of this week so wanted to keep some of the Smiler a secret for riding + give myself some of the magic back rather then spoiling it all on here lol

ɹǝןıɯs ǝɥʇ
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Re: HELP- Approaching the Towers from the North (A1, M1)

Tue Jul 09, 2013 2:55 pm

This is the route i take from M1....


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