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Alton Towers 27th May

Wed May 28, 2014 8:42 pm

Had a brilliant day at AT yesterday, barely queued at all!
10:10 - Got in to the park, and went straight through Mutiny Bay and Katanga Canyon, straight to Forbidden Valley, went to Nemesis first
10:25 - No queues, got straight onto Nemesis twice in a row front row within 10 mins, then walked over to air and did that.
10:30 - Did Blade, then started to walk over to Dark Forest.
10:50 - Th13teen had technical issues, and Rita had a huge queue, and we didn't really want to go on it anyway so went into the arcade and spent lots of money on 2p machines ;)
11:40 - Th13teen reopened so we went on that, then headed to The Smiler, only ride we had to queue for - single rider 50 mins!
11:50 - Got to X-Sector and queued for The Smiler. Went on and had a really rough ride and developed a headache.
12:50 - Went to Fried Chicken co in X-Sector, absolutely disgusting, awful service, never go there. Headache was really bad at this point.
13:00 - Headed to The Flume, then did River Rapids, then Duel to relax a bit (my gun didn't work :()
13:30 - Went to do Oblivion, walk on and did it twice. Also got an interesting photo of a train in the maintenance shed (nerdy i know)
13:50 - Duel again, also River Rapids. Went over to Mutiny Bay and did 2p machines there as well.
14:30 onwards was a blur :P
Anyway, great day, but The Smiler and FCC spoiled it a bit for me.

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