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Alton Towers Trip 13/7/14

Wed Jul 16, 2014 9:34 pm

So i decided to go to alton towers again with my 2 friends from secondary school, we had been planning to go for a while but never got around to. But now that i can drive, it made the trip a stroll!

We got to the park at 9:30 and got inside the park at 10 after purchasing a car park ticket in advance. We heading striaght to the Smiler (when i say made our way, i do of course mean ran to the Smiler :lol) we got on the ride in about 40 minutes which wasnt bad. I personally love this ride now, i always laugh on the first lift hill, i dont know why but its so funny. My friends loved it aswell! Next was Oblivion, 5 minute queue! always a good ride.

Next we went to Th13teen which was 20 minutes which isnt bad for the ride. About a reasonable time for it. We avoided Rita at all cost haha. We then went for some Chicken at the Friend Chicken Co. which i loved! You do get a decent meal for the price unlike the Fish And Chip Shop in FV :roll:

We then walked to FV but then got side tracked and forced my one friend on the rapids which he didnt want to go on but he loved the ride in the end. after that we dragged him on The Flume to which was very enjoyable, we were waving at everyone on the ride wishing them a good day and just being kind (so if you were there and seeing 3 teenage lads waving at you wishing you a good day, that was us :lol) It was such a laugh.

We then eventually headed to FV and seen that Sub Terra was "on Lock Down" (AKA: Noone wanted to ride it :lol) I personally hate the ride and my friends didn't like the idea of the ride. We headed on Nemesis. Personally, its a great ride but the thrill of it is wearing off compared to the Smiler, dont get me wrong, its a brilliant ride but i dont find it as good as i use to find it. We then rode Air which my friends commented as to saying their favourite experience due to the calming experience haha. My friend and i then went on Ripsaw which was honestly brutal, i can't remember the sequence being that bad ever, it was the best sequence i've been on.

We then walked all the way to Sonic and didn't realise it was that rough and thrilling as a rode. I know the ride isn't suppose to be that bad but it was so intense riding it.

After that... we went to the Smiler to which looked broken down, the trains were queued, the music had stopped and everyone still on them... My friend asked on of the entrance staff members if it was open, our response was "the ride is open but someones just been sick :roll: :no:. We started to queue and they had sectioned off most of the queue line which was great! I do personally love the ride and its theming/queue, its the only queue i enjoy being in i think. This time we were on the front and was amazing, it was honestly the best ride experience i've ever been on, we had the mist spray on us and all of the elements exposed. Best ride i've ever been on. By this time it was 4:40 so we decided to go on one last time and hopefully get an on-ride DVD out of it, we rode it again and loved it as ever but no on-ride DVD :no:

We got in the car about 5:20 and got out the park by 5:25. It was an epic day and so glad with how it turned out. Couldn't have asked for a better day! Would love to go for Scarefest and we are trying to go but might not be able to.

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