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Chessington - 13/09/2014

Sat Sep 13, 2014 5:54 pm

Had an enjoyable trip to my local theme park today :) busy, but still got all the best rides done.

Pulled into the car park at 9:40, very quiet (about 4 rows full), got our hopes up. We were let straight through the turnstiles, despite the advertised opening time of 10am, and headed straight for Vampire. We were on within 10 minutes (not only that - we were given front row for no extra queue).

After this, we went for Dragon's Fury. It advertised a 20-minute queue and to be fair it probably would have been 20 minutes, if it were not for the breakdown that turned the queue into half an hour. We then had a go on Rameses Revenge (5 minutes wait) and Rattlesnake (20 minute wait).

After this, we tried to have a go on Zufari. We got 15 minutes into a 15 minute queue, when it decided to break down. They unfortunately had to make us leave, and so we were given a priority pass (that conveniently gave us a fastrack to anything other than Vampire and Dragon's Fury).

It was around midday at this point, and we entered a 30-minute queue for Dragon Falls, which was exactly as stated. We then tried to have another go on Rameses Revenge. We got near the front, watched the one before us going, and suddenly BANG. [look up immediately] the ride was stuck at the top with 40 people on! We knew there was no chance of that getting fixed, and so left for lunch.

After lunch, we decided to make use of the priority passes on Kobra, which cut an hour queue to 10 minutes, then headed down to Hocus Pocus Hall and then AMAZU.

It was now 2:45, and it was getting hot, and so we decided to grab an outside seat on Monkey Swinger to get wet (after a 10-minute queue). After this, it was a go on Bubbleworks, a re-go on HPH and then we came back.

Ridecount: 11

I seriously worry for Rameses. Although I saw later in the day that no restraints had been cut, and that everyone was safely out, it didn't reopen all day, and one more incident would finish it off...
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